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Support/lust after our lads cycling in the Tour of Britain here!

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HalfMumHalfBiscuit Sat 08-Sep-12 18:05:48

We watched Team Sky and Brad win the Tour de France, we're watching Froome in the Vuelta (bless him) and we took an Ode to the Olympic Time Trial (which inspired them to win medals grin).

And now (to fill the massive hole left by the superb Olympics and Paralympics) from Sunday we can watch Team Sky and Team GB cycling heros here in the UK!

I thought I'd start this thread for lusting supporting our team faves and having a laugh.

TOB starts this Sunday 9th Sept!

TOB website here

Stage 1 Ipswich to Norfolk - Live on ITV4 from 1.45pm with highlights at 8pm <hoping Chris Bordman is commenting>.

The rest of the stages are also live everyday on ITV4 with highlights at 7pm.

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Sun 09-Sep-12 18:27:48

Evil - bet it was good to be there although gutting to miss a Cav sprint. I hope they get it together for tomorrow.

The Cav theories on TV were that it was someone behind him or it was someone who came in from the side and cut him up. I am waiting to see if there is an interview with him at 8pm. There does seem to be some Cav paranoia, after the Olympic road race etc.

Anyway, Vuelta finale first from 7pm

Closing paralympic ceremony too. Lots of viewing!

<looks around> Obsessive me?

evilgiraffe Sun 09-Sep-12 18:33:40

It was fab to be there, but I feel so awful for Cav. Poor guy. I wanted to see his roaring victory face, not his pissed-off-upset mask of stone. Still, going slowly made it easier to identify him, Wiggo went by close to the barrier so I didn't get much warning of his approach, just went "oooo!" at the back of his head as he rolled by.

All of those highlights to fit in AND the formula one highlights too, so much happening all at once!

FuckityFuckFuck Sun 09-Sep-12 18:38:15

I was at the showground today as well smile Saw lots of motorbikes, then Wiggins and then DS threw a tantrum and I missed everything else sad Will have to watch later to see what happened

WhitesandsofLuskentyre Sun 09-Sep-12 18:43:24

I found that my hands were actually shaking holding my camera this morning, because I was so excited ('get a grip woman' emoticon grin) but got a couple of cracking shots of Team Sky zooming past on the KOM stage - L-R I managed: 3/4 of Cav's head, Rowe, Wiggins, [some bloke racing for Garmin], Hunt. DS [aged 4] thrilled, because until he saw the photographic evidence he couldn't have sworn hand-on-heart that he had actually seen Bradley Wiggins. Now he thinks I'm some kind of wonderful for capturing the shot!

evilgiraffe Sun 09-Sep-12 18:48:13

Aww, Whitesands, your DS sounds adorable! I know how he feels re photographic evidence being required to confirm real life happenings grin

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Sun 09-Sep-12 18:53:01

whitesand - the pics sound great. Sounds similar to my attempt at the time trial. I did manage to film brad there but it includes me screaming like a maniac so too embarrassing to show anyone. See my profile for a classic pic of wiggos legs.

Fuckity - Another DC showing impecable timing. At least you saw wiggo. Enjoy the highlights.

allpassionspent Sun 09-Sep-12 18:58:11

Went to the seaside to watch it go by. V exciting. DH has photos of Cav and Wiggo (or at least someone with sideburns). Stood next to group of teenagey girls, who had fab frontline view but were obviously not quite sure what they were watching. One says to boyfriend as peloton flies past " Do you know these boys?" and then "This ride - what's it in aid of?"

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Sun 09-Sep-12 19:01:41

allpassion - <hits head on wall> at the teenager comments. Come on people, get a grip.

I have put my photos back on my profile from the time trial. Would be glad to see anyone's pics of the TOB!

Weather not looking good for tomorrow unfortunately.

SeaShellsMyDogTrulySmells Sun 09-Sep-12 19:26:05

An evening of cycling, bliss...there isn't much else on at the moment!!

Gutted for Cav...he hasn't had much luck this year really. Sad to hear he is looking o amicably leave sky. I can see he wants to get the green jersey and be the best ever sprinter/tour wins, but I like the idea of sky being a british team smile

Total aside, but boy the Vuelta goes through some amazing scenery. Just ncredible!

Looking forward to ToB tonight smile

Exogenesis Sun 09-Sep-12 19:34:57

Ohhhh I am being spoiled today last stage of La Vuelta and then day one of TOB! Planning on a day trip or two to watch it next week when it is closer to home grin

WhitesandsofLuskentyre Sun 09-Sep-12 19:46:18 see "KOM start" pics. Sorry I only got half of Cav, ladies [doesn't-do-it-for-me disclaimer]

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Sun 09-Sep-12 20:15:54

I know SeaShells, I really don't want him to leave Sky. I think they are a brilliant team and totally support and respect each other.

