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Anyone want to join me in a get a bit fitter support thread for the seriously unfit?

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amillionyears Sun 02-Sep-12 17:52:50

When I say seriously unfit,I mean I am one of those people who I dont think has ever got the whole way through a warm up routine on a DVD.

So I am not expecting miracles,but would like it if anyone were to join me to help me and perhaps themselves to start getting a little bit fitter,even if it is only for 1 month.

Personally I am in the process of digging out old DVDs/videos,and about to stick one on,and see what I can cannot do.

amillionyears Sun 02-Sep-12 18:24:11


I'll join you! I am on my own get fit mission. I have been gymming for about 2 years but nothing serious. Recently I have signed up for a 10k assualt course and I have to get some serious stamina !

My DP (very fit) took me for a 5k run was AWFUL!

Do you have any particulat goals?

whyme2 Sun 02-Sep-12 20:44:11

Dear OP

I am the most unfit person I know at the moment. I was thinking today that I need to get moving a little bit more. so I can go upstairs without the heavy breathing

So my plan is dc's back to school this week and I am going to get my bike out every day (unless raining when I shall dust off my exercise dvds). I am with you as long as you go slow . . .

amillionyears Sun 02-Sep-12 20:57:37

Everyone is welcome!
I am definitely much more like whyme2.Found a really old video,and did actually get through the warmup part......just.
I surprised myself!
I have got a bike,but it may have a puncture.Will have a look at it tomorrow.
whyme2,believe me,my only exercise setting is slow!

dontpetthesweatythings,I personally dont have goals,is it better if I have some? My idea was basically to get someone to do it online with me,to keep me motivated,and help someone else as well,do it all for say 1 month,so hopefully it would then become routine?
Does that sound like a good idea? I am a complete novice at this.
When is your assault course?

hi ladies! Regarding goals....maybe maybe not depends how you work. I personally need something to aim for. Even if it just something small like an extra minute jogging or something without feeling totally shagged !!!

If you had written this 6 months ago I would have been in the same position but I'm working on my fitness so maybe I can help you and keep you motivated? It has been baby steps but I can feel my fitness improving all the time.

What types of exercise can you do? Whyme is on a bike, Million? walking biking or something a little each day?

Course is 6th October. Sh*tting myself ! ha ha ha

My personal goal in the next few weeks is to run/jog 5K without stopping.

amillionyears Sun 02-Sep-12 22:39:12

Well,I was hoping to make it through a whole exercise tape eventually,so I suppose that is a goal for me! Dont think I want to say I will have achieved that by the end of the month though,that may be a bit ambitious.
dontpetthesweatythings,I should think you can certainly help us and keep us motivated.That is what I need.
Previously I have tried to get a bit fitter at the usual time after Christmas ,but always give up about 2 weeks later.I decided that is probably the worst time of year for me to try to establish an exercise routine,I dont much like the middle of January.
I intend to do a little exercise each day,say a DVD or a bike or very gentle running.Not walking for me.Over the years,and having had lots of kids,I feel I have walked enough!
6th October must only be about 5 weeks.Trying to work out how far 5km is,3 miles? Does your DP have a lot of patience,or is he a bit seargent major type.

Typinginsecret Sun 02-Sep-12 22:43:58

Evening ladies - I will join you!!

Seriously unfit here - have been doing walking and swimming for the last couple of weeks - can slowly feel some fitness coming back!! Long way to go though.

I have swam 32 lengths today!

Tomorrows plan is to walk 4 miles in the morning - then aqua fit in the evening!!

I hope it will keep me on track writing this down everyday

amillionyears Sun 02-Sep-12 23:05:02

Hi Typinginsecret.Welcome!
Dont think I will ever manage 32 lengths.Did realise this summer I havent been in a swimming pool for a couple of years.
Hope we can all help you to keep on track.
Would really like it if I can actually feel a bit fitter in a couple of weeks.That would be great.
Who are you typinginsecret from btw.

Typinginsecret Sun 02-Sep-12 23:08:36


Thanks for the welcome!! I hope I can give you all support as well.

As for the last question - exh!!! Knew my old user name so had to change!

whyme2 Mon 03-Sep-12 06:54:41

I think my goal will be the just do something for five days a week rather than sit on my backside.

I always consider September a good time to start something rather than the traditional new year thing. Probably something to do with the school year but whatever helps.

This is the first year that all my dcs will be in school and I am still a SAHM (although currently and slightly reluctantly job hunting) so I am going to make the most of it.

I've done miles of walking with little children over the years so I thought I would make the most of being child free and dust my bike off.

BelinaTheChicken Mon 03-Sep-12 07:08:59

Can I join? I used to be fit ish, was a bit obsessed with swimming and various classes in the run up to my wedding in 2008, then got pregnant with DS1 and it all went to pot, and never really got it back between DC. DS2 is nearly one, really think it's time to pull my finger out now

million which exercise video are you doing?

