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starting running - music and app question

(6 Posts)
chickenyummychicken Mon 24-Dec-12 16:23:14

i downloaded a couch to 5 k app and did day one run one today.
it crashed
i am looking for android app that tells of when i am half way round and is good!
also looking for free mix of music for running.
has anyone got some links?
am not super unfit i Dont think as i do walk the dog daily. am a smoker though and plan that the running will help me give up. am a tad over weight. Dont do any other exercise though . i am mid 40's.
love some support!

Roseformeplease Mon 24-Dec-12 16:25:10

Just started myself too. App (on iPhone) also crashed half way but assumed it was my fault. I now run with a watch and no music but am happy to provide moral support. We (OH joining in) have completed week 1 but not been out since Thursday so will probably do week 1 again from Boxing Day onwards.

chickenyummychicken Mon 24-Dec-12 16:33:10

cool !
my oh would NEVER join in but will come and watch me race .
i am planning to enter a fun run around April as a goal!
free music running download android anyone?

Witchety Tue 25-Dec-12 13:18:14

I use the 'ease into c25k' app

Never crashes for me... 8 week programme. I'm on week 7 but might go back to week 6 after Xmas. You can play your own music playlist

I'm mud 40's and on 20 min runs now... Love it!!

chickenyummychicken Wed 26-Dec-12 22:38:44

did day 2 today!

41notTrendy Wed 26-Dec-12 22:45:34

I found Basement Jaxx brilliant to run to. And some Arcade Fire and Lust for Life by Iggy Pop got me up a few hills.

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