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Cycling Thread - pleasure peddlers to serious cyclists sign in here!

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Thistledew Sat 13-Aug-11 16:41:39

Hi All

I thought I would start a cycling thread. It would be great if we could make it all inclusive, so whether you currently just enjoy bike rides but are interested in taking it further, or already train seriously, please post what you are up to and what your aims are. By sharing knowledge and experiences, hopefully we can spur each other on.

If you want to, please post a quick biog of how long you have been cycling, how much you currently cycle, and what your goals are.

And for those who wish to engage in a bit of bike porn, please feel free to post what sort of bike you ride!

Happy peddling!

nightshade1 Fri 08-Feb-13 16:03:43

hi can i join, on wednesday morning i hadent had or ridden a bike in 8 years! by wednesday lunchtime i was registered on the london to brighton moonride in july - lastnight a bike arrived.

HELP i must be off my rocker!

any tips on getting back in the saddle after a long break?

disorganisedmummy Fri 08-Feb-13 16:31:37

Hi nightshade,welcome and well done for getting back on the bike.It's so addictive isn't it.What sort of bike do you have?I'm doing the London to Southend bike ride which is also in July.The best advice I've been given is to just get out there and ride as much as poss.Mix up the rides i.e. long ride one day then shorter ride with some hills another day.But make sure you have rest days.Lots of training plans on the internet.All that does depend how seriously you want to get into it and of course what your work/family commitments are.Get out and enjoy!!

nightshade1 Fri 08-Feb-13 16:46:59

its a pinnacle lithium 2 hybrid (i wasnt brave enough to jump from nothing into road territory!)

my OH is a keen cyclist so all bike purchasing was put in his court

disorganisedmummy Fri 08-Feb-13 17:37:12

My other half is a cycling nut so like you I was guided by him though I wanted what he had (much to his annoyance!) so I have a mountain bike and a road bike!I live in Southend not far from the olympic mountain biking course so I often ride my mountain bike over there (not on the course itself,I hasten to add!).I went out on my road bike today and did a few hills,was out for about an hour and did 15 miles.I just love it so much,I'm turning into such a geek!

nightshade1 Sat 09-Feb-13 17:25:26

see i used to have a road bike (pre children) and am starting to wonder if i should have just bitten the bullet and not bothered with a hybrid at all. dont get me wrong it is a lovely bike to ride- but it just remindes me how wizzy my old bike really was and how this one isnt so.

i think i will see how it goes for a bit and then prehaps keep my eyes open for a 2nd bike.................yes the bug has hit again! lol

disorganisedmummy Sat 09-Feb-13 19:40:43

They are fantastically fast but I think you're right in seeing how it goes and perhaps in time get a 2nd hand road bike or even previous years' models.Generally most bike manufacturers release their new bikes at the end of the summer (inexplicably),about August/Septmeber so that years models are reduced in price.Anyhoo,a hybrid is a great way to get back into it.Will you do the London to Brighton on your hybrid?I can't decide what bike to do my race on,the other members of my team have chosen their mountain bikes but I'm very torn.Such decisions!

nightshade1 Sat 09-Feb-13 19:46:47

i depends how i get on, the plan was to do it on the hybrid originally so proberbly yes. my OH is doing it to (for support push me up ditchling beacon ) but hes taking his MTB but putting slick tyres on it.

ive had all the maps out this afternoon looking at suitable training routes.

disorganisedmummy Sat 09-Feb-13 20:54:15

Sounds great re training routes.Whereabouts are you?I've been looking at training plans too but they're all so intense.I'm not sure how I'll get anything else done and I'm a sahm!I do have a turbo trainer and will get on that during half term.The weather's been so awful recently that it's been a real mission just getting out net alone do a decent ride.Roll on spring.It's so nice to find some like minded people!!

nightshade1 Sun 10-Feb-13 19:27:21

im in staffordshire and there are numerous cycle routes/canals/suitable road routes so hopefully i wont get too bored. im a sahm to and dont have a turbo trainer so some decent lights and trips out after dark will proberbly be in order!

SummerLightning Mon 11-Feb-13 22:37:46

Hello how is thistle doing!? I hope ok?

Hello nightshade and disorganised, sounds like you are both v keen.

