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Running a 10k

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butterflyexperience Sun 25-Sep-11 07:22:35

I have entered my 1st 10k for the 29th Oct and am hoping to do it in 1 hr

I have previously ran a 3k in 16 mins back in June this year.

My training has been on and off and I thought if I enter something I will push myself.

The most I have run is 4k on a treadmill so have quite a way to go!

I'm doing this for fitness, to lose weight an to build self esteem through achievement.

Can anyone recommend an iPhone app to record runs?


mollycuddles Sun 25-Sep-11 07:42:01

Wow. You are quick! I did my first 10k yesterday in 74.02. Was hoping for sub 75 so actually quite pleased. But my best 5k speed is 33 mins! My training is intervals once a week (google/wikipedia HIIT) a couple of 5k runs and one longer run which I built up by about 1k a week until I was covering 10k.
I use Nike + gps on my iPhone. Another option would be runkeeper pro. Good luck.

mousymouse Sun 25-Sep-11 07:59:05

I think it is achievable. but do take it easy and give your body time to recover between runs.
before my first 10k (70min) I did 5k on my own on tuesdays, 5k with sprints on thursdays and a long, slow run of 8-10k on sundays on my own.
it took me 6 weeks from couch potatoe to 5k (doing a dieter baumann plan) and then another 6 weeks for the 10k.

Sleepwhenidie Sun 25-Sep-11 08:15:59 is good if you want to log your runs, imapmyrun is the associated app which you can use to record them using gps...obviously won't work for treadmill training grin!

Good luck!

applejelly Sun 25-Sep-11 08:51:10

I second mousymouse - take it really slowly when increasing your distance or frequency of training. I have just sustained a calcaneal stress fracture from suddenly increasing my runs from 2/3 to 4 times a week to prepare for my first 10k in November. Result? 6-8 weeks off running so I will not make my 10k sad

mousymouse Sun 25-Sep-11 09:22:30

oh, dear apple hope you recover soon!
when I overdid it one year and had the wrong shoes I got shin splints. very painful and forced me to stop for more than a month.

butterflyexperience Sun 25-Sep-11 10:49:09

Well done molly on your first 10k yest! 74 mins is great and is prob more likely to what I will achieve.

Sorry to hear about your injury apple.

Think if I pushed myself I can do 5k in 30ish mins on treadmill which I find great for improving my speed and endurance. However road running is much harder and is what I need to concentrate my running on.

Thank you for the tips about increasing distance.

Think I will run 2 5ks a week on the treadmill and then do 2 road runs a week where I build in distance by increasing on 5k by 1k per week.
How does that sound?

Also I've downloaded imapmyrun looks great just need to buy an arm band for iPhone and I'm set grin

butterflyexperience Sun 25-Sep-11 10:50:31

Mousy - how did you work in sprints into your 5k runs?

mollycuddles Sun 25-Sep-11 12:46:02

All the advice I've been given is one long run a week and 2-3 other shorter sessions including at least one sprint type. I do an interval session of 60s fast as I can then 90s walk to recover, repeat x8. I'd also really recommend parkrun - look online if there's one near you. It's an off road, free timed run every weekend and is great for tracking your improvements.

mousymouse Sun 25-Sep-11 14:37:09

wrt sprints, we did about 10 min slow jogg for warm up, then 100m (2 lamp posts) sprint, jogg again for about 5 min (very very slow), sprint, jogg, sprint, jogg to cool down.
very good for base condition.
again slow build up, first time only one sprint, then one more etc.

Sleepwhenidie Sun 25-Sep-11 14:43:46

You can incorporate sprint training into your treadmill runs too, try the interval setting which will do the same thing without you having to concentrate on the timer and adjusting speed yourself (which of course you may prefer to do, it can be a welcome distraction!)

butterflyexperience Sun 25-Sep-11 17:19:04

I've found a park run! Sounds fun smile

Interval and sprints sound good.
I what way do they improve base condition? Excuse my ignorance.

I've seen them recommended on running sites but never understood they why of them?

I met a friend today and we both brisked walked for an hour and did just over 5k.
Nice little warm up to my week of training. smile

mollycuddles Sun 25-Sep-11 22:08:10

I've read up on the whole interval sprint thing as it isn't pleasant and I wanted to be convinced it was worth the pain. Wikipedia has a good article about HIIT (high impact interval training) and references research that says you get the equivalent of 10.5 hours of ordinary running training in 2.5 hours of HIIT. It's done in up to about 20 minute blocks so fits well into a busy schedule. I know it's hard to believe from my 10k PB but since I started regular intervals about 2 months ago I've got a whole lot quicker. First parkrun 5k was over 37 minutes! I've taken 4 minutes off that. The first time I ran 10k distance took me over 80 minutes less than a month ago. Your deadline for your 10k is close so do intervals at least weekly and it's absolutely do-able. Your basic speed is fantastic. One bit of advice re intervals. If you don't feel like puking at some point then you're not pushing yourself hard enough. So I'm told. (I always wretch during HIIT). I love parkrun though it's great. You're not in/around Belfast are you. I'm parkrunning on Saturday smile

wantadvice Sun 25-Sep-11 22:12:04

Wow, 3k in 16 minutes is brilliant.
I can do 5k in 36 minutes on the treadmill and wan to to build up to 10 k. I did 6k the other day in 45 minutes as I slowed it down so could run a bit further. I need to lose weight though as am struggling with the diet side of it. I dont do intervals but probably should - it all seems a bit complex so I just run at around the same speed going faster for first 2.5k and then fast for teh last k.

wantadvice Sun 25-Sep-11 22:15:07

How far do you run when doing interval running? What would i need to put into treadmill setting?

mollycuddles Sun 25-Sep-11 22:41:07

Not very far. What is the top end of comfortable for you pace wise - for me it's about 8 mins 30 a mile. Set the speed to that. It had to be uncomfortable. Do 60s or as much as you can at top pace then 90s at reasonable walking pace. Repeat 8 times. With a 5 minute warm up and cool down I do about 2 miles or so in all. But the distance covered isn't the point with intervals. It's about pushing yourself to create the realisation in your body then it needs to improve fast.
Well done on progress so far though wantadvice. I'm overweight too - not as much as I was. There are plenty of plodders at parkrun.

wantadvice Sun 25-Sep-11 22:49:48

That sounds confusing. I usually do the first 2.5k at 9k per hour then do 8 or 8.5 for a while then try to end either last k or 1/2 k on 9 or even 9.5. This is for 5k.
Also I tend to go 3 times a week so how about I do one day interval, one 5k and then increase the other run by one k a week?

mollycuddles Sun 25-Sep-11 22:56:49

Do intervals by time then. I'm not a treadmill user so not sure how they work. I'd do 5 mins at beginning and end at 6k an hour (guessing thats walking pace) then alternate 9.5-10k an hour for 60s with 90s walking pace. Repeat 8 times. The whole thing takes 30 minutes. Otherwise one long run and 1-2 about 5k at a time.

butterflyexperience Mon 26-Sep-11 06:45:55

Molly thanks for the advice on intervals.
Amazing that training like that can be worth 10hrs worth.

Unfortunately I'm not in the Bristol area otherwise would have loved to parkrun with you smile I'm a midlander grin

butterflyexperience Mon 26-Sep-11 10:42:28

Run log:
32 mins
Avg speed:9.4 km per hr

butterflyexperience Tue 27-Sep-11 11:27:25

Run log:
19 mins
Avg speed: 9.5

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