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Rollerskating(as an adult)

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bananamam Fri 07-Oct-11 15:09:39

does anyone do it??? I really used to love it as a kid and see my two children whizzing around on various bikes and scooters...I want to keep up with them and I (at 31) too old to buy skates?

If any of you do do it, where did you buy your skates? I don't have a huge budget...thank you!!, grin

ZillionChocolate Sun 09-Oct-11 15:46:52

I don't and can't rollerskate but a friend of mine is into roller derby. Maybe see if there are any teams local to you? It might be possible just to train with them if you don't fancy the whole thing.

ZillionChocolate Sun 09-Oct-11 15:48:19

PS They'd probably be good for advice on skates and equipment. My friend's team will let you borrow stuff to try it out before buying your own.

ragged Sun 09-Oct-11 15:57:48

Course you're not too old.
I've almost 15 years on OP & I still skate.
But am precious about my bearings & wheels, so rarely skate outside.
OP: Where do you live, roughly?
I go with DC sometimes, I try to go when it won't be too busy, and I don't join in the games unless DC ask me to. Am a much keener skater than them, tell the truth. I am the mum they get to show off. wink
Indoors is a lot easier than outdoors, though, a lot kinder to your skates, too.
Look out for over 16s nights, or adults only sessions, too.
But I would say I see lots of adults around here skating with their kids, family sessions are common at the indoors session.

bananamam Sun 09-Oct-11 18:41:24

I am on the east coast of Scotland. There is. Derby team but it's 16 miles away and just not possible for me to get too. There are so me very smooth parks I can skate in and will be quiet enough early morning. I bought some skates that apparently are fine for outside....thank you so much for the replies!!

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