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Want to run but am TRULY CRAP at it... Is there any hope?

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mirai Sun 04-Nov-12 04:24:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Belugagrad Mon 11-Mar-13 20:55:09

Well done something!

surfandturf Tue 12-Mar-13 10:54:18

Hi All, I haven't been on here for over a week and I'm so proud of you all!!! Well done, I'm impressed you've all been out running plenty and spurring each other on!

I myself must hang my head in shame. I haven't been out since last Monday. I did my best time ever but haven't done anything since. I really need to try and get out again soon.

Been feeling fluey all last week - achey and tired and couldn't quite put my finger on what it was till yesterday when I started with a blocked nose, sore throat and swollen glands sad

I've also booked a GP appt as I think I may have developed carpel tunnel syndrome. confused Having a lot of pain and numbness in my right hand especially over night when the numbness spreads right up my arm - to the point that I'm not sleeping very well. Definitely need to get it looked at I think.

Then yesterday DS came home from school and slumped on the couch for a few hours complaining of headache, earache and tummy ache. Cue another sleepless night.

All in all I don't feel like going out running much (even though I know I should)

Well done again everyone! I'm sure I'll be joining the ranks again very soon. If I don't I know I'll be right back to square one and I don't fancy having to start all over again!

LavenderBriggs Wed 13-Mar-13 08:12:34

Morning all.

It's just too cold for me to run. I'm not panicking, it will come back. Everyone I know is struggling a bit. As long as we have our plans in place, we will be fine - <looks around to see if everyone has their plans written down>

Beluga I think it's just one of those things where you have to be so strong with yourself. I have to force myself. One thing that works is telling myself that "I do my exercises" instead of "I'm going to do my exercises".

Something You're carrying the running baton for us! People wouldn't have been thinking that you looked like a weirdo, they would have been jealous because you're actually running smile

Surf Oh no! Sorry to hear about the ill. It will be ok (keep repeating, keep repeating). We are runners, but we don't run when ill or in stupid cold weather.

I think I've figured out my mood swings - I'm 45, I keep coming over all warm and I keep getting uncontrollable rages - of course it's the perimenopause - why couldn't I see that before? Will try and see GP before week is out.

Belugagrad Thu 14-Mar-13 19:26:01

Did you get a gp appointment lavender?

Today was a good day. Swam and ran. Run was really good , felt I could have ran forever! But I had to go back to work! smile

The half marathon I used to do annually
Before life took over has been cancelled So im a
bit gutted about that as I wanted to train for it. Need a goal!

LavenderBriggs Fri 15-Mar-13 07:50:54

I did! GP had students in - I talked through symptoms with one who then presented my case to the GP. GP said he'd do blood tests to check hormones, thyroid and liver function. I said that I pass out during blood tests so the lovely student came with with me and actually held my (frankly sweaty) hand. Once the practice nurse had sorted the bloods she started a break so we had an interesting 15 minute natter around weightloss and low carb diets. I'm going back on Monday for blood results.

I know that feeling! You get into your stride and you can just run and run. Are you looking around for other races?

How's everyone else?

Belugagrad Fri 15-Mar-13 10:20:08

Well done for letting the students get involved. I remember being pregnant and letting about 5 students all have ago at measuring my belly and feeling for the head. Good luck for Monday.

Yes, I feel this summer I need a race. There is a 10k in Sussex in May which could be a goer - i hear its pretty down there and thats what i'm looking for out of a race, different scenery, beautiful landscapes and things. Need to see what the course is like. On the same weekend there is also a 10 mile which I could try instead, feels like a big leap from what i'm doing this space!

LavenderBriggs Fri 15-Mar-13 10:57:04

I did have a bit of an internal argument first " about scary perimenopausal stuff with a complete stranger..." but I can't resist talking (and obviously students need to get experience of mad old women).

Ooh, the pretty scenery one sounds nice. I'm going to book my race for life this weekend, that gives me a few months to get back into good shape.

I've arranged a run with a friend next week - we used to run a couple of times a week together, but life got in the way for both of us - but we're back!

Belugagrad Fri 15-Mar-13 16:16:44

When you find the right running partner it's just the best. Ran with a girl at Uni and it just clicked but they're hard to find!

Today my husband had the car so he dropped
Me at work then I have 2 buses to get home. However, I only took one bus and ran the 2nd bus route! Was tough! Not used to running wearin a backpack but good to get home and saved bus fare!

QOD Sat 16-Mar-13 18:54:18

My running partner in crime is having lymphodema issues which is impacting her running.
The pain when there's fluid makes it hard to run. I don't know what I'll do without her if she has to stop

Belugagrad Sun 17-Mar-13 18:46:56

Qod you'll ave to run twice as hard for hersmile

LavenderBriggs Mon 18-Mar-13 08:45:45

QOD sorry to hear about your friend, that sounds pretty unpleasant for her.

