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How much does your gym membership cost?

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bronzeMedal Thu 30-Aug-12 15:04:18

Just that really
Wondering what is usual/ reasonable

mollymole Thu 30-Aug-12 15:32:59

Just cancelled mine after 10 loyal years.
It was £29 a month in a small gym, no classes, no extras, no pool. Just cardio and weights machines.

Nightwish Thu 30-Aug-12 15:49:54

I work in my local gym, we charge £33.00 a month.
That is for gym use, exercise classes and being able to use all of our centres, three of which have swimming pools. (Covering the local area of about 40 miles).
It is not a big chain though and trust run so prices will probably be higher in the big chains.

RGPargy Thu 30-Aug-12 15:51:11

£49 a month for Virgin. I cant use premium clubs tho, but can use all others. biscuit

MissKeithLemon Thu 30-Aug-12 15:56:52

Xercise4less - I pay £13 a month, my bf paid £100 for 15 months on an offer so works out about £6.50pcm, all classes included, only good if you are in West Yorkshire though!

bronzeMedal Thu 30-Aug-12 16:50:02

Seems the one dh was looking at is as expensive as it felt.

Ambrosius Thu 30-Aug-12 16:54:23

Council gym run by SLM £39.50 a month includes gym, classes, pool and sauna.

LeChatteRouge Thu 30-Aug-12 16:57:43

I pay 37 pound a month. That's gym classes and pool

WizardofOs Thu 30-Aug-12 16:58:26

29.99 - gym machines, weights etc and classes. No pool.

GetOrfAKAMrsUsainBolt Thu 30-Aug-12 16:59:59

I used to pay £77 a month.

I was obviously a bloody lunatic.

It was nice, but not that nice.

The worst thing was that it had a bar, so I used to go there ostensibly to go for a swim, and think bollocks to it and read the paper over a glass of wine.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Thu 30-Aug-12 17:00:31

25pcm. Can use any council gym in the area. Includes pools/classes/gyms /sauna etc

SorrelForbes Thu 30-Aug-12 17:04:43

£20 per month by direct debit. Local YMCA. Includes all classes, squash courts, use of gym (machines, weights etc.). No pool.

spamm Thu 30-Aug-12 17:10:12

Here in the USA - so maybe not of help - we pay 65 pounds a month for myself, dh and ds.

Gives us access to 3 local gyms (from a big chain), all classes, (except 1-2 very specialized), weights and cardio, Cardio Cinema, women's gym rooms, pool, sauna and free childcare.

chinley Thu 30-Aug-12 17:10:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TequilaMockinBird Thu 30-Aug-12 17:13:31

I pay about £65 a month I think. Just for me.

It is a vair nice gym with a lovely pool but I don't go anywhere near as often as I should blush

TequilaMockinBird Thu 30-Aug-12 17:13:53

Should've said, that's David Lloyd.

LillethTheCat Thu 30-Aug-12 17:16:43

I pay £20 a month ATM, but thats a special offer rate. It goes up to £38.50 in Jan, but as I wont be on a contract Im thinking of looking at another one near me that is £34 a month. Will see how I feel and how much money I have. I might just end up cancelling and just sticking to running (which I do as well as the gym)

takingthestairs Thu 30-Aug-12 17:17:12

£67 a month for a club with nice gym (cardio & weights), swimming pool, sauna, free classes (inc yoga) and a creche (payable) and café.

takingthestairs Thu 30-Aug-12 17:17:26

Forgot to add - it's Nuffield Health

KeemaNaanAndCurryOn Thu 30-Aug-12 17:22:26

£6 a month. Staff membership of the company gym. Get in!

(Of course I've only been a handful of times, but I will go again some time and at least I don't feel massively guilty about wasting a lot of money each month blush)

bigbluebus Thu 30-Aug-12 18:50:52

£45 pm for me and DH to use gym with cardio & weights and including all classes. We pay an extra £15pm for DS as he is under 18. It is a privately owned gym but has 3 sister gyms that we could also use if we felt inclined.

Alameda Thu 30-Aug-12 18:58:39

I used to be mental enough to pay £99 a month, now is about £30 or £40? Leisure centre, same classes and equipment but scarier pools.

sammisatt Fri 31-Aug-12 11:31:04

Don't you think gyms have got slightly cheaper? Or maybe it's because I've stopped going to overpriced rip offs like Virgin Active where is's all about the smoothies and fluffy towels. I now go to the council gym and pay £45 a month which means I can go to any other gym in the fitness network. classes and most importantly: 2 hours free creche per day.

gindrinker Sat 01-Sep-12 16:00:39

£20 - fitness 4 less. Classes, pool and weights/cardio etc. No frills but used to be a big expensive chain which they've taken over so it has little luxeries like nice showers and big lockers which they won't bother to refit. Has a beauty room and hairdresser too and the parking is free. Personal trainers are fecking expensive though.

vodkaanddietirnbru Sat 01-Sep-12 16:16:29

£35ish for local council run gym - includes gym, fitness classes, swimming and access to all 13 gyms within the local authority.

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