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Come Shred With Me!

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McDreamy Thu 11-Aug-11 10:42:02

Right today is the day I've had the Shred DVD for some time now, I've started it on several occasions but have never progressed beyond day 2!!! I have a wedding to go to next month and I need to do something about it NOW!

So who's with me?

Day 1 here I come smile

mothersmilkandherchickenseggs Thu 11-Aug-11 11:13:12

oooh i'll join i love the shred but never seem to get beyond week 1 as i start feeling and looking better and get lazy again only to find myself tired sluggish and fat 2 weeks later im also the same with running i love it and am actually quite good but i tend to be sparadic with it aswell due mostly to family commitments and dh's work. So after realising i had actually put on nearly a stone and lost anyform of deffinition i once had iv decided enough is enough i have to get off my arse and do somthing and be consisitant so i started monday actually weighed in measured all the important bits and got my arse up out of bed for a run at 5-45am managed 4miles not bad and shredded later that day im noy inteneding to stick to shredding everyday but deffinatly on the days i dont run and sometimes on the days i do if i get time my aim is to excersise evryday thre's just no excuse when its only 20minutes. Thing is i hate going beyond work out 1 not becase its too hard i just have no coordination so i wonder if it would be ok just to stay on that and up the weights? anyway now i bored you to death can i join? grin
this week so far
mon-shred/run 4miles
tues-run 5miles
thurs-shred this morning pos run tonight aswell

McDreamy Thu 11-Aug-11 11:18:06

Wow! What a start, well done. I have the couch to 5k on my phone and when DH is around I can do that too but as he usually gets home late and the children are off at the moment I can't do it every day. Shred however - no excuse, 20 minutes once a day is nothing is it?

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