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Couch to 5k 2011: Part 5 - Polished and Ready to Run

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Yet more space for us to talk about our progress on the Couch to 5K programme, the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, the gadgets we use -and our nail varnish.

New runners are warmly welcomed - come and give it a whirl, you know you want to! Although this thread has been going for a year now some of us are re-doing the Couch to 5K, some of us are relatively new, some are doing half marathons already, we are a good mix and would love to hear from anyone who would like to run with us. Just jump in whatever stage you are at.

Jellibelli Tue 02-Feb-16 00:38:45

I know this is a zombie thread but just resurrecting it in case anyone recognises it.

Is anyone still running? I have been pretty shabby since my last posts and now the flab has caught up so I am back on the treadmill, so to speak.

Hoping someone swings by,

Aha! I thought the thread had died, but you have been here all the time! I have been posting on the half marathon thread because this one went so quiet. I did a 10 miler a couple of weeks ago, was aiming for 2 hours and finished in 2 hours and some seconds, so was a bit sad I didn't quite do it, but smile that I'd got so close with no training. I'm doing the last of the five borough runs next Sunday - Staten Island - so have already qualified for the NY half next year by virtue of running 4 of the 5 borough runs.

I was just thinking about you jelli the other day and wondering how you were - I think I knew you were moving.

WhoKnows - hope you make a swift and good recovery

Linzer - you are so fast!

Thanks both, it all went to plan and recovery has been uneventfull so far (still in bed most of the time). Obviously I'm not posting on any other running threads! How about starting a new one, this one seems to have had it's day.

jellibelli Sun 30-Sep-12 18:10:18

Hello again,

Whoknows i hope the surgery went well and you are firmly on the path to recovery.

I have barely exercised since i last posted and need some motivation. So I wondered if anyone I know is posting on a thread i can join instead of me just barging in o one!

Its only since i havent been posting or running/Jillianing that I realised
A) the two facts are probably connected and
B) I find the threads fairly motivational.....

Hope all are well and running!

LinzerTorte Fri 21-Sep-12 12:07:03

Good luck with the surgery, WhoKnows - hope it goes well and that you can get back to running again next year.

I managed to run 5k in less than 30 minutes today, but only just. Not too bad considering that I didn't run all summer; at least the autumnal temperatures are more conducive to running.

I'm still lurking. No running, I'm due for surgery next week. The nurse today at my pre-op told me that I should have no problems with running in the long term but that I must allow 3 or months for recovery first, so I might start again after Christmas.

LinzerTorte Thu 13-Sep-12 07:37:48

<waves back> Are we the only two still left, Jelli? Is Shredded still around? All her running-related posts on Facebook make me feel very guilty are quite inspiring, considering that we must have started at around the same time and I haven't progressed much beyond 5k (and I haven't even been doing that regularly).

The run with my neighbour went fine; we ran fairly slowly but my leg was OK afterwards, so that was quite reassuring. We actually managed 40 minutes, mainly because I'd forgotten to programme a halfway point into the run on my Runkeeper app. blush We'd already run for 20 minutes before I realised and we turned round, so we thought we might as well run the 20 minutes back too as it was starting to rain and we'd be home quicker.

jellibelli Wed 12-Sep-12 14:06:16

<waves> Hello Linzer! Good to see you!

I was also completely hopeless a bit slack over the holidays and didn't run much. I did Jillian again today again though so I am back on track. We have just moved so only have a limited number of runs so far and I don't think I can face them without DH nagging encouraging me on the way round, he's away for a few days.... I know, excuses, excuses, excuses. I am pretty slow though.

Hope you didn't embarrass yourself today with your neighbour and you enjoyed it.

Well done for sticking with the running, Shredded . Have you done your run yet? How did you get on this time?

LinzerTorte Tue 11-Sep-12 13:01:45

I'm still here, Jelli - although I must admit I slacked off almost completely a bit over the summer.

Finally got out yesterday, decided I'd better not overdo it as I was worried I might collapse and die about my knee and ran for 20 minutes. I was very slow, my legs are aching today and my knee does hurt a bit when I walk downstairs, but I survived!

Going out for a run with my neighbour tomorrow which was the main reason I went out yesterday, just to check I can still actually run. Am hoping to manage the full 30 minutes, but probably won't be very fast!

jellibelli Tue 11-Sep-12 11:14:41

Hi all,

Is anyone still here?

I have moved and been pretty tied up with the preparations and then the Boxes to unpack. But now I am reconnected to the internet so I thought I'd pop in to see who's here.

My running has fallen off a bit the last few months but I have been for a few runs with DH recently as well as some Gillian M so I am back on the straight and narrow, honest!

Hello all - I fell off all the threads I was on when I came back from my holidays and real life got in the way.

Running - good luck with your 10K.

I have been out running a bit but not as much as I ought to, especially for someone who is doing a 10 mile race in 2 weeks and a half marathon in October <bites off more than can chew>

RunningUpThatHill Sat 18-Aug-12 12:22:52

Hi everyone.

Welcome back to the UK million I live in the country and I miss pavements.

mellie have you attempeted run 3 yet? Everyone is a bit aprehensive regarding the first non stop run, but most people manage to do it.

Welcome feeling hope you manage to keep the running up. This board has been a bit slow of late, but I think its due to the holidays. Its like a bus this board, nothing for ages then a load of posts at once.

Well Ive signed up to do a 10K in a couple of weeks. Its on 2nd Sept in Middlesbrough. Im nervous but excited. I have a lift going there with someone who has entered quite a lot of races before so at least I'll have a bit of an idea what to do. This is my first one.