I have been getting out a bit more, a couple of 30 mile rides this weekend, which is excessive for me so feeling pleased.

nightshade what is the moonride? Is it at night (probably stupid question suspect the answer is yes)

disorganised have you had any ideas for training yet, I would do the london southend ride on your road bike as it will be faster. Especially if the people you are doing it with are faster than you...then you will be at an advantage, tee hee.
My tip would be to make sure you start early as there will be quite a lot of slow people to overtake otherwise (having done London to Cambridge once on road bike at av speed of about 18mph which I think is roughly what you are aiming for, I was a lot faster than most of the entrants, and had to spend a lot of time overtaking. So if overall time is important then start early!) Also riding with other people a good tip too, I never do proper "training" just squeeze in riding where I can (I am not that fast though!). Just find that with kids and not much time just getting out when I can is the best I can do and spending more time planning interval sessions or fancy things just doesn't work for me.

I need some summer plans. I am doing a 100 mile ride in April (interesting choice as I have only ridden 30 miles in a go recently, serious training required) but after that I have no more plans. Must get some dates in the diary before DH books up summer with boring things

SummerLightning Mon 11-Feb-13 22:39:30

Oh disorganised olympic mountain biking course will be great when it is open. Really looking forwards to that. I am about 1 hr 15 away so will probably go there now and again when it's open.

nightshade1 Tue 12-Feb-13 11:56:12

yes the moon ride is overnight - starting between 11 and midnight and arriving (hopefully) in brighton in time for breakfast.

LemonDrizzled Mon 18-Feb-13 07:45:55

Hello can I join in?

I suppose I am now a "proper cyclist" as DP has trained me up over 18 months!
I have always fiddled with bikes and carried DC in the trailer etc but now I have more time and a new DP the bikes are taking over!

I have a lovely Tifosi road bike, a pretty red 6 series Trek MTB and a Raleigh shopper. I also have a 1960s Viking restoration project and a Triumph vintage classic for Tweed rides!! DP has more than two dozen bikes but I have never managed to finish counting them!

I ride the Tifosi with our local CTC group, and use my Raleigh for work around the village when it's nice. The Trek goes orienteering and to our local forest off road centre. We are spoiled here for excellent routes. Night rides are brilliant I recommend the Exmouth Exodus from Bristol south to the sea.

I have a question for you seasoned riders: Do any of you get miserable and cry on steep hills? Exercise should make you euphoric but I find after 40 miles of hilly stuff I get dysphoric, low and weepy. It passes but is really annoying!!

LadyMud Mon 18-Feb-13 11:32:58

Oooh, hello everyone! I ride a recumbent trike on the road, but prefer mountain biking (more like taking my bike for a walk in the hills blush )

And an extra hello to occasional riders, thinking of dragging their bikes out from the back of the shed. I can definitely recommend if you're a beginner or lacking confidence (or just enjoy cake and a chat)

Thistledew Mon 18-Feb-13 13:23:04

Hello all

I managed to get back on my bike yesterday for the first time after my crash - thanks for asking SummerLightning. I did a gentle 25 miles before my hip and knee started to get sore. I am improving quickly now though so hopefully will be back in full training in another week.

There may be an upside to my current discomfort - I do have a bit of a bad habit of trying to mash a big gear up the hills rather than dropping down and spinning up. I simply can't do this at the moment as I have injured the tendon below my knee, so on my ride yesterday was having to drop down and spin. I found that I was just as quick as I would have been in a bigger gear- I actually caught up with a couple of guys who were out of the saddle going up one bit of hill. Maybe this will break me of the bad habit, although I am a bit wary of tackling many hills at the moment as it is too painful to stand up on the pedals.

Hello LemonDrizzled - are you taking on enough replacement calories on your rides? If you are working hard on a ride after the first hour you need access to easily available energy from energy drinks and gels. I know the feeling you describe- when you are trying really hard but it all just feels hard and sluggish, and no matter how much effort you put in you don't seem to show any improvement. For me that is a sign that my energy levels have crashed. The trouble is that it is a bit too late by the time that you feel like that as it will take time for your body to absorb anything you take on and start to use it. You have to look out for the time about half an hour before you start to crash when you start to feel a little tired and make sure that you have a gel or energy bar then.

nightshade1 Mon 18-Feb-13 14:43:59

well i did it - i had my first venture out on wednesday and did a quick 10 miles then yesterday morning i did 21 miles and was expecting to be unable to move today..........instead im fine, bright and breezy and not achy in the slightest (and there were some blinking big and long hills!) pleasently surprised - my OH however is sulking envy , he took his trials bike out for an hour on saturday and is still suffering - he rides everyday (be it on the MTB or road) i havent been near a bike in 8 years! smile

disorganisedmummy Mon 18-Feb-13 20:23:12

Lemondrizzled,I struggle on hills and they don't even have to be that big!I've found a turbo trainer though boring is fantastic for increasing strength in the legs.Having said that 40 miles of rolling terrain is enough to send most people weepy!Round my way there aren't that many hills.

