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Couch to 5k 2011: Part 5 - Polished and Ready to Run

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Yet more space for us to talk about our progress on the Couch to 5K programme, the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, the gadgets we use -and our nail varnish.

New runners are warmly welcomed - come and give it a whirl, you know you want to! Although this thread has been going for a year now some of us are re-doing the Couch to 5K, some of us are relatively new, some are doing half marathons already, we are a good mix and would love to hear from anyone who would like to run with us. Just jump in whatever stage you are at.

LinzerTorte Tue 21-Feb-12 09:53:35

Signing in - thanks for the new thread, WhoKnows.

Knee still a bit painful today so I don't expect I'll be running for a while (must make that appointment) and my nail polish is very chipped too, but that's nothing new!

ifancyashandy Tue 21-Feb-12 10:10:41

Signing in! Thanks WhoKnows.

Ps. Seche Vite applied Saturday night. Chipped (tiny) this morning. Grrr.

saynothing Tue 21-Feb-12 10:31:49

Hi started c25k on Sunday. Started on wk 3 as I'm relatively fit, but I was harder than I thought it would be. Hope my bad knee holds up though it's getting twingey already. sad

PeskyPiskie Tue 21-Feb-12 10:35:24

I'm going to try restarting this on Saturday. Does anyone do the plan with their DC? I am going to try and get my DD (10yrs) to join in as she really needs to do some more exercise. I'll do my best to sign in again on Monday!

HattiFattner Tue 21-Feb-12 10:42:22

signing in. Bit stiff after yesterday (week 1, run 1) but just been out walking the dog and its eased off a bit! Was hoping to do day 2 tomorrow, but have an ofsted inspection - how rude! So it may have to be Thursday instead, depending on how fast I can get my arse out the door post school run.

ifancyashandy Tue 21-Feb-12 10:46:30

Keep going Hatti, you'll soon be addicted!! grin

Marking place!

jellibelli Tue 21-Feb-12 19:30:07

I've found you too. No running for me for a few days (am Jillianing any moment now....) but hoping to get put for some hills tomorrow.

No nails yet but hoping to do that too tomorrow.

Sorry to hear about your knee Linzer, hope you can get an appointment soon.

IFAS - grr about the nails, I still don't know what the answer is.

Saynothing - Hello, well done on getting started. What are you wearing on your feet? I always recommend people get gait analysis and running shoes fitted if you can afford it, it makes a big difference especially with old injuries.

PeskyPiskie - hello to you too, my DCs are younger than yours (just turned 8 and 6) so I haven't tried running with them, although DS came out on his scooter with me once and we had a great time. I am hoping that they will see me doing it and want to try as they get older though.

Hatti - well done on Run 1, hope the stiffness eases quickly, I found it was worst after my first run, not so bad after that. Good luck with Ofsted, are you a CM?

Waves at Shredded and Jelli

Day off for me today, I'm planning to swim tomorrow. Nails are staying with just Nail envy for the time being.

Hello all and good to see old and new faces on the shin new thread - thank you to WhoKnows for starting us off! I keep meaning to tell you, Virgin have Eva Cassidy on their jukebox so I listened to your song on Saturday night smile, along with songs of my youth - Blondie, Fleetwood Mac and The Bee Gees. I reckon the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack would make a great running playlist grin.

Linzer, sorry to hear about your knee. Hope it gets sorted soon, and is not stopping you doing too much.

So I went to the gym this evening, ran for 20 mins on the treadmill, 10 mins on the cross trainer and 5 mins on a bike. I was tired afterwards, but have been revived by wine and a good laugh - I'm here with a group of former colleagues, and the work has been busy and stressful so we've let off lots of steam grin. I've agreed to go swimming tomorrow morning <gulp>, if there's a tsunami in East Sussex you'll know why grin.

And I'm going to sign up for a Parkrun on Saturday <brave>

Oh, and did I tell you DS1 and I are going to do this together (but not dressed exactly like the man in the picture)? Pesky, DS1 is a strapping teenager and into rugby and X-country and can occasionally be bribed persuaded to come out with me as long as he doesn't actually have to run with me. DS2, who is a similar age to your DD, would not be seen dead running with me grin.

HattiFattner Wed 22-Feb-12 09:48:38

MOrning! week 1, d2 today. Managed no problem thanks to my super sport bra (two sizes smaller than I thought!!! now a normal C cup rather than an elephantine E cup!) and "snazzy" M&S running tracky pants wink. Feel good, but my poor old dogger was cream crackered - she's 11 and just could not manage, poor thing. So next time I might just borrow the neighbours dog instead!

Surprised that the NHS C25K doe not contain any advice on stretching out before and after.

Feeling positive that next weeks weigh in at WW will be good, as not feeling the need to stuff my face at the mo. No doubt that will change. grin

ifancyashandy Wed 22-Feb-12 10:27:19

Morning all.

Technical question.

I've been using the C25K App on my Android (Samsung Galaxy) phone and it's been running alongside my radio app when I go for a run - I don't have an iPhone (lost it. sob). But I want to have MY music playing when I run and I do have an iPod.

So I bought the C25K app again on iTunes, hoping to run it on my iPod and thus have my music playing. But iTunes won't let me move the app from my library on my PC to my iPod.


So, does anyone know how to:

a) sync my Samsung with my iTunes from my PC? or
b) load an app from iTunes to my iPod? or
c) any other solutions / ideas?!


jellibelli Wed 22-Feb-12 11:46:33

IFAS sounds like you need a teenage! Sorry I can't help with your dilemma.

LInzer sorry to hear about your knee, it's been a while now hasn't it?

