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Anyone doing the Herts 10k in October?

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muffinchops Fri 09-Sep-11 14:00:18

Desperately need some encouragement. Did a 10 k years ago in Fountains Abbey Yorkshire after some v random training. Several children down the line have taken up running again this year. Followed C25k and entered a Race for Life in the summer and am now on wk 5 of the Ease into 10k app.

DH is going to run it with me for support but am now starting to feel nervous and will be so mad at myself if I wimp out. I hear there is a big hill to tackle. Has anyone done it and is it full of complete running ninjas? Can I do it??!?

alibubbles Sat 10-Sep-11 17:20:40

Hi muffin, I did the Race for Life 5km, but I am not a runner, my knees give way!

I had looked at doing it, but the slowest take only 35 minutes, so not for me, but wanted to show support smile

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