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Garmins or similar... help me decide what I want

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golemmings Sun 25-Nov-12 21:54:52

OK. I've been running for a year and I use endomondo on my phone. It does what I need it to. It gives me:
Average pace
Current pace
Maps (in case I get lost - has been useful in the past!)
Pre-programmable interval sessions

What it doesn't do is:
last more than 2 hours (it'll get me round a half but not a marathon)
tell me the speed I've done on each interval - I have to get home to find out that interval 3 was a minute slower than interval 2
Bleep at me to tell me I'm not running fast enough

Any recommendations that meet my needs?

Hi go, I've got a very basic garmin 110, which seems to do most of what endomondo does except the maps, and lasts at least 5 hours. I haven't actually tried programming it. I think a swankier one than mine could do what you want grin.

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