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Want to run but am TRULY CRAP at it... Is there any hope?

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mirai Sun 04-Nov-12 04:24:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Snog Sun 04-Nov-12 14:55:19

When I started my pace was the same as for a woman pushing a toddler in a's still an achievement for me to overtake old people who are out for a walk grin

willow777 Sun 04-Nov-12 15:03:50

Yes! I've started running and I'm crap! I even went to a running club - they had a 'fast walk/run' class for other people slow as I am, and pointed out to me that if I changed my way of breathing slightly I'd be able to go for longer, and it was true. Still crap, mind, but I really enjoy it and feel great after. go for it

mirai Sun 04-Nov-12 15:08:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TigerFeet Sun 04-Nov-12 15:24:23

Just adding this to my "threads I'm on" as I started C25K but couldn't finish due to various knackered bits. would love to start up again.

didldidi Sun 04-Nov-12 15:25:07

yes willow please tell us about the breathing I really couldn't get the hang of it.

mirai Sun 04-Nov-12 15:42:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

surfandturf Sun 04-Nov-12 15:46:03

Your thread has inspired me mirai and I'm right now downloading the couch to 5k podcasts right now!!! If you want a running buddy we could do it together and check in with each other to see how we're getting on. I need someone to keep me motivated!!!!

cinnamongreyhound Sun 04-Nov-12 15:56:32

Come and join us here, there are lots of ladies all at different stages with their running smile

willow777 Sun 04-Nov-12 16:01:08

This is a great thread smile

Def the slow thing was so helpful too - when the instructor was running with me we went even slower than I normally do! It was honestly not much faster than walking if at all. She asked me if it was my legs (which are a bit rubbish) or being short of breath that made me stop running after a minute or so. I said it was the breath - I'd been starting off breathing in for four paces then out, then shortly after do three in and three out, then shortly after two and so on...and then get wheezed out and pretty much fall over.

She said you're better off breathign in for two steps and breathing out for two (a bit harder for out), so we did that. it felt a bit weird at first, because I was going extra slow but felt like I was breathing more often than usual, but I swear I felt more 'evened out' and able to run in a more relaxed way. Definitely lasted loads longer, and really shocked myself.

I should of course point out that I'm def not an expert and she might have given different advice to different people...but the other lady I ran with said that info had made a difference to her too.

one way or another, it was good to actually talk it over with someone who knows their stuff about exercise and is used to people starting off really show. there were other slow/large people like me there so it felt totally ok, and I just felt like I could do it instead of wondering whether I could. maybe there's a running group near you, even to go to for a couple of sessions to get useful advice if not to go regularly?

ivykaty44 Sun 04-Nov-12 16:08:37

I'm not sure I could even run for two minutes

Then run for 30 seconds and then walk for a minute and run for 30 seconds and walk for a minute and repeat then you will have run for two minutes.

I find running very very hard, some of it for me is mind over matter and I started off running for less than a minute at a time and can run between 15 and 25 minutes in one go now.

I can cycle though and if I have been cycling a lot and doing spin I can run more - no idea why but this does happen to me.

TellMeLater Sun 04-Nov-12 17:25:19

I too couldn't run for toffee either, did the Bupa walk run method - back in the days when ipods and podcasts were just a twinkle in the i of Steve Jobs and learned to run 5k continuously in six weeks - I was so chuffed with myself....I always hated sport at school, but I love running, i go very slow sometimes.....and sometime i pump up the cheesy rock tunes and go belting down the road, it feels great. Get a good bra - I recommend Enell, wear gloves and a hat - cold ears are painful. A C25k app and a decent pair of shoes. Good luck!

CointreauVersial Sun 04-Nov-12 17:34:42

Another former sport-dodger here; I did Couch to 5K in 2010, and yes, it did only take nine weeks. I still run a couple of times a week; the only way I can fit it in to my day is if I get up 30 minutes early and go before DH leaves for work.

I second the advice about going r-e-a-l-l-y slowly at the start.

willow777 Sun 04-Nov-12 17:43:49

Loving the term 'sport-dodger' as well smile

EdgarAllansPo Sun 04-Nov-12 18:24:54

Run around your house. Run on the spot, up the stairs, run on the spot in each upstairs room, walk down the stairs (carefully) run on the spot in each room downstairs (try not to tread on any lego bricks) walk from front door to back door, repeat over and over and over. Do this every day for a week or two until you can build up to whatever time/distance you are aiming to do outside. Also, walk the route you intend to take, taking into account the road junctions, narrow pathways and other hazards, thinking about where you will have to stop/walk. By that time you will be so bored of running around your house that being outside, going at a faster pace, will be a relief. You'll also have got an idea of how much you can do, and what running feels like. Running on the spot for 10 minutes every day for a week or so really makes me want to get out and cover some distance.

botandhothered Sun 04-Nov-12 18:25:37

Just a question, do any of you smoke, or is that a very silly question?
I walk but haven't tried running as I presume as a smoker i wouldn't be able? Do any of you know any runners who smoke. I will give up one day...but can i run in the meantime?

applefalls Sun 04-Nov-12 18:59:29

Bot, I'm embarrassed to say that when I did my half marathon I was on about 10 fags a day. Must say having given up now it's souch easier to run but I managed to train while puffing. Would usually hive the sweat time to dry before I sparked up. But not always blush

botandhothered Sun 04-Nov-12 19:20:46

Thanks apple, think i may give it a go then! I am sure I will be inspired to give up! Well done on giving up!

CointreauVersial Sun 04-Nov-12 19:29:36

When I say you remember when you picked teams at school, and there were always two people left? The class weed, and the one with thick glasses, two left feet and no discernable sporting talent? That was me.

From the day I left school until I was 43 I can honestly say I did no exercise whatsoever.

So if I can learn to run and get fit, anyone can, trust me.

mirai Mon 05-Nov-12 08:17:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

surfandturf Mon 05-Nov-12 13:05:58

Thanks Cinnamon - now watching the couch to 5k thread too. Still trying to psyche myself up to going out running in the cold!!! smile

surfandturf Mon 05-Nov-12 13:08:04

mirai - i don't have chance to run in the evenings as my dh works late so I am going to have to try and drag my sorry ass out of bed at 6am shock good luck for tomorrow! let me know how you get on

Pancakeflipper Mon 05-Nov-12 13:15:00

I haven't run for 10yrs following an accident.
I started on the Couch to 5km in August. It is great. Though I can remember the first time I moved up a level and had to run for 90secs - thought I would have to lie on the pavement forever.

Last night I did just over 5km. Ok I walked for 2 mins near the end. I even have started looking at running gear thinking "ooh, love that."

Nitwit Mon 05-Nov-12 13:22:59

My DH says I've turned into a running bore! hmm

I started in July, and did a half marathon beginning of October grin

I hated it, right up until a week before the race, then something clicked, and I love it! Just bought my second pair of running shoes, signed up for another half in march grin

You CAN do it!

girlsyearapart Mon 05-Nov-12 16:55:12

Remember however slow you go you're going faster than you would be sat on the sofa!!

mirai Mon 05-Nov-12 22:55:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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