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I need something vaguely technical/scientific about how important breakfast is for an athlete

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KatyMac Sat 01-Oct-11 16:35:19

For a 13yo please


KatyMac Sat 01-Oct-11 19:51:51


mousymouse Sat 01-Oct-11 20:00:51

fairly important as the stores are (nearly) used up over night.
depending on the kind of activities a high carb and protein breakfast might be sensible.
if it is for a competition and nerves/stomach plays a role. smaller high carb portions tend to calm things down a bit.

KatyMac Sat 01-Oct-11 20:04:38

Sorry Mousymouse I should have been more specific

I need something I can print off & leave casually around (probably in the bathroom) so she can read it without feeling any pressure

Anything I say is immediately ignored wink

KatyMac Sat 01-Oct-11 20:05:50

Oh & I'm kind of leaning towards the breakfast everyday without fail or your toes fall off type stuff winkx100

She's a dancer doing 15 hrs plus a week

Sleepwhenidie Sat 01-Oct-11 20:16:26

Does she have any athletes/dancers she admires? Sounds like you need to find an interview with someone like that, of they type they do in mags like women's fitness/bodyfit/zest when they ask them about their typical day's diet and training. Maybe not easy! Most of these magazines will generally recommend breakfast in any of their nutrition sections though, maybe buy one or two and hope the message seeps through?

mousymouse Sat 01-Oct-11 20:33:40

maybe one of these help?

KatyMac Sat 01-Oct-11 20:46:21


KatyMac Sat 01-Oct-11 20:46:42


I meant

Perfect Thank You

KatyMac Mon 03-Oct-11 22:38:32

She has agreed to have porridge with blueberries for breakfast

I have to cook it <sigh> but she has promised to eat it!!

mousymouse Tue 04-Oct-11 07:09:00

good for your dd!
make a bigger portion and have some yourself...

KatyMac Tue 04-Oct-11 07:44:44

Yes, maybe - actually I'd have to make it with water as I can't do milk; maybe tomorrow?

I made enough for all my babies (I run a nursery)

mousymouse Tue 04-Oct-11 08:41:26

with water is fine, maybe offer dd some cream to pour in? or a knob of butter.

KatyMac Tue 04-Oct-11 08:53:59

DD shouldn't have too much dairy (she is asthmatic) so I'll have to have a play & see what is bets for her

But tbh eating porridge is a real breakthrough

She has asked for Honey & banana pancakes tomorrow

I guess I a make her eat if I'm prepared to cook; which is a bit of an effort but probably worth it

KatyMac Wed 05-Oct-11 08:28:49

Ate her pancakes; quite slowly so maybe this wasn't a good choice

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