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Want to run but am TRULY CRAP at it... Is there any hope?

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mirai Sun 04-Nov-12 04:24:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RhondaJean Thu 23-May-13 21:27:11

Am I too late to join your spreadsheet? I can offer 3 x 5k this week.

I'm crap, my time sucks, I still need to take walk breaks, but I'm he'll bent on learning to do it properly and to that end, I am doing a full 5k on the treadmill 3 times a week till I can run it properly grin

Belugagrad Fri 24-May-13 17:16:11

Artem- I've tried yoga before but it's been in mucky church halls, unappealing! I try and work on my core at home - are there any good DVDs?

Welcome Rhonda! Sounds like you have got a good routine and fitness going on. We'd love to have you in team 200k smile

I did 5k this morning, speed work, was really good and not rainy! Bad day at work though so ready for
The wine...

LavenderBriggs Sat 25-May-13 10:30:06

Morning all. Thanks for good wishes for mum. She's recovering well and we've just got to sort out chemo/radiotherapy details.

Can I give you my 5k from this morning for the spreadsheet? What are we up to?

RhondaJean Sat 25-May-13 10:44:55

Thank you! Should be doing 5k on a Sunday, Tuesday and Friday and possibly 1/2 k here and there elsewhere so I will try to update every Friday night.

Go team 200k 😀

Belugagrad Sat 25-May-13 14:44:52

Well done lavendersmile when does your mum start chemo? My gran just finished an is waiting to hear if it was successful.

I did 5 miles today, rest tomorrow.

LavenderBriggs Sun 26-May-13 11:16:00

Hi Beluga We're not sure yet, she's got an appointment on Tuesday to speak to the consultant. Hope your gran gets good news.

Rhonda I love your attitude so much - I can hear how much you want to do this.

Today I rode my bike for 3k and ran for 2k. DH met me at the park after his long run and then rode my bike home while I had a little run. So, another 5k of exercise in the bank. My thighs are complaining that I've upped my activity level, but DH said "you get a lovely glowing smile when you're happy with a run", so I'll keep going.

What's everyone else up to?

Belugagrad Mon 27-May-13 14:34:50

Well done lavender! 5 miles from
Me today, was very slow though!

ArtemisatBrauron Tue 28-May-13 20:04:30

4.5k from me today, in the rain! Wondering how long it will take until I can run 5 miles, it seems impossible right now.

Somethingtothinkabout Tue 28-May-13 20:33:21

3.2k from me this evening.

I seem to be losing fitness. I'm really struggling at the minute. Hope it's just a bad few weeks!

ArtemisatBrauron Tue 28-May-13 21:09:38

Oh and belu not too sure about DVDs for yoga - I do ashtanga and it is very vigorous so I think there'd be safety issues there. I used to use a DVD by Jon Scott on the Primary Series of ashtanga but I only used that after I'd been to a few classes and been adjusted by the teacher etc.

Ubermumsy Tue 28-May-13 21:15:40

Hello ladies! I've just got back from my second run in my effort to get vaguely fit, and your stories have inspired me. (Haven't read whole thread though, sorry.) Ran/walked for 30 mins tonight, but no idea of distance. Hot bath soon or I'll get horrible DOMS grin

Ubermumsy Tue 28-May-13 21:22:00

I should say that's my second ever run - another PE-dodger here.

surfandturf Wed 29-May-13 08:07:54

Hi All, sorry I have been away for a while. Been to a fancy wedding and then a few days visiting family over the bank holiday weekend. I have never eaten so much in my life!

Lavender Lovely to see you back on here and feel free to let us know any distance you have managed to do and I'll add it to our total, but we all completely understand that you have so much else going on at the moment so don't feel under any pressure!

I have decided to definitely sign up for the 5k in October. I'm sure I can do that. I'm even thinking I might try and train for a triathlon for next year. will need to step up my game for that

I'm thinking of doing a bit of yoga. Since I started doing my intense interval training on a Sunday night I'm finding that it takes me untill about Thursday to start feeling ok again. My body just aches all over for days so it's stopping me from running. I think if I do a bit of yoga it might just help to ease some of the acheyness I've been feeling.

So, we are well over half way through our challenge and the stats so far are as follows:

Belugagrad - 70.7k
Something - 19.75k
Mirai - 15k
Artemis - 14.75k
Surf - 3.53k

Total - 123.73k

I am truly embarrassed blush by my pathetic attempt so far but well done everyone else!!!! I think I need to aim to add at least another 25k minimum to my own total before the end of the challenge!

Belugagrad Wed 29-May-13 13:55:37

Yes deffo sign up for the 5k surf!

Well done uber- u picked great weather for taking up runningsmile you're already hard core!

