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Sports goggles - any help with costs?

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Jen1fer Mon 05-Sep-11 14:22:10

Hi all I manager an under 8 rugby team & want to be more inclusive. a parent has come to me with a child & said that it'll cost £150 to get contact sport goggles & is there anyway to get some help with the cost.
I can't find anything on google & the club don't have available funds.

This child can't wear contacts as yet & his parents can't afford the goggles - without them he's at a major disadvantage & it won't be long til he realises this and gets disheartened with the game. This is the last thing I want as I think he has a real future. I love to see kids running around playing sports at the weekend and this shouldn't be complicated with issues of haves/have nots!

Any help welcome. Thanks

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