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Couch to 5k 2011: Part 5 - Polished and Ready to Run

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Yet more space for us to talk about our progress on the Couch to 5K programme, the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, the gadgets we use -and our nail varnish.

New runners are warmly welcomed - come and give it a whirl, you know you want to! Although this thread has been going for a year now some of us are re-doing the Couch to 5K, some of us are relatively new, some are doing half marathons already, we are a good mix and would love to hear from anyone who would like to run with us. Just jump in whatever stage you are at.

mosschops30 Fri 24-Feb-12 18:57:50

And yes i agree GPs are shite at back/neck pain. Mine has given me lots of painkillers and diazepam which ive been grateful for but no real practical help

ifancyashandy Sat 25-Feb-12 08:14:32

Morning All!

Sorry to hear about your pain Mosschops. Sounds nasty. And good luck with starting up again.

Am off for W4D3 AGAIN! I have a real block in the last 5 min run. I know it's a mental rather than physical blockage but it's so annoying. I think I'm so scared by W5's 8pm min run that I'm subconsciously sabotaging myself! 5th time lucky (& 3rd time this bloody week!) Any (more) tips?!

Then I'm taking 4 13 year old girls to Camden for the day.

wine may be consumed tonight!

Oh, nails are Barry M's Black Cherry. And SV.

HattiFattner Sat 25-Feb-12 09:35:50

w1d3 complete. Feeling good. no stiffness now Im stretching after running. Just stuffed my face with a lovely bacon and egg sarnie, well deserved. Looking to see how week2 will shape up, starts either SUnday night or Monday morning. :D

ifancyashandy Sat 25-Feb-12 09:58:12

YES!! Cracked it!!

To coin a phrase, I just did it! I paced myself slowly & I loved it!

Top run!

KristinaM Sat 25-Feb-12 18:01:30

Well done, shandy! I dont think it matters how slow you are, just getting through it counts. If i found a week hard i just did it again [wimp].so together with a few weeks off here and there it probably took me about 13 weeks rather than 8.but i was just trying to get fitter and get into running without gettimg injured rather than having to complete the programme by a fixed date IYSWIM

Mosschops, im really sorry to hear about your back, doesnt sound good. If it were me i would go really really slowly ( see above). Even if its too easy in terms of your heart /lungs/muscles, it still might be too much for your joints.....

But im just a wimpy beginner so am probably talking crap

Shredded -how did your first parkrun go? I bet you kicked their a**

mosschops30 Sun 26-Feb-12 22:00:55

I definately wont be running tomorrow sad
went to pilates tonight, left after 30 minutes, just not up to it and back now so painful i can hardly breathe sad
im really down about it, a few weeks ago i was running in a top floor gym in my tenerife hotel overlooking the sea smile and now i cant manage a pilates class.

Oh no Moss that's awful. What it the consultant proposing for you? Sounds like it needs more than osteopathy. Mine's been playing up a bit this weekend but nothing like to that extent. Hope it feels a bit better tomorrow.

Well done Shandy - that's better than IFAS isn't it. It's a good feeling when you manage your next goal.

Well done to you for finishing W1 Hatti

Shredded - how was the Parkrun? It's nice that you thought of me when you heard my song, it came up as the answer to a question on Mastermind the other night which made me smile.

I've been out for a nice steady 30 min run this afternoon, decided to not take my phone and therefore just an approximate timing with my watch and no distance measurement, it's nice to be dictated to by your body instead of a stopwatch sometimes. Went on a fairly hilly route so had to have a couple of short walking intervals but it was fine. Pilates tomorrow.

mosschops30 Sun 26-Feb-12 22:32:25

Yes sorry being very 'me me me'. Well done to all of you who are doing so well keeping running smile keep up the good work and think if those beautiful bodies inside and out!

whoknows nothing planned, just keeping up with the osteopathy which he said i coukd change to physio if i wanted, but i trust my osteo and find her very good, and honest! He will see me in 6 months and operate if i have got worse. Lots of painkillers and diazepam in the meantime hmm

KristinaM Mon 27-Feb-12 00:19:23

Osschops -dont get too upset, pliates can be reallynhard on your back, its not for wimps! Did you tell the teacher about your back problems and have her advise on how to adapt exercises for you? Please take soem painklillers and get soem decent sleep.

KristinaM Mon 27-Feb-12 00:20:04

I wondre what happened to shredded on the parkrun.....

<waves weakly> - it went well thank you Kristina. 126th out of 140 runners, but as most of them were men 20 years younger than me I was quite happy with just getting round smile.

I'll catch up properly tomorrow - I travelled back to NY today and am feeling rather jet lagged grin

KristinaM Mon 27-Feb-12 08:40:10

Well done shredded, i would be very happy with being 126th! i can cope with the hoards of 25 yo men running past me, its the 8year olds that get to me...

