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Salsa-jive or Ceroc, does anyone else do this?

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CuriousMama Wed 03-Oct-12 16:27:41

Dp started going to salsa jive at the beginning of the year and really enjoyed it. He wanted me to go but I'd been put off organised dancing by a salsa class that wasn't taught very well, plus was a bit cramped. So I didn't fancy it. Then one week a few months back I thought I'd give it a go so did. I love it smile

Dp and I try to get there every week, there are a few different venues doing it nearby. We go to one 5 miles away. Dp sometimes goes to another further afield but I have other commitments that night. Last night we tried a new venue which is run by our usual teacher but it's way too far to go to on a regular basis, we just went for the opening night. We hadn't been for around a month due to work shifts and did we feel it! We're both aching today. It's like a good work out but fun. I'm not keen on the gym, I join for a while then it tails off to nothing. With the dancing it's a joy and I'm keen to go. Plus it's so sociable has bar wink

Do you do this or any other form of dance?

CuriousMama Thu 04-Oct-12 23:56:02

Well I've been tonight and didn't sit down! There were no new starters tonight so the really good dancers got me up a few times. They do dips and drops which is a bit scary but I managed it. I'd say I've dance for over 2.5 hours tonight?

I almost didn't go as had a bad hangover this morning. Dp is off work this week and we got a bit squiffy last night. I only drank soft drinks tonight to give my liver a break. wink

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