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Cycling Thread - pleasure peddlers to serious cyclists sign in here!

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Thistledew Sat 13-Aug-11 16:41:39

Hi All

I thought I would start a cycling thread. It would be great if we could make it all inclusive, so whether you currently just enjoy bike rides but are interested in taking it further, or already train seriously, please post what you are up to and what your aims are. By sharing knowledge and experiences, hopefully we can spur each other on.

If you want to, please post a quick biog of how long you have been cycling, how much you currently cycle, and what your goals are.

And for those who wish to engage in a bit of bike porn, please feel free to post what sort of bike you ride!

Happy peddling!

ssmile Tue 04-Dec-12 15:05:49

Made it to work but got very wet cold n muddy, and NO heating on at work when got there :-( but did have hot shower. Still its taken me all morning to warm up hope the rads that are on now have dried out my kit or its going to be miserable gettin home again. My yellow jacket isn't water proof but I didn't fancy wearing my waterproof one under my high vis one but maybe I should have. But how do I keep my legs warm?? Twice I've cycled with cycle shorts under leggings &still cold.

Wow all this talk of racing is inspiring do you have to be young to do it? Just curious I'm not old (40) but not that "race" fit either!

rubyrubyruby Tue 04-Dec-12 18:22:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

rubyrubyruby Wed 05-Dec-12 22:04:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

prettybird Wed 05-Dec-12 22:21:21

I thought it was quite sympathetic to cyclists overall. The illegal cycle racing was only a small piece at the end was rightly and roundly condemned by all (including the cyclists) - and I didn't take it as tarring all cyclists with the same brush.

What absolutely shocked me though but sadly didn't surprise me was how the stroppy drivers just couldn't understand that if they were close enough for a cyclist to hit their vehicle, then they were too close and were driving dangerously. No cyclist that I know of wink has arms that are 1.5m long, which should be the space that cars give all vehicles cyclists.

rubyrubyruby Wed 05-Dec-12 22:28:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

prettybird Wed 05-Dec-12 22:43:51

We let ds stay up and watch it. Even though he's only 12, we let him cycle on his own in the neighborhood, as long as he tells us roughly where he's going.

It was good listening to his comments during the programme and his own attitude and strategies; I think I've drummed in safe but assertive cycling into him well enough! grin

dobby2001 Thu 06-Dec-12 00:02:05

I was going to that thistledew, but unfortunately have racing to Marshall at kids club instead. Are you in Kent then?

rubyrubyruby Thu 06-Dec-12 06:42:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

prettybird Fri 07-Dec-12 19:09:32

Interesting review in the Telegraph that the CTC linked to. The attitudes dispalyed in some of the comments are shock!

rubyrubyruby Mon 17-Dec-12 07:08:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

prettybird Mon 17-Dec-12 07:50:21


I had to vote twice: once on the landline and once on the mobile. Both for Wiggo of course. grin. We let ds stay up to watch it.

VivaLeBeaver Wed 26-Dec-12 20:11:51

Checking back in.

Had a crap oct/nov cycling wise as Dh away on a business trip so just about impossible to get any cycling done.

Getting back into it but 7 weeks off has made a big difference. My legs are knackered after 7 miles rather than 20. But definitely improving this past week. Even went out and did 6 miles on Xmas day.

I'm so looking forward to lighter evenings so I can go out after work and also warmer weather.

ssmile Fri 28-Dec-12 20:01:36

I agree its SO much easier to cycle after kids in bed when the evenings are lighter. We have had lots of bugs this December in the family so lack of sleep and energy have very much dampened my cycling. My DH also goes away in Jan for a week -10days on business which makes it very hard to get any cycling in. I have got The Shred dvd out again to help compensate. Hope to get out on bike more once it stops flipping raining down ere in Devon!

Piffpaffpoff Mon 07-Jan-13 20:39:10

Happy New Year everyone! Just checking in, I've been out for a 5 mile ride tonight with my lights on! I don't normally like going out after dark, but a combination of ill children and rubbish weather over the last 2 has left me desperate for som fresh air and exercise. So I dug out my lights and off I went. Fortunately I live in a huge new development that has wide shared use pavements so I was able to make up a reasonable route that was well-lit and off the road. I'm going to try and do it a bit more often, only took half an hour so not a huge undertaking but enough to make me feel like I've done something iyswim?

lifeistooshorttodrinkcheapwine Wed 09-Jan-13 17:52:37

Hi after the bad cold, chesty cough, then norovirus I've been getting back out on my bike - twice so far this week: 4 - 5 mile rides, not much, but better than expected after my bugs had left me puffed out.

