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Bike seats? For a woman?!

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IvanaNap Sun 10-Jun-12 17:17:35

I find regular bike seats ^really^ sore. Granted my bits have never been the same since babies, but it is honestly excruciating after a while, even with padding in my pants and a gel seat ^and^ gel cover. Its hard to describe but basically feels like the seat is pressing where it shouldn't, a really tender boney part either side of my bits, right up at the top of my inside leg??

I would love to get a cycling again but this is really the only thing putting me off sad does anyone have any ideas / recommendations?

Beanbagz Mon 11-Jun-12 10:16:40

It does get easier the more you cycle. After a long break from cycling i could hardly sit down after a day's ride. Now that we're cycling more often i don't have any problems (and i don't even have a ladies bike/saddle).

You can get ladies saddles but they look massive!

IvanaNap Sun 17-Jun-12 22:38:19

Thank you, I've seen that kind - they seem to focus on the, er, shall we say, buttock area?! Which isn't actually the problem confused

It's really right up in my bits that the pointy part of the seat (pommel?) hurts.

Where abouts did you get your aches Beanbagz?

littlebrownmouse Sun 17-Jun-12 22:45:44

I have a massive lady seat and because the back bit is bigger, you kind of sit off your lady parts and slightly leaning back onto the big padded bit. Love my lady saddle.

IvanaNap Sun 17-Jun-12 22:55:31

Oh- that would make sense- then not as much pressure on the front delicate bones? Thank you for that lbmouse, I wonder if bike shops have them to try out.

Beanbagz Mon 18-Jun-12 09:21:07

It's right up near my bits that get me too but now we're cycling most weekends it's only a tiny bit of discomfort when i get off the bike at the end of the day.

Longest cycling trip i've had was a 17 day holiday in the Himalayas. First couple of days was a killer due to road conditions (sex definately out blush) but i toughened up after that.

IvanaNap Mon 18-Jun-12 14:03:05

"17 day holiday in the Himalayas" shock
I'd be crippled after 1.7 miles never mind 17 days atm! Respect BB wink

Going to a decathlon (the shop!) to see if they have any.
Do you recommend a certain brand / where did you get yours / do you wear gel padded shorts too?

Beanbagz Mon 18-Jun-12 14:40:15

My saddle is a bit like this. I've had it about 12+ years and it came with my bike which is a Cannondale (bought it from an independent shop).

I wear padded shorts too but i'm guessing that since they're probably over 10 years old, the padding is probably a little worn. I have a couple of pairs - Polaris & Cannondale. Buy the ladies ones for the best fit. A lot of riders don't wear underwear under their shorts but i do.

I'm sure you'll soon be able to manage a few more miles. It's just a matter of getting your bits 'broken in'. My DCs (10 & 7) can do 20 miles if bribed with a lot of chocolate!

IvanaNap Mon 18-Jun-12 15:02:53

I think SPD and related birth problems have left me even more delicate sad
Thanks for that - will see what I can find.

IvanaNap Sat 29-Sep-12 13:12:32

Here it is grin
Been hunting for thread as I wanted to update - I went to Halfords (tsk) Decathlon and a couple of independent shops - as well as lots of internet searching.

Specific 'large' (as opposed to racer-style) or 'ladies' bike saddles were an average of £30... some much more. Very limited options in the "real" shops but didn't fancy the risk of internet shopping with not being able to return.

SO I took a punt on this one from argos, about £15, and it is great. No pressure in the wrong places, supportive but not too hard - has the larger bum part to make you sit more upright and take the weight off your delicates - and by far the cheapest I found! The bonus was, if it was no good, I could easily get DH to return it too.
this one

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