Welcome To the new runners (or new to the nail garnish running thread) wink

I have been out for a run today for about forty minutes - I forgot my watch and couldn't be bothered to go back home for it, so I don't know if I was as slow as usual, I made an effort not to be. DH is home soonish and I need to smarten up my efforts a bit before he runs with me again. I made a couple of big efforts as I had to run past some roadworkers twice and I had to make it look like I was having fun, just breezing past grin and it was my hilly run too, which is always a killer for me. I enjoyed myself though so that is fab news.

Hatti are you snazzy pants in the shop now? I could quite fancy myself a snazzy pair as I only have boring black ones.

Happy running one and all

IFAS I don't know anything about Android. What sort of Ipod have you got, is it a Touch? Maybe some of the apps are Iphone only. I did the c25k using an ipod shuffle and podcasts first time round but was stuck with their choice of music. Now I have programmed all the weeks into the Runkeeper app on an Iphone but again not sure about other ipods.

Hatti I was surprised about that too, standard advice seems to be warm up should be aerobic, ie the brisk walk and static stretches after but not before as you risk overstretching.

HattiFattner Wed 22-Feb-12 12:42:41

jelli, they are not really snazzy, I was being facetious, as Im a long term contributor to the Per Una mocking review threads!!

I bought these boring black numbers, but they are very comfy even on my large derrière!

Whoknows, I walk a great deal, and yet I am stiff from running - down the front of my thighs especially. I have stretched out today, so hopefully I will be able to walk tomorrow! but feeling the pain already.

jellibelli Wed 22-Feb-12 13:07:32

Thanks for the link Hatti, I've had a look but think i prefer a 'non flappy' leg. I'll have to keep an eye out for something with a bit more colour. I saw a fab pink pair in TK Maxx once but thought they were a bit in your face so I passed on them. I wished I hadn't.

shredded I missed your post. Well done for trying out the Parkrun I am feeling a little envy about it. I thnk having park runs to do competitively would help my speed. Hope you enjoyed your swim. I am not a very good swimmer (and blame grommets and later contact lenses) so didn't enjoy it too much. Having had my eyes lasered it is much more fun although DH and the DCs fall about laughing when I try duck dives! blush.

PeskyPiskie Wed 22-Feb-12 13:29:11

Shredded, fortunately my DD is not so embarrassed by me that she won't run, but we will have to chose a route that doesn't go anywhere near anyone she knows grin. I will have to be careful over how much I talk to her and what I wear but I reckon we can have a go!

IFAS, unfortunately the C25K app only works on iPod Touch, iPhones and, if you were really odd, iPad. As far as I know it isn't possible to listen to your own music through a standard iPod sad. When I go out with my DD she will be able to listen to her iPod envy and I will have to listen to the NHS one and then nudge her at the appropriate times.

LinzerTorte Wed 22-Feb-12 21:46:59

IFAS What kind of iPod do you have? I've just had a look at my apps and they're all either iPhone and iPod touch apps or iPhone, iPod touch and iPad apps so if you have a Touch, there doesn't seem to be any reason why you can't transfer the app. I have both an iPhone and an iPod touch and the only difference is that my iPod only has wifi so I can't use the Runkeeper app on it. My iPod syncs automatically with iTunes - I think that's the default setting (for it to sync automatically, I mean), so I'm not sure what else to suggest.

jelli I can only dream of running for 40 minutes. envy Yes, the problems with my knee started well before Christmas but it seemed to be so much better recently. I'd even managed to run a mile without any problems before all the snow, and suddenly I can't even run for three minutes. It's very frustrating.

Hatti Well done on your run. Yes, the lack of advice about stretching is definitely one of the weak points of the NHS C25k app.

Shredded I feel exhausted just reading about everything you've been up to. grin Sounds like a mini-triathlon!

WhoKnows Hope the swim went OK. I think I should probably stick with Nail Envy for a couple of days to give my nails the chance to recover; my No. 7 Oyster is definitely on its last legs. Or fingers.

ifancyashandy Wed 22-Feb-12 22:19:33

Linzer, thank you for looking! It's an iPod Classic. It's what appears to be the problem. It syncs automatically with iTunes (music) but not the apps.

Boo hoo.

But thanks again! thanks

jellibelli Thu 23-Feb-12 22:48:26

No running for me today -it was a weights day. Still no nails, but at least they are good enough at last to wear some, now I just need to find the time!

Well, managed my swim on Wednesday but nothing since, my sciatica is twinging a bit (that's my excuse). Hoping to get out tomorrow and that the weather stays nice and mild.

mosschops30 Fri 24-Feb-12 18:39:13

Hello strangers, well over the past few months i have gained 7lbs, lost 7lbs and gained 7lbs, started smoking, and have now given up for life smile. Found out i have two discs pressing on my spinal cord and cervical spondylosis, and all this since November!!!

Anyway i got as far as the end of week 3 hmm and was doing really well. But ive had just over two weeks off now with pain but consultant says im fine to exercise, and was wondering if i can go back in at week 4? I did find week 3 far too easy so dont really want yo do it again.
What o you think?

Hi Mosschops - well, only one way to find out! Give it a try. That sounds painful about your back, what led you to this diagnosis? Are you going to get treatment of some sort? Mine is playing up again but TBH I haven't been to the GP with it for years as I always got the impression that they would rather you just went off and found yourself a chiropractor.

mosschops30 Fri 24-Feb-12 18:56:23

Am going to start on monday then smile
i was having tingling in my fingers, becoming clumsy, pain in neck, headaches. Saw neurosurgeon and had an mri.
Am currently seeing my osteopath twice a week just to keep me from falling apart completely smile

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