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Getting a 6 year old into running

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kimberlina Thu 01-Sep-11 22:36:24

My son needs to exercise regularly to improve his respiratory function. As runners my husband and I would like to encourage him into running as
a) it's free
b) you can do it anywhere
c) we could all go out together some times

CAn anyone give me any advice or point me in the direction of some advice on how to start him off, how much he can do etc??


Sleepwhenidie Fri 02-Sep-11 07:52:52

Hi, I can't advise specifically on your question but I am sure you will find someone on the runners united thread who can, I know a few runners on there with keen running DC's. Everyone v friendly and welcoming.

As an alternative, does your DS ride a bike? DH and I run a bit and our DS1 would never be up for joining in the running but he does come along for runs in the park on his bike. He has just turned 6 and enjoys up to 5-7km cycling while we jog. Good for a bit of sprint training to race him on bits of the route too grin.

sunnyday123 Thu 22-Sep-11 23:00:44

at such a young age would it not be more appropriate to get him into more fun sport as in team sports like football or swimming clubs etc? I love running but cant think of anything worse for the kids - plus i imagine it'd become more of a chore than a 'fun' sport would? As he needs it long term i imagine he would need to choose something he enjoys - if he likes running them obviously go for it!

SazZaVoom Thu 22-Sep-11 23:03:21

I second Sleeps idea. My DD cycles and i run - i think doing this she will naturally get to see that running is a fun thing to do.

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