Want to try and sort a bike out so I can cycle to work and back, get fit and save a bit of petrol money grin

amillionyears Mon 03-Sep-12 07:55:22

I think most of you will be rather younger than me.I am at the other end of the scale.My kids are all at the age of coming and going,mainly going.I will have 2 here for most of this month,each month is different.
If my bike isnt up to it,one of theirs may still be here for me to use.

I thought someone would ask me which exercise video I dug out.
Rosemary Conley's Flat Stomach Plan.I am not really after a flat stomach,though if it gives me one,that will be fine!
I dug out about 9 exercise DVDs/videos.2 were my daughters and far too energetic for me right now,and 2 didnt have anything inside the case. 2 might be a bit dodgy as I have arthritis in my neck and certainly dont want to do myself an injury,so that left Rosemary Conley, a Line Dancing one, and a Davina one which is probably a bit advanced for me yet.

Typinginsecret Mon 03-Sep-12 08:48:49

Million ,

Iam at the other end of the scale - eldest is 20 , so lots of coming and going in this house also.

Must get this backside out if bed and get walking!

Hi Typinginsecret and Belinda!

Wow 32 lengths that is a lot! I couldn't manage that at all so well done.

A Million, good goal just keep doing the exercise DVD and one day you will find you can get the end without stopping, just do it 3 times a week maybe?

Anyone altering their diet a bit at the same time to help?

5k is 3.1 miles. DP is a tad brutish in his exercise sarg. major role but then I told him to be as I need to be pushed as I give us so easily - it's one thing I really hate about myself!

Sounds good ladies everyone is trying something. Just remember it won't take long to notice a difference in fitness, probably about 10-14 days if you do a little something eveything day.

amillionyears Mon 03-Sep-12 10:03:06

ah,thats my first exercise myth busted.
I thought exercise,if trying to sustain it, should be done a bit every day.I was going to ask about that,as we all have busy days sometimes,and might have to miss a day.
I am normal weight,but losing 1/2 a stone wouldnt hurt.I decided personally to see what happened on that score.I think I am the type of person, who if I am trying two different major changes at the same time,will end up giving up all together.

Typinginsecret Mon 03-Sep-12 10:58:30

Hi don't!

The girls I swim with can do 40 lengths - so that keeps pushing me!
Yes Iam watching what I eat ... Have 3 stone to lose , and after having a awful 18 months ( split up with exh) it's time to get my life into gear , and my weight and lack of fitness is a huge issue for me.

Million - I try to do something everyday - even if it's just a small walk, but Iam not sure if there's a right number of times to exercise .

Just walked my 4 miles - time for something to eat and a shower

amillionyears Mon 03-Sep-12 11:40:37

Typing,you and others are going to put me to shame.
But I have to start from where I am at.I think the overall issue with me is to try and maintain the exercise,so I am still doing it regularly,hopefully,in 6 months time.Im settling for getting to the end of the month for now!

Typinginsecret Mon 03-Sep-12 17:44:12

Right ladies - have bought run fat bitch run, which will now be my bedtime reading!

Anyone else read it?

amillionyears Mon 03-Sep-12 19:30:42

Never read it but looks good.
She does say to power through the pain. I personally dont intend to carry on with an exercise if I have got injured.

DoreensEatingHerSoreen Mon 03-Sep-12 19:43:49

Oooh can I join in?

I'd like to be able to join my friends when they go to zumba and other classes but at the moment I'm too embarrassed by my lack of fitness can't keep up with them when they walk up the hill to the gym

amillionyears Mon 03-Sep-12 20:04:45

oooh yes,you will fit right in.
I know what you mean about the Zumba.One of the DVDs my daughter has got is a Zumba one. I cant possibly manage it right now either.

Typinginsecret Mon 03-Sep-12 21:08:53

Back from swimming - did 40 lengths in 39 mins!

Welcome Doreen - I have tried Zumba and love it - might try to go tomorrow now you have reminded me

TheOneWithTheHair Mon 03-Sep-12 21:15:35

Can I join please. Dcs go back to school this week so starting next week I'd like to actually make use of my gym membership and go to a class where I can hide at the back.

I'm on a weightloss thread too and would love to get fit at the same time. I just sort of intend to muddle through my own way if that's ok.

I will need a kick up the bum though so feel free if I'm slacking. smile

DisabilEightiesChick Mon 03-Sep-12 21:19:38

I am definitely in need of this, but will be starting very small... I need to get working on my excess weight and fitness. I get out of breath far too easily. My goal for the week is going to be to go swimming once. Have said I will for the last few weeks and not done it.

I'm going to look up classes to go to as well. I don't have any exercise dvds etc. Anything good on Youtube?

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