Beluga well done for the extra 'free' run smile

My running friend saved me from giving up. I run with DH, but he's pretty fast and I can sometimes struggle (he tries and runs at his very lowest speed with me). I started running with a friend who is a very slow runner and it was a revelation - I got my breathing sorted, I stopped hurting myself from trying to do too much and I was finally able to run for 40 minutes without stopping. I had been running too quickly for my strength and fitness. So, the moral seems to be - find a running partner who is slower than you!

I also say 'jogging' a lot. It takes me back down to a more gentle place/pace.

I couldn't run or even use the rowing machine at the weekend as my arm is a bit of a mess from the blood test - Ehlers Danlos makes bruising a bit worse. I have a huge bruise and two green bruise lines tracking down the veins on my forearm and it is very sore. It feels a bit better today so I'm going to have a go at rowing later.

How is everyone else?

Belugagrad Mon 18-Mar-13 18:19:59

I did a rowing team build at work, my first time doing it and it wa really fun. Haven't bought one though, maybe if I had a garage. Have a good rowsmile so today I did 5 miles in 43 mins, very happysmile signed up for. 10 mile run in 7 weeks so cutting out swimmig and focusing on running. Need to do long runs and more speed work. Scary stuff! My husbands making a banner.

surfandturf Mon 18-Mar-13 18:57:46

Hi everyone!

Belugagrad - you are putting us all to shame with your 5 miles in 43 mins and your 10 mile races! Well done - I hope to be at your level before this year is out.

Lavender - did you get your results from the docs? Hope all is ok?

Well after 2 weeks of not doing any exercise I forced myself to go for a 'jog' this morning. I thought I would just do a short one to try and build myself up again but actually found myself doing one of my normal routes and in not too bad a time either!

I was getting ready to go out for a few drinks on Friday night with friends and as I looked in the mirror I noticed that my bingo wings didn't look quite as bingo-ey as usual! Also I need to put another hole in my belt as my jeans are starting to feel a bit loose! So although I haven't actually lost any weight, I can't deny that I'm definitely seeing some benefits! That should keep me motivated for a bit longer, would just love to strip off some of the layers and feel like summer's coming now! Keep going everyone! smile

Somethingtothinkabout Tue 19-Mar-13 00:08:32

Hi everyone! So pleased to check back in and see how everyone is progressing. Beluga, wow!

I've been on a long weekend down in London with DP, so haven't done any running since The Cold Run last Sunday (5.5km). We get back tomorrow morning and I'm probably setting myself up for failure by trying to schedule a run for tomorrow night as I'll be knackered, so I think Wednesday evening is more realistic.

I'm so worried that I'll have lost the (very little) amount of fitness I've built up and be back to square one. We've probably walked 6-8 miles a day every day we've been here (me in heels too! Baaaad idea!), but no running at all (Kamakazi road crossings aside).

Lavender, I'm with you on the running partner thing. I run with DP too. He is too quick for me as well (his extra foot in height is my excuse smile ) but he goes at my pace for me, but I do like the times I get to go with my girlfriends as it's a bit more comfortable and I can chat a bit at the same time.

When me and DP first got together he was badgering me to go out running with him so I caved in after about a year. We went, 10minutes in he says "Come on, surely you can go faster than that ". angry

It was 3 years before I would go running with him again! And even then, he was under strict instructions to stay 1metre behind me at all times and not speak lest I stab him. We've got a good rhythm now though smile

Belugagrad Tue 19-Mar-13 12:32:39

Glad you're seeing results Surf! And it sounds like your jog was more of a run ;-)

Good luck with your Wednesday run Something.

I'm finding this running with your husband thing so sweet, my husband has never been that interested in running but he is naturally slim and builds muscle so quickly, its infuriating!

Something - its so hard to run when you're on holiday. I'm going down to Dorset this weekend and am packing my running things and want to go out for at least one run! I know it will be so beautiful but I need to get out there and actually do it!

surfandturf Tue 19-Mar-13 13:48:01

Oooh Belugagrad where in Dorset are you going - I live in Dorset!!!!

My DH runs too. I have never been out on a run with him, a) because I'm pretty sure he runs fast and b) we have to have one of us to stay with the DC!!!!

LavenderBriggs Thu 21-Mar-13 08:51:41

Morning all. Thanks Surf, bloods were all clear and everything is normal so we're going to keep an eye on things and see what the next few months bring.

