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I want / I will start to run next week. Baby steps help.

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complexo Sun 16-Sep-12 21:25:08

I went to Run and Become today but it was closed so I ended up buying a beautiful pair of Skechers (shape up LIV, walk/run). I'm not sure if they are proper but I loved them and I can always buy more special shoes later on. The features are: -natural motion - ultra lightweight design - resalyte cushioning - natural stride technology. So can I start off on these shoes, has anyone else have them?

complexo Fri 14-Sep-12 21:14:49

Thank you so much for all the tips. I suspect tI will be embarrassed to go into a running shop and run in front of them so they can analyse my galt but I suppose that is their job it is not to worry about....temped to go to a normal chain trainers shop and buy any pair of running shoes but I kow it is not recomended..

miomio Tue 11-Sep-12 20:33:08

Google c25k. Download via itunes or as mp3 files. It should be free - the Robert ullrey cool runnings one certainly used to be. It is popular because it is easy and works -do it 3 times a week ( takes 40 mins all in) and you WILL be running 5k in 9 weeks! Its transformed my life - im a fit bunny now, more toned and nearly 2 stone lighter.

Legging sports bra and t shirt and decent pair of running shoes (£60-90) and off you go!

Sleepwhenidie Tue 11-Sep-12 20:22:00

Does 5yo ride a bike? She may do better doing that while you run? She's unlikely to be able to run with you for long enough for you to get a workout, at least once you are beyond the first couple of weeks.

Re keys etc, I wear capris with a little zip pocket in the back, big enough for a door key and mp3, don't take phone or water (my limit is 10k, usually less than 6 so I don't think either is necessary). I log runs on mapmyrun before(to plan a route) and/or afterwards but if you do take your phone you can use the app/gps to do this by itself.

Bra- the Run bra by shock absorber is generally considered best, unless you have v large boobs, in which case look at Enell.

Get one if the running shops to analyse your gait and recommend type of trainer best for you. You can often buy cheaper online though, eg I think

Another vote for a couch to 5k programme being ideal.

Enjoy it grin

Otherworld Tue 11-Sep-12 20:04:56

You might find your local running group has a beginners course you can take, so that'll give you the support and help you need to get started.

Other than that try couch to 5k - it's a popular way of getting running. Google it. I agree with everything else everyone else said too.

fishie Tue 11-Sep-12 09:30:58

phone app will record your distance. Running for charity, either choose your event and find out which charities have places, or choose a charity and ask them what they've got. Or if your chosen charity is smaller you can enter an event yourself and ask charity to provide you with sponsorship materials. Really though if you do end up entering a lot of events the amount of charity fundraising you can interest your potential sponsors in is limited.

fishie Tue 11-Sep-12 09:27:17

Great! You'll love it. Running group will be delighted to have you but you might want to get a few weeks under your belt first. Record what you do, say on mapmyrun so you can track your progress. Search for couch potato to 5k although I just did it all by myself.

Go to a running shop, get some shoes. How big are your boobs? Bravissimo has shock absorbers and freya active or you can go to running shop again but bear in mind they are unlikely to know anything about bra fitting, I wear a larger band and smaller cup size for running bras than usual. There are loads of running shops in London, I go to Run and Become in Victoria, or there are Runners Need ooh lots of them, google London running shops, I prefer independents to chains. Sweatshop is ok but expensive.

Clothes will depend on you, I prefer to wear more yoga-y type stuff than the womens running stuff mainly because it is all black and pink and doesn't fit me very well and blokes stuff is no good either. Running tights is the main thing to start with, you can just go in normal tshirt till you start going for longer - you want to avoid anything getting too soggy or chafing.

Decathlon have very cheap clothes or if you are super quick the H&M pop up sports shop in Covent Garden has its last day today I think. I have a little waterproof pouch on a belt for keys, phone and a bit of money. I don't bother with water it is a pain to carry it, there's a loo and some shops so I can always get some. 5yo should be ok, probably not specialist shoes she won't be going very far to start with just something she can run in so not boots. Phew you asked a lot of questions.

complexo Tue 11-Sep-12 09:10:58

Also I need advice regarding Bra. Thanks.

complexo Tue 11-Sep-12 08:22:42

I am generally fit and active, I do walk a lot. However I would like to get fitter, increase my stamina and energy levels, feel good about myself and my life, shoo away depression and have some feeling of achievement. I spent few hours yesterday reading a runners website but didn't register so decided to ask few questions here first. 1- I'm scared to join a running group but there is a fab one here where I live. What can I expect from the group and can I run successfully alone? 2- Do I need to go to a specialist shop to get my trainers and where can I find these shops is London? 3- Where can I find a program to follow? 4- What sort of gear do I need, how do I monitor my speed x distance? 5- What kind of clothes do I need (materials/ brands)? 6-Where will I keep my keys/mobile phone when running? 7- I have a 5 year old who loves exercising, can I take her to short play runs with me and does she need special trainers too? 8- How does running for Charity work? That is it for now and TIA.

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