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Any regular swimmers?

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aristocat Fri 23-Dec-11 01:07:52

Hello,I swim 3 or 4 times a week doing usually 30 lengths each day and wondered if there are any fellow swimmers out there?

Ifancyashandy Thu 05-Jan-12 22:34:50

Thanks! I'll try!

acsec Thu 05-Jan-12 22:41:06

The local pool recently closed and I don't drive so not been for a while sad However, a friend has said she will come and will drive us to another pool so I'll be back swimming next Tuesday. I only go once a week for 30mins but I walk 3+ miles a day and zumba and have noticed the difference not swimming (and not zumba-ing over Christmas has made!) Looking forward to being back in the pool!

juneybean Thu 05-Jan-12 22:45:37

I've started back swimming after new year, only managed 20 lengths last night, but going to try and improve each week!

Pannacotta Thu 05-Jan-12 22:47:11

I only swim once a week for 30 minutes and manage about 50 lengths in that time, though I quite often start daydreaming and lose count...

Can any of you recommend decent goggles which dont mist up/leak and a nice looking sporty swimming costume?

WhatsWrongWithYule Thu 05-Jan-12 23:05:12

What a coincidence! I went swimming for the first time in years today (apart from doing those irritating three-strokes-and-you-need-to-turn lengths on holiday). I really enjoyed it after the first few lengths, and managed 20 lengths (mainly breastroke) with not too many rests!
I've had an achey back for years and now diagnosed with arthritis in the hip. I'm determined to stop it progressing, even if I can't reverse the effects, so will try and go at least once a week as well as the gym.
I found it much less of a struggle than I expected, probably because my muscles are stronger from admittedly occasional gym visits, but also the postural work and stretching I've been doing.
I love the crawl, and I've been told I have a 'nice style,' but I'm so unfit I can only manage a few lengths. I suppose you do build up fitness quite quickly though, like with running, so will perservere.
I'd also like to hear recommendations for decent goggles, especially since I have ridiculously deep-set eyes, so there's always a gap around the sockets <squints >.

Ifancyashandy Thu 05-Jan-12 23:11:26

After much exhaustive - & expensive - goggle research, I'm currently using Zogg Predators. Cost £25 which I was a bit hmm about but they don't appear to mist or leak. So far... (only about a month old).

Ifancyashandy Thu 05-Jan-12 23:13:13

But they do leave ver attractive imprints around my eyes!

aristocat Thu 05-Jan-12 23:18:34

My goggles are these from Argos and they work fine for me, they are grey not blue like the picture and come in a snazzy bag smile

Pannacotta Fri 06-Jan-12 09:10:58

Thanks for the goggle suggtestions, my DH teases me as I have tried about 6 pairs and none of them are right so far!

glasscompletelybroken Mon 09-Jan-12 16:15:47

I swim once a week - 30 lengths of 33m pool. I hate it though as I am so bad at it but go anyway as it's good for me and I know I will still be able to do it when I'm really old! Does that disqualify me from a swimming thread? I would like to get better but it's not going to happen as I won't (under any circumstances) put my head under the water!

Ifancyashandy Mon 09-Jan-12 17:00:24

Nooo - all swimmers welcome here! Bloody good going, doing something weekly that you hate!

What is is about the head / water combo that you don't like?

WhatsWrongWithYule Mon 09-Jan-12 17:39:32

Forgot about this thread. See how smug I was last Thursday, with my first proper swim in donkey's years.

I stiffened up like an old lady even more than usual the next day, and am still struggling with the knock-on effects. Dreadful pain in lower back, stiffness everywhere else - added to the normal pain I have in neck and shoulder. sad

Scared to go back now - any suggestions?

glasscompletelybroken Mon 09-Jan-12 18:36:48

Ifancyashandy - it's claustrophobia, I can't put my head into anything!

Ifancyashandy Mon 09-Jan-12 19:08:06

Ah, bugger. Was going to suggest goggles but they probably wouldn't help, would they?