My sports psychology course has a lot to say about support around exercise. For married people the best indicator of success in sticking to an exercise regime is spousal support - whether they run with you or not, the support is the thing. I think Something has got it sorted grin

I still haven't been for a run. I've been rowing, but all the health stuff has knocked me off course for running. I might need a kick up the bum (which DH won't deliver as he can see my blood test bruise is still big and painful and feels a bit sorry for me).

Belugagrad Thu 21-Mar-13 12:24:28

Well done for the rowing Lavender! Glad your results are all clear.

Hi Surf, I'm in Poole, seeing family and then driving up to Peppa Pig World! (Beyond excited!). Want to try and do a beach run. I was watching the Biggest Loser USA the other day and they were at Jillian's LA beach house and it made me want to run on the beach so much! All those Shred DVDs she sells have got her one impressive house.

It was a big morning this morning - i sacrificed my weekly swim (which I LOVE) to do my first long run training for my 10 mile race. Did 8 miles before work, very happy. Not particularly fast except towards the end when i was running late for work! Backs hurting a bit now. Going to have a little run tomorrow and take Saturday off. At least the sun was out today which really helped.

surfandturf Thu 21-Mar-13 20:40:42

Ah I'm a little down the way in Christchurch Belugagrad. I like running by the beach - but not on the beach. It's hard running on sand! I always feel like I'm about to twist my ankle. You could run along sandbanks looking at the harbour or along the seafront. It's a bit wet at the moment so probably won't feel much like LA grin

Glad your tests came back OK Lavender. You are wise to listen to your body and you will get running again when you are good and ready. Well done for keeping up with the rowing though - any exercise has got to be good right?

Somethingtothinkabout Sat 23-Mar-13 14:35:06

I hear running on sand is very good for your calf and bum muscles! I've never done it, but I'd imagine it feels like some sort of resistance training or running with 10kg weights on both ankles! Could you have a dip in the sea on hot days as a little treat?!

Just went for a little 3.3km run there, didn't get to go midweek because we've had snow and I've had that barky cough that's going about. Chest felt fine on that little run which is good, legs felt dead though!

I'm considering taking the stairs up to work at least a few mornings a week. It's 8 storeys, I get jelly-legged by 5, but think it would be good for my beanbag bum!

surfandturf Sat 23-Mar-13 17:12:01

I'm so looking forward to summer something. I would love to run through the little waves along the beach and I think the sand will be more compacted because it's wet so shouldn't be as much risk of breaking my ankle!

*Belugagrad *Peppard Pig world is fab! I took the DC last summer - wanted to take them before they outgrew it but actually we all loved it and I'm pretty sure we'll all be going back again!!!

Belugagrad Mon 25-Mar-13 19:34:52

Just got back from peppa pig worrld! Loved it! So cute and clean and just perfect. The boats were a real hit! Too cold for muddy puddles though! Boo sad

So running on sand is haaarad! But fun! Busy on sandbank beach though, could not move for joggers and dog walkers. This morning after my run I lay on the beach for 10 mins
and relaxed, heaven.
Came home to snow! No running tomorrowsad

How are the stairs going
Something? I once did the stairs at covent garden. Never again!

Somethingtothinkabout Mon 25-Mar-13 22:47:20

Beluga that sounds bliss! Although I can't imagine it was too warm?! Imagine that in the sun though, heaven. I wonder if I'll ever get to do that in Scotland envy

I went for a run tonight, did 7k again for the second time, was a bit better than the first one and that's settled my worries I'd lost all my fitness after my week off. It felt good. I think after a few more of those I'll try and step it up to 10km, maybe in the next 3-4 weeks.

My God, those Covent Garden stairs! I went down them once and by the time I got to the bottom I swear I'd gone cross eyed from dizziness!

Lavender, I hope your bruise is heeling. Can you cycle do you think? Maybe in a gym so you don't need to use your arm to steer?

Well done everyone! This thread is such a good support. thanks

surfandturf Fri 29-Mar-13 08:26:03

Hi All, Haven't been on here for a while but that doesn't mean I've been slacking (ok well maybe a little on the jogging front) but that said, last week I went to an 'intense interval training' class - man that was tough! It took 3 days before I could walk properly again! I also played netball this week which took me back in time (minus the gym slip!)

Going to try the interval training again over the weekend and the sun has come out so may try and get out for a refreshing run too.

Glad you enjoyed your break in sunny Dorset Belugagrad.

Have a great Easter break everyone and if you do eat lots of Easter eggs remember to try and run them all off grin

Belugagrad Fri 29-Mar-13 15:32:25

Happy easter all! Need to keep going over the long weekend! Did 6 miles yesterday. But I've easten lots of chocolate already...

Intervals sounds good! I want a good circuit
Class. I was inspired by my sister today who has started in her work football team. If she can do that I can go for a run! Football looks like hard work!

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