Pan Mon 18-Feb-13 21:17:04

Hello all again! Good to see us all in one piece, still.grin

We are in the cycle-to-work scheme again, which I work out to be nothing more than an interest-free loan form the employer. Which is better than a poke in the eye? Trouble's tied to Halfords, it appears. Are Halfords as bad as people say? I'm looking envy at a Boardman Hybrid Comp, but Halfords 'build' them on delivery? Should I be hmm at that do we think?

SummerLightning Mon 18-Feb-13 21:55:52

Hello to the new people. Holy cow lemon over 2 dozen bikes that is crazy. Does he work in a bike shop and where does he keep them? No I don't get weepy on hills maybe it's cos we don't have enough round here. Seriously though I second eating more and before you get that tired hungry feeling too - then it's too late!

Hello lady mud another mountain biker hurrah. I have been roadie ing lately - too muddy(!) but prefer mountain biking by far.

Welcome back thistle glad you are almost fixed. I think I am the other way round and used to spin up hills more. Probably better should go back to it really.

Pan, I don't think much of our local halfords but it probably depends on the branch. Generally yes I think they are ropey! But board man bikes are good value also bike to work gives you the tax off which is not to be sniffed at. My work does it and is not tied to halfords so I am thinking of it too. Can you double check doesn't have to be with halfords? I am thinking of getting a cyclocross bike and selling my hybrid as its heavy and slow and I don't enjoy riding it. Anyone tried towing a kids trailer with a cx bike?

Pan Mon 18-Feb-13 22:04:00

Crumbs, a dozen bikes! is he a dealer??

Summer I'll check tomorrow re the tied-to-Halfords thing. There is a lovely bike shop in Sth M/c The Bicycle Doctor and I'd trust them much more.
Big heavy hybrid here too. A Trek7300 that's as rugged as a park bench - trouble is it's as heavy as one and sometimes it feels like it rides like one...but I've had it 12 years so it will be a bit of a wrench to get rid.

LemonDrizzled Mon 18-Feb-13 22:32:54

DP is just an addict! He has been collecting bikes all his life and hates selling them. In the last year he has bought a 29 er and a new Cona and a Pinarello and an ebay post office classic delivery bike and a Raleigh Chopper!! He has sold a tandem and a fixie but there are many more lurking in the back of the garage. He is about to give up the day job to spend more time cycling and hopes to earn some money from Bikeability. It keeps him fit and harms nobody.

Tonight I went on a cycle maintenance course run by my friend in the local bike cafe. It was very useful!

Thank for the advice about eating more. I think you may be right because I so want to weigh less and go uphill faster I am not eating enough cake at the coffee stops!

Well done nightshade it is hugely satisfying when you clock up a big ride and feel okay afterwards isn't it!

Pan Wed 20-Feb-13 18:44:01

Summer - yep, after an exchange of emails with Finance and HR, we are signed up to Halfords only, not the bike2workscheme. Still, it works out as a 'loan' agreement at 1%, which isn't three bad.
Naturally I have spent time salivating over the site, and getting myself all excited.

VivaLeBeaver Wed 20-Feb-13 18:48:08

I lost this thread. Found it now.

Havn't really been biking much lately. Though I did get a turbo trainer just after Xmas and have used that a bit.

dobby2001 Thu 21-Feb-13 14:59:51

Hi everyone. Not been on much as I have been well, actually busy with cycling grin. More of that later (well, if anyone is interested, I have noticed i seem to kill this thread for several days at a time sad)

Pan, some good news about Halfords, they are set to start selling Pinerello bikes any day now - the brand that Wiggins rode last year so very good make. As Summer said though, Boardman bikes are also good value and if you let them know you are yourself knowledgeable about bikes, I have noticed they seem to up their game a bit. Let us know what you pick {smile]

I wish this blooming weather would improve. I am soo fed up of coming back from a ride with numb fingers,toes and usually backside!

Pan Thu 21-Feb-13 15:40:40

dobby, it's Christmas Eve at Pan Heights. Just back from Halfords after ordering thing of beauty. Boardman hybrid Team, 21" frame. Has hydraulic disk brakes. And it looks beautiful.grin.
Due for delivery tomorrow. I feel about 10!

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