One query which i wonder if you wise cyclists can help me with: at the risk of being thought stupid, i'm never sure if i have my front suspension on or off - i have 2 dials, one on each side - the red one on my right when i'm on the bike has a lock symbol and an arrow symbol and the other dial on my left is black with a plus and a minus symbol. The book says turn the knobs anti clockwise - does this mean the suspension is on or off when i turn it ac?

FredFredGeorge Fri 11-Jan-13 08:24:31

lifeistooshorttodrinkcheapwine One of the knobs is probably a straight on/off this should be easy to tell. Push down the front of the bike in the lock position and non-lock position and you should see very different amount of movements. You wanted locked for riding on the road.

The other is (presumably) the amount of travel in the suspension, either a lot or a little for different sort of roughness on hills, if you're always riding with it off you can leave it as you want otherwise just experiment with what you like.

ssmile Sat 12-Jan-13 20:33:20

Tried to get my bike out today for my Sat morn hr to myself. Got 5seconds down our road and torrential down pour so pedalled back up our hill and did 35 mins on tbe cylops trainer instead in the garage watching rain come down in mad bursts. Not quite the fresh air i needed but better than nothing! Im also slightly confused that since i cleaned and bike lubed the chain in November its now gone all rusty after hardly being used in December. What can i use to "rescue" my chain?

SummerLightning Sun 13-Jan-13 19:09:14

Hey all. So I survived the Olympic mtb course. Lots of fun I managed pretty much all of it just not the hardest way down triple trouble ( rocky bit at the start). Must go back and conquer that bit!
Life is yeah sounds like the right one is the lock out. Try changing it and push down hard on the forks (easiest when off bike I think). And see which way it moves! Obv you want lock out on on the road.

The other one might be travel but maybe more likely to be rebound (how fast they come back up after compression). What are they and can you look it up? Usually can find manuals online

Ssmile I would give it another good clean and make sure it's dry (eg with cloth) and then put loads more lube on it. But depends how rusty it is?

rubyrubyruby Fri 18-Jan-13 08:59:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ssmile Sun 20-Jan-13 07:02:00

Thanks to whoever suggested a couple of months ago to try a fleece headband under my helmet. I got one in Lidls before xmas and tried it out yesterday. It was 0c but my ears &forehead were nice n warm smile but i could still hear. I also tried out the Aldi wool long johns under normal leggings and they worked well too. I was only out for an hour but that was enough. We didnt get any snow as we by the sea but it went all around us inDevon. Hows weveryone else doing? I was amazed to still see around 50bikes at work this week (out of 300 staff onsite) but a couple of people had accidents on the way to work on icy roads. So I've not risked at 6am dark ride since Dec now and miss my commute ride to work.

Thistledew Sun 27-Jan-13 23:03:50

Ow, ow, ow!

Crashed my bike today at about 25 mph. Luckily, I am only badly bruised and grazed, but I was knocked out for about 5 mins. My helmet is shattered at the back and has a huge piece of gravel embedded in it. So pleased the damage is to my helmet not my head though.

Fortunately, my bike seems ok apart from breaking a piece of the very edge of the saddle and shredding the bar tape on one side. I will take it to my bike shop for a full check before I ride it again though.

SummerLightning Mon 28-Jan-13 18:36:56

Ouch! Knocked out that's not good. I like that you gave us a full report on bike damage as well as your own. For top points you should have told us about the bike first though.

Hope you recover fast! Were you on your own?

ssmile Tue 29-Jan-13 07:53:29

Gosh i hope you all mend ok and no lasting damage. Not gd being knocked out. Hope your bike riding confidence is not hit too much as well. I felt very wobbly just having a bad near miss with a PO van on a narrow bridge and i wasnt knocked out!

Laughed at your post summer tough as nails smile

disorganisedmummy Thu 31-Jan-13 17:44:13

Hi all.I'm doing the London to Southend bike ride in July so really want to get fit for that and do it in under 3 hours.I am a keen cycler,have a road bike and mountain bike but I'm unsure where to start with training.I have looked on the net but it's a bit overwhelming confused.I'd be very grateful for any advice.

dobby2001 Mon 04-Feb-13 00:29:38

Hi Disorganisedmummy smile Well done on signing up for the London to Sothend - is that the BHF one? I am looking at doing london to Brighton and the Nightrider 100km this year. Have previously done Cycletta 40k and doing a 40 mile ride in April.

BHF have training info on their website if I remember rightly, but the best advice I can give is if you are already cycling and keen, is to perhaps find a local club that can help with regualr rides and increasing distances and speed. Whereabouts are you? Most clubs offer a range of rides to suit and welcome new members.

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