Ive cut down on my running a bit as Im just feeling a bit bored of it, but I have joined a gym as there was an offer on of half price monthly payments till the end of the year, plus there is no contract come Jan so I can leave if I decide I dont want to pay nearly £40 a month. So I still go swimming once a week, but I only run twice a week now and go to the gym twice too. So Im still keeping my fitness levels up. It was just a case of once I had finished the podcast and now I can easily go 4-5 miles Im just a bit bored of it. I wont stop though, ever. Ive come to far for that.

thanksamillion Thu 16-Aug-12 23:13:34

Hello everyone. I haven't been around for a while but am back (temporarily) in the UK and have tried to start running again. Yesterday I did w6r1 and it went fine. I went a bit fast for the first 5min run and thought I wouldn't make it all the way through but found a better pace later on.

I'm enjoying running on pavements and it not being boiling hot but am not a fan of crossing roads and dodging dog poo.

melliebobs I think everyone feels that way about w5r3 but you can do it!

feelingfull Thu 16-Aug-12 20:42:36

Can I join?
I started on Monday and went again yesterday. Haven't exercised for about 5 years (excl. yoga). When I completed yesterday my legs were killing me, but amazed that I was fine this morning!

melliebobs Tue 14-Aug-12 20:10:22

Ok so I'm up to week 5 and just done session 2 today. So far so good. Immactually able to run quicker than before dd's arrival. However did my first 8 min interval and I now fear for session 3. I'm never going to be able to run 20 mins continuous!!!!! sad

Last week (week 4 session 3) I got to the end and thought sod it I'll carry on to 5k just out of curiosity. 37mins it took n the first 5 if that was a walking warm up. Ok not THAT impressive. But to put it into perspective I did race for life 4 year ago n that took 37 mins!

Gah! My DH does the same to me.

Hope your second attempt went better than the first x

Nothing really, just wide awake and bored so I got up again. Dh came up to bed just as I was falling asleep and woke me up, he fell asleep and started snoring in about 30s and left me wide awake. Ho hum. I'm going back up now to try again, but if it doesn't work I'm grabbing my crochet bag and coming back down to watch a bit of TV and do something useful. Not sure MN is conducive to inducing sleep TBH!

Hello WhoKnows! Lovely to see you, but sorry about your foot. Glad to hear you are managing a bit of running/power walking despite your injuries.

What's keeping you up tonight?

Just seen this pop in Most Active, I can't sleep tonight so am MNing late.

Well done for running in that heat Shredded.

After my decision to get back out for a little run this week, I promptly dropped something heavy on my bare foot on Monday, it was so bruised that I have only been able to wear Birkies all week. However, our council have, in the Olympic spirit, painted a 200m running track on the green near our house, which the DCs are very taken with and I have managed a few circuits of very low impact jogging with them in my Birkies and no ill effects on my other injury. Running/power walking on grass def the way to go for me for the time being I think.

Good luck with your MOT Running - I must book mine tomorrow.

Great running, Running grin. And I will keep my fingers crossed for both a cheap MoT and a great job for you.

I went out for 5k this evening, it was horribly hot and I kept stopping for a drink. My water was warm within 20 minutes <yuk>. When I got home I downed a litre and a half of water and some chocolate milk (tip from running friend to get some sugar and protein back in your system) though as she runs 1.30 half marathons so needs it more than I do before starting on the wine and crisps.

RunningUpThatHill Sun 05-Aug-12 19:27:21

Well I did 5 miles this morning, it took forever though 67mins 41 secs. I did the first bit ok, but just kind of lost it and found coming home I was walking more than running.

My next run is on Wed as I am taking the car for its MOT in a village 2.5 miles away so Im going to run home in the morning. Im debating whether I should push myself to either not stop all the way home or whether I should try to do it as quick as possible (ie run fast and walk if I have to).

I hate MOT time as you never know how much its going to cost you. I need some lucky dust this way please. We have got £500 to one side for it, but we would like to use that money to do something with the DCs if we can. We have been saving up for months for it. Ive also applied for some more jobs today so Im hoping that something will come up there too. Please can you keep your fingers crossed for me. Thanks smile

Neil - the coyotes is a hangover from last year, when we were on holiday in the middle of nowhere in Puerto Rico. I was a new runner, and was showing off. Unfortunately I got badly lost (I'd been advised to follow some horses who were out on a pony trek, but I stopped for water and lost them). I scared myself to death, and convinced myself I'd end up dead in a ditch eaten by coyotes <vivid imagination>, and that by the time DH and DS's noticed I was missing because I'm such a slow runner all that would be left of me was a well-chewed thigh bone.

Then it occurred to me to take out my headphones so I could listen for either the road or the sea to get myself back home.

Hope your calf is feeling better and you got out. I'm hoping to go in the morning.

NeilsBoar Thu 02-Aug-12 12:19:47

I think that's sort of a super-sprint triathlon, Neither, although I may be missing something as I've never been chased by coyotes in a triathlon either...

Welcome Moving!

Unfortunately all my talk of consistency obviously jinxed things and I've had to skip the last 2 days as I've had a calf 'issue' and then work ran late... Still hoping to get out again tonight.

Hi FB - I have Kate Bush going around my head now grin. That song really reminds me of my ancient University days <nostalgic>.

RunningUpThatHill Wed 01-Aug-12 08:26:18

Hi FartBlossom here under a name change.

Welcome moving good luck on your running journey let us all know how you are getting on.

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