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Does anyone use a gym?

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Leanne1912 Mon 12-Sep-11 14:14:56

Hi mums!

Does anyone in this forum use a gym?
What kind of machines help to get rid of baby fat?
Are there any exercise classes that help?
How much do you pay to go and do you pay by the session?

1 year on and wish I could lose the extra weight.

mosschops30 Mon 12-Sep-11 14:21:15

I use a health club, it costs me £38.50 per month and thats with a discount, off peak. Most importantly they habe a creche.

I do classes twice a week
Body combat for toning and fat burning
Body pump for toning and shaping
Both those classes include abdominal work.

Swimming is great for all over toning and fat burning, but you have to swim hard and fast not just pootle up and down the pool.

I also work out with a trainer (had to after dc3 as my birth injuries were so extreme it wasnt safe for me to do my own thing). We do some fat burning, interval training on a cross trainer, free weights, lots of core stability and squats/lunges.

I was 12 stone when i had dc3, am now 8 stone and have been for about 8 months. He is 2 in november.
Realistically it can take anything up to 2 years to reach your goals after pregnancy, and your body may never look the way it did, mine doesnt smile

mosschops30 Mon 12-Sep-11 14:22:05

I also do yoga once a week which is just a nice treat smile

upahill Mon 12-Sep-11 19:34:27

Hi I use a gym.
Mine are nearly teenagers but I went back to the gym after having the babies.

I can give you my advice.

I went swimming when DS1 was 5 days old.

What I did to lose weight was a mixture of everything.
I did spinning, body pump and weights as well as swimming, cycling and walking.

The gym at the time had a creche for 1hr 59mins (don't know why not 2 hrs but still)

The gym I go to know is part of a huge chain and I pay £35 or £37 a month and for that there are body combat, spinning, pump, boxercise, yoga,pilates, tai chi, LBT, zumba, zumba tone and so on as well as kettlebell training, weights swimming and the all important steam room!
My gym is open from 6.30am until Monday- Friday 8 -6 at weekends. There is a personal trainer there where you get the first session free but can pay £20 for an hour and he will work you (bloody hard by the look of it) I have seen the trainer work with many different people and he does different things with them so it is not a case of 'one size fits all'

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