Thanks for the pics whitesands.

evilgiraffe Sun 09-Sep-12 20:37:50

Fab pictures!

I don't want Cav to leave Sky, but at the same time if they're focussing on GC then there's no way Cav will get all the stage wins he's capable of. He deserves a team built around him, and Sky can't do that AND win grand tours, can they? I suppose I want a GB team for GC and another GB team for sprinting. I have no loyalty to "Sky", just to my countrymen. It'd be a shame to have Cav away from the other Brits, not to mention Dave Brailsford...

frostyfingers Sun 09-Sep-12 22:08:40

There you are - I knew there would be a thread somewhere! Gutted for Cav today, it looked as though he was going to cry when he was sitting on the road, according to the Sky website he's sore, but ok.

I'm off to watch them on Stage 6, we'll watch them at the start and then try and whizz around them and get ahead of them as they come up the Brecons.

Well done to Chris Froome on his 4th in Spain - that looked like a really tough race: hot, steep and long long stages. He must be whacked out after all he's done this summer.

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Mon 10-Sep-12 09:43:00

Hoping Cav has a good day today. Come on lads, no crashes today OK. Anyone got a link to a rolling report that I can read at work?

Evil - I know what you mean about Cav and team Sky. Dave Brailsford is the glue that holds it all together.

Hi Frosty - the Brecons sounds like a great leg to watch.

Lovely report here of team sky welcome yesterday here

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Mon 10-Sep-12 09:43:43

Forgot to also say well done Froomey. He did so well on tired legs. Lots of great experience for him.

b00kw0rm Mon 10-Sep-12 10:19:07

Just sneaked out of work to see them whoosh past here in Nottingham! Very exciting and noisy with the helicopter overhead too...

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Mon 10-Sep-12 11:22:07

Great b00kw0rm, sounds exciting.

I hope they get some more coverage. Bit disappointing so far.

footphobic Mon 10-Sep-12 12:34:18

Just found this thread...we went to Norwich yesterday, we actually live only a few minutes from the route and could have watched them pass through, but decided to go up to the finish early for a good spot in case it was very busy and hard to get in later. Made the right choice!

We had a prime position right by the finish, me and DH and four of the dc's, even dd1 at 15, sat in the 30 deg heat all day without slightest moan!! Camped out for the day, chairs out and lovely picnic!

Great atmosphere, I hope this race will continue to grow and attract big teams and become an important international fixture.

Then the disappointment of Cav's crash, such a shame. At least he was OK, waited for him to coast in then made our way quickly round to the Sky bus, huge crowds there, big difference to last year with the success of Sky and Bradley this year.

Had a look at Cav's damaged bike. DS2 and DD1 waited 2 hours in the scrum and were rewarded with Cav's autograph on a Sky cap and handshake from Brad. They weren't out for long, so dcs were lucky.

Saw Bernie, who is so lovely and me and DD2 and 3 also had a lovely chat with Cav's DP Peta and cooed over the baby.

Not the finish we wanted, but still a great day. Plan to head to Guildford for the last stage.

evilgiraffe Mon 10-Sep-12 14:47:01

Wow, foot, how cool! I am quite envy of you! We had too much of a long drive home to do or we might have done the same.

Watching stage two now though, fingers crossed for the right sort of finish for Cav today! 5.4km to go...

evilgiraffe Mon 10-Sep-12 14:57:09

Well, that was a bit more like it, even though our boy needed another ten metres to make it stick, really. He'll be happier, anyway smile

LostInWales Mon 10-Sep-12 15:02:29

Quick post to mark my place before school run <waves at all he fellow lycra lovers> going on Friday even though it will be an epic drive with the children skiving school in the back blush.

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Mon 10-Sep-12 15:13:40

fotophobic - Sounds like a brilliant day out for you and DC's fantastic. And you met Cav's DP, cool! Cavs autograph <falls of chair>.

Evil can you let us know what is going on in the race, I am stuck at work!

evilgiraffe Mon 10-Sep-12 15:24:19

Half, final result is Leigh Howard takes the stage, Cav second, Boy Van Poppel third. Wiggo and Luke Rowe led him out, but with about 600m left Cav dropped back (on purpose) behind Howard and Van Poppel, something about a little slope or giving Rowe a bit of a chance? I'm not sure, Rowe was a bit sketchy on details and no interview with Cav yet. Anyway, all looked well until Cav got a little bit boxed in so didn't fire the missile until a bit too late, he was catching fast but the line came too early and he ended up second. Just after the line he shook his head a bit, seemed mildly annoyed but nothing too bad. If there had been another ten or fifteen metres before the line he'd have caught Howard, no question about it.

HalfMumHalfBiscuit Mon 10-Sep-12 15:28:42

Shame Evil. I'm sure he'll give it another go tomorrow! Thanks for all that though. I can focus on work for a bit now.

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