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No longer fat, but still not fit - what next?

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amigababy Thu 25-Aug-11 16:05:13

Hi, I'm just looking for advice at getting to the next level. I've lost 2.5 stone over 6 months with diet and increasing my exercise and my BMI is now around 23, but my BF is 30% and I get puffed walking upstairs etc. and I look soft and doughy.
I really want to take it up a level and get proper fit - I have to admit I still don't enjoy exercise but will do it when I push myself into it - but I often stay in my comfort zone eg a decent walk, rather than a good 60 mins at the gym. I've got gym/swim membership and a ton of DVDs/hand weights etc.

What should i be doing to get lean, stronger and really fit, say from now till Christmas - a kind of body transformation? i am 44 yo.

rookiemater Thu 25-Aug-11 21:51:45

Firstly well done on your weight loss that's a great achievement.
I'm not sure I have all the answers but some suggestions. If you can afford it I find a heart rate monitor to be very useful to know if you are actually exercising at a decent rate or not. Also look at your daily routine and see if you can build exercise in, I manage to fit in cycling that way and trained up for a half marathon by checking my diary and seeing where I could squeeze in sessions.
Incidentally cardio alone will not do the trick. I have been running religously since January and although my legs are looking good my tummy is still flabby so I have decided that I need to do some upper body work and do interval training rather than distance running.
Another expensive thing that may well be worth it again if you can afford it would be some personal training sessions they can advise on what you chould be doing.

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