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Would you/have you used a personal trainer?

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MushroomTree Tue 18-Dec-12 14:52:22

Hi everyone,

My DP is thinking about retraining as a personal trainer, so I said I'd do some market research for him to help him make his decision. Could you please answer a few questions for me and any advice/ideas are welcome.

1) Have you used a personal trainer before? If so, what were the best & worse things about it?

2) If you haven't, would you use a personal trainer? If not, then why not and what might persuade you to try it?

3) What would you expect from your personal training experience? (activities, facilities etc)

4) Would you be interested in remote training sessions via Skype?

5) DP is also planning to offer a diet plan for clients. Would you attend a cooking demo for one night of your course to see examples of the foods listed on your diet plan?

We're right out in the New Forest (Hythe/Beaulieu) and I personally can't think of anywhere that might inspire someone to want to get fit more than being out in the fresh air with the wildlife around you.

Thanks smile

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