Now ive done the park run 10 times i ve managed to beat the 75 year old lady as welll [smug] . Not that its a race of course, its simply a timed run and the only person you are running against is yourself[ hmm]

hattifattner Mon 27-Feb-12 09:13:49

morning, w2d1 complete. I found I was slightly more beetroot coloured by the end, but other than that, I coped OK - I think I struggled w1d1, so I guess its about increasing fitness levels. Im going through some personal nonsense at the moment, so getting out and running with some music blaring is giving me space to think without worrying about the laundry or when to collect the kids. DH actually did the school run this am and so I went out earlier, which i prefer (less people to see me...)

- onwards to weight watchers later to see if all this exercise has had any impact - although I did manage to stuff my chops badly over half term, so it may be one step forwards, two back. grin. I'm also off the booze for lent, so I better see some movement on the scales!

melodyangel Mon 27-Feb-12 13:09:34

Hello All! Wow Part 5, I think I missed all of parts 3 and 4 ...oops.

Good to see so many people still going. I'm back on the treadmill again I don't tend to stick to the C25k plan very strictly as I tend to forget what I'm supposed to do when. Currently I'm walking for first 5 mins then running for 20 then walking last five hoping to get back to running all 5k some time in the next few weeks.

Hatti - Well done. I go a lovely beetroot colour even now.

Shredded - Fantastic!

And to everyone suffering with ailments get better soon.

Ok off to run now - glad I found you all again.

hattifattner Wed 29-Feb-12 09:56:40

w2d2 complete. :D

LinzerTorte Wed 29-Feb-12 10:14:01

Hello, just wanted to let you know that I'm still here but have been too embarrassed to post as I still haven't done anything about my knee. I know I really have to make that appointment and I really can't corner the doctor at his wife's party on Saturday but I keep thinking, well maybe if I get myself some proper running shoes (i.e. have my gait analysed) and start C25k from scratch, it'll be OK. But I know I'm being silly. blush

ifancyashandy Wed 29-Feb-12 10:42:19

Morning all! W5D1 done! Never would have imagined it - very pleased with myself!


LinzerTorte Wed 29-Feb-12 11:33:40

Well done, IFAS! And thanks for the virtual kick. I will go, honestly; I miss running too much to want to stop. But it's just getting round to making that appointment...

Linzer, get yourself to the doctor!

I haven't run since my parkrun on Saturday. I was shock and blush last week because I had to buy size 14 dresses in M&S, which gave me the kick I needed to start to work a bit harder again. Just when I thought I'd slimmed down a bit sad. So I shredded yesterday and have yoga'd this morning - and will try to leave work early enough for a run tonight.

Yes Linzer <looks sternly> you need to get it sorted!

Shredded - I would love to be able to buy size 14 dresses blush

Just off for my swim, did anyone see that very interesting Horizon programme about exercise last night? Much discussion about it at work this morning.

Anyway, my nails are polished in Maybelline Really Rosie and Seche Vite, I'm giving it another go, I must say it does make them look super glossy.

hattifattner Wed 29-Feb-12 19:03:52

whoknows just watched that programme....whats the betting Im a non-responder? grin

blush sorry WhoKnows, I was not trying for a stealth boast. I've been a M&S 14 for years, a 12 very rarely and a 10 about 3 years ago at my absolute thinnest (which, with the benefit of hindsight, didn't suit me at all - at the time I thought DH, BFF and BFF's DH were being silly when they all told me I'd lost too much weight/was looking a bit haggard/too skinny).

It's OK Shredded - I wasn't taking it that way, more reminding myself that although I am on top of exercise the diet is still very out of control. I've been a 16 for twenty odd years and seem to lack the willpower to do anything about it.

I went swimming yesterday, am finding it hard work!

Well done for swimming WhoKnows. I know what you mean about exercise vs diet. I got down to my skinniest by being really disciplined with food. DH was working away at the time so it was easy not to eat very much, and I virtually gave up alcohol for several months. Three years of living in the US and it's all come back, although I feel as though I'm a different shape through exercise than I used to be.

We went out for dinner on the spur of the moment last night, and I'm too hungover tired to exercise this morning (it's wet and miserable outside and I can't face a DVD inside grin).

LinzerTorte Thu 01-Mar-12 14:15:53

I'm the same with exercise vs diet - or at least I was while I was still running. My diet isn't awful, but is very far from perfect - not enough fruit & veg, not enough variety, etc. I also drink alcohol far too regularly, i.e. virtually every evening when DH is here (so am having a week off atm, which is one thing I suppose).

I actually found it easier to eat more healthily when we were in the US, Shredded. Unlike here, I enjoyed going food shopping so felt more motivated to cook and try out different recipes. And although we ate out more regularly than we do now and portion sizes were larger, they're much more geared up to you asking for a box. I would always try and eat exactly half so that I'd have a readymade meal for the next day. grin (Also, the fact that I was either pregnant or bfing the entire time that we were there definitely helped.)

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