Thinking about doing 5k with the sweat shop running group tonight , be a change to run in a group. Going for a run with my boss Friday, hope she's not too fast for me!

Ubermumsy Wed 29-May-13 14:24:06

Thanks for the encouragement beluga. Goodness, you're clocking up the Ks! I think I need to get some sort of GPS thingy so that I can check how far I'm going. (I tend to try to run off-road as I don't really like the feel of pavements - last night I went along a field edge and got very wet and muddy feet.) Or a pedometer? How do you guys check how far you've gone?

Actually, on that topic - does anyone know the etiquette for trespassing on a farmer's fields? I keep to tracks and the field edges and don't go near livestock, but am I still likely to get someone brandishing a shotgun and exhorting me to get orff their land? There's nowhere else to run where I live (other than along country roads, dodging the tractors and kamikaze local drivers).

Somethingtothinkabout Wed 29-May-13 17:40:42

Hi Uber, welcome!

I don't know the law but I can't imagine a farmer would mind someone running along the edge of the field, you wouldn't be doing any harm. Just make sure they don't have a hidden electric fence though shock

Quite a few of us just use an app on our mobile phone to measure the distance. I have an Android phone and use Runkeeper, Mirai and Surf use the Nike+ app. What phone have you got? I'm sure we can find you something.

As for the mucky trainers, I (very tentatively) put my running trainers in the washing machine last night on a cold wash and so far they have come out ok! Might give them a little spin out this evening or tomorrow. Hope they didn't shrink.

Ubermumsy Thu 30-May-13 10:47:45

Thanks something - I have an Android phone so will look at Runkeeper.

Round our way it's not so much electric fences as drainage ditches. When they're overgrown with long grass and weeds they're very difficult to see - there's always a risk of disappearing with a squawk and a splosh!

Belugagrad Thu 30-May-13 13:13:25

Hi uber, I run in the country and was recently told off by a farmer! I was on the edge of the field and behaving myself, but I think he was trying to be clear what parts of his land were public footpath and what werent - anyway, so now i do country lanes and whenever I see a footpath sign i follow it! i look for them when im out driving too and save them in my brain for later - I need to get an OS map!

I get no phone signal out here and pedometers are unreliable so i just go on google mapes or mapometer and work out the distance or I work it out by how long ive been running for, i do a 9-10 minute mile.

I clean my trainers in the grass! its so wet! and I feel like bear grylls.

So I did the sweat shop run last night, it was really nice running in a group and after 5 weeks you get a free technical tshirt and after 52 weeks you get a £300 watch! Also they had biscuits :-)

So thats 4 miles from me yesterday and 5 miles today - may I count my 1k swim? Pleeeaaassee :-D It was hard and slow!

Ubermumsy Thu 30-May-13 13:49:27

Oh dear beluga. Still, at least no firearms were involved. There aren't many footpaths where I live and the ones that there are don't always lead anywhere or link up with any other right of way - very odd. I think I'll carry on trespassing on the basis it's always better to plead for forgiveness than ask for permission grin

4/5 miles a day sounds very commendable!

Just went out round the country park near where I work, with Runkeeper. 13.26 minutes to do a mile. That sucks, right? Still, onwards and upwards!

surfandturf Thu 30-May-13 17:25:24

Hi Uber! Welcome to the thread! I also use Endomondo which you can get on android. Once you're set up let us know and we'll start adding your distances to our log!

I think next month we should set Beluga an individual target and see if the rest of us can match the k's she tots up - we can see who wins - the individual or the group. (I think I already know who I'd put my money on!) wink

surfandturf Thu 30-May-13 17:26:55

uber my average times can vary between 8 mins per mile and 12 mins per mile. Depends on how much energy I have that day or how much like lead weights my legs feel!

RhondaJean Thu 30-May-13 17:35:28

Ahem surf you missed my 15k from last week!

Somethingtothinkabout Thu 30-May-13 18:52:06

I like this idea Surf!

Belugagrad vs The Masses!

surfandturf Thu 30-May-13 21:00:59

Sorry Rhonda I'll add it to the spreadsheet pronto! I'll blame the copious amounts of wine I had over the weekend!!!!

surfandturf Thu 30-May-13 21:22:33

Okay, as I missed Rhonda's I had a look back through with a fine tooth comb and made sure I had the numbers correct and it turns out I have missed quite a few! The CORRECT stats are as follows:

Beluga - 106.22
Something - 22.95
Artemis - 19.25
Mirai - 15
Rhonda - 15
Lavender - 7
Surf - 3.53

Total 188.95 - Almost there!

I've signed up for the Speed of Light run in October!!!

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