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Does anyone run with their baby?

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StuckUpTheFarawayTree Mon 19-Sep-11 12:18:14

Just wondering whether it's worth getting a 3 wheeler for running with. I remember having a rubbishy one years ago with DD1 and struggling. Should I bother? Any recommendations?

StrangewaysHereICome Tue 20-Sep-11 10:01:35

Yes I do! I get out with him three or four times a week and we both really enjoy it. The furthest we have got so far is 7 miles.

I use this one although mine is the V1 version which was cheaper than the V2. You might be able to find a deal online if you google. I was torn between that and the Baby Jogger FIT. The out'n'about one was quite a lot lighter so I went with that and have not been disapointed - it's fab! Also it came out highly in Runner's World tests.

On word of warning though, in a sleep deprived hasty moment I tripped over the front wheel and broke my arm when I was getting it out of the garage!!! So that stopped the running for a while wink.

StuckUpTheFarawayTree Tue 20-Sep-11 11:45:31

Ouch, poor you!

Thanks for your response. Seem hard to find second hand but I'll keep looking.

nocake Tue 20-Sep-11 11:55:08

I've run once with DD in a Quinny Speedi. She's too little for the buggy seat but the car seat clips onto the chassis so we used that. It's not as "sporty" as the BabyJogger or the Nipper Sport but it is more usable round town because you can unlock the front wheel so it swivels.

StuckUpTheFarawayTree Tue 20-Sep-11 12:09:05

How did you find it? I'm not a brilliant runner, and very slow.

StrangewaysHereICome Tue 20-Sep-11 12:16:44

If you're serious about running you are definitely better off getting a specialist running buggy. The long wheel base, fixed front wheel and larger wheels give your baby a smoother ride while allowing you to run with one hand on the buggy so you can still swing the other arm which I find more comfy. It doesn't seem a bind running with it and I don't find myself wishing I could run without it IYSWIM. They are pricey though, I got mine from that website link in April and it was £199. You could try ebay?

nocake I have used it in town and it's not ideal for squeezing round shops so I use a stroller for that.

My arm is better now, so I can laugh about my it now!

Best of luck

StrangewaysHereICome Tue 20-Sep-11 12:25:44

A bit cheaper here or here

I also use it for walking the dog off road so I'm getting my money's worth grin

nocake Tue 20-Sep-11 12:25:50

I agree about the specialist running buggy being better but it depends how much you run and how much you want to spend. I find the Quinny does the job perfectly well although the smaller wheels make it bouncy on some surfaces, even with the pneumatic tyres. Dirt tracks are fine but gravel is hard work. It has a hand brake so you can control it easily on down hill sections and, like the Nipper, can easily be controlled with one hand.

Of course if you're very serious you should get one of these grin

StrangewaysHereICome Tue 20-Sep-11 13:08:51

grin crikey you'd certainly get some attention running with that!!!

Oh yes nocake I agree that you have to take into consideration how much running you do, your budget and what else you want to use it for. I just love my Nipper so much I get a bit excited about it blush!!

StuckUpTheFarawayTree Tue 20-Sep-11 13:26:53

Alas, if only I had that kind of money. Will have to keep an eye on eBay. Definitely can't afford new.

Orangesarenottheonlyfruit Wed 21-Sep-11 22:29:33

Yes me! Got mine off ebay - is a Baby Jogger 2. I paid 100 quid for it as it is pretty old but I LOVE it. I went from being vaguely doubtful about how much use I would get from it, to using it to train for a tri! (the running bit anyway). I run with about 2 or 3 times a week and also use it for walking 'off-road'. I run about 3 miles a time usually but have done up to 6. Is a serious bit of kit and without it I am pretty sure I wouldn't have got back into running post-baby.
Cannot recommend it highly enough.

applejelly Fri 23-Sep-11 21:40:11

I run with my mountain buggy urban which I got second hand for £180 when ds was 9 months. It's fab for me as it does a little bit of everything.
It has suspension and airfilled tyres so it's good for off-road walking, and it has a fixable swivel front wheel so it's fine for going round town but you can fix the wheel for going off-road or running. It's my only buggy.

As far as running goes, I don't actually like running with it that much - I find the fixed position of my arms makes it quite difficult, but that may just be me. Other people seem to manage! Definitely try before you buy if you can.


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