And whatswrong, try doing a stretch where you slightly bend you knees, link your fingers and hold your arms out in front of you in a 'round' shape, as if you were holding a big beach ball. Open your shoulder blades 'into' it. Might help?

yummytummy Mon 09-Jan-12 19:18:58

yay fellow water babes! i absolutely adore swimming and go twice a week. usually do an hour at a time of mainly front and back crawl. try to do fast lengths then slightly slower. does anyone have any ideas of how to burn more calories in the hour ie is there a number of lengths for each stroke which is more efficient?

also i find only speedo swimsuits withstand regular swimming, has anyone tried any other durable brands?

posey Mon 09-Jan-12 19:40:59

Yummytummy - in answer to your swimsuit question, I have had the same speedo costume for years, and I mean years, and am not good about rinsing it, and it is still going strong and to see through or baggy or anything. And dd, who is a club swimmer, is a definite Speedo fan. Just doesn't rate others makes the same.
Hope someone can answer your other questions smile

posey Mon 09-Jan-12 19:41:45

That should say not see through

bruffin Mon 09-Jan-12 21:02:21

you can get good bargains from swimshop when they have a grab bag sale. The only choice you get is the size, but usually get a speedo for at least half price.

LolaLadybird Mon 09-Jan-12 22:00:11

A good timely thread as I am just trying to get back into swimming {waves to Aristo}. I was mostly running and cycling as the nearest pool is 20 mins drive away and it was easier to do something straight out of the door but I injured my ankle badly in the summer and am only now just able to start running very short distances.

I really need to lose some weight so I'm hoping swimming will provide the means to getting some proper exercise. I used to do a lot of competitive swimming as a child/teen so the technique is all there, I'm just v unfit. Went swimming on Saturday (with DH and DC's, took turns doing some proper swimming) and my shoulders really ached the next day which is a good sign.

The only way I'm going to be able to swim regularly is to have the discipline to go out again in the evenings once DH is home and DC's in bed so will need some virtual moral support to achieve this! smile

glasscompletelybroken Tue 10-Jan-12 09:04:30

Lola - why don't you sign up for the swimathon? It's much easier to be motivated with an actual end-goal.

LolaLadybird Tue 10-Jan-12 09:21:49

Haven't heard of the swimathon - tell me more .....!

Cristiane Tue 10-Jan-12 09:22:47

Hello, can I join

I swim for about 30-40 mins, aim to do three times a week, but since Christmas I have had two bugs - currently suffering from norovirus, along with the whole family... Grim.

DH bought me an aquabeat for Christmas and haven't had a chance to use it yet!

I do front crawl and alternate with breaststroke. lolaladybird I was also wondering how to make the exercise more efficient - do some kind of interval training etc?

See the floats at the end of the pool, never use them, so should I?
Also saw that zoggs sell things for putting on your hands to improve arm toning - has anyone tried them?

glasscompletelybroken Tue 10-Jan-12 09:38:01

Lola -

LolaLadybird Tue 10-Jan-12 15:33:24

Thanks for that Glass - definite food for thought. The funny thing is I looked at the distances and thought 'oh I could swim a 5k' and then saw that it is 200 lengths of a 25m pool! shock

It also links to this site - I've not had time to browse but looks like it could have some good stuff including training plans etc.

Sleepwhenidie Tue 10-Jan-12 16:03:09

Hi, I go through phases of swimming lots, then doing something else. Been getting back into it more frequently lately now that I can't bring myself to go out for a run in horrible weather grin.

I swim 90% crawl, for 40-60 mins, do 3km if I have a full hour to spend. Would highly recommend these goggles. I also felt desperate for a change from a speedo costume six months ago and got a crazy zoggs one that seems to standing up to the poor treatment I give it smile

Interval training is definitely the best way to maximise calorie burn (it has a big boost effect on metabolism after you finish your session) and improve speed and fitness. Swim one length as fast as you possibly can, then one at a pace that allows you to recover and do it again. I usually crawl fast length and breast or backstroke for recovery. Repeat for 10 minutes, up to 20 if you can.

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