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Balance bikes to proper bikes - what age?

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ncrebbin Fri 29-Jul-11 09:08:06

The boys have just turned 4, they're excellent at riding their balance bikes, and can peddle three wheel trikes, my question is, do you think it's worth getting them a proper bike now? If so any recommendations?


notfarmingatthemo Fri 29-Jul-11 14:48:05

if they are good a balancing on the bike, can they glide 2-3 meters with feet of the ground they they may manage a bike. Go to a bike shop not toys r us or halfords. We got our dd2 riding a bike after 2 trips to the park. They need to be able to move the bike with peddles quite well (trip 1 to the park) then take the stabilizers off hold on the them while they get feet sorted then a gentle push and run along side until the are happy. You may need to help them start off a few times until they work out the best way to start.

If they need the size bike that doesn't have stabilizers try without or just buy one set (assume you have twins)

generalhaig Sat 30-Jul-11 19:29:21

Islabikes are the best children's bikes you can buy - pricey, but sooo worth it (and they keep their value really well so you can sell them for a decent whack even when well-used)

you definitely don't need stabilisers - when you get them a proper bike, make sure the saddle is low enough for them to put their feet firmly on the ground as that makes them feel more secure, and then just let them go! If they can manage balancing and pedalling they've mastered the basic skills of riding a bike and now they just need to practise. As they get more confident, gradually raise the saddle height

dd had a balance bike for a few months and we got her her first bike when she was 3 - she was riding properly in about half an hour

EssieW Sat 30-Jul-11 19:36:31

DS had balance bike and transferred to proper bike at 4 yrs old - 3 months ago. Took him 10 mins. He's whizzing around on it and cycled 5 miles last Sunday.

I'd give them a go on bikes but echo advice on going to bike shop (or islabikes)

ncrebbin Sun 31-Jul-11 17:34:29

Thanks everyone, you have inspired us to go out and get some bikes, not sure we can afford x2 islabikes but we do have a good local bike shop near by which we will pay a visit next week.

plonker Sun 31-Jul-11 17:42:44

As soon as they can touch the floor.

My dd had a balance bike and was a whizz on it. She got her first 'proper' bike for Christmas but had to wait a little while, not because she wasn't ready, but because she couldn't touch the floor.

We took her out on the bike as she was tall enough for it and she it took all of 10 minutes. She was 3 and a half.

plonker Sun 31-Jul-11 17:44:21

That last sentence should read:

We took her out on the bike as soon as she was tall enough for it - it took all of 10 minutes. She was 3 and a half.

Jumbs Sun 31-Jul-11 22:41:13

My DS has just turned 4 and also just mastered the balance bike to normal bike jump. Actually, he outgrew his balance bike some time ago so we took the pedals off his normal bike, lowered the saddle and let him ride it like a balance bike for a few months (no stabilisers - don't want them to loose that ability to balance).

We put the pedals on the day after he turned 4, told him to put one foot on one pedal, push off with the other foot and then pedal. He was racing away within minutes and one month on is riding off curbs etc

Only downside is DS2 (2 and now on the balance bike) and me are left miles behind him!
Go for it!

ragged Tue 02-Aug-11 08:15:36

I suggest you go to a carboot, OP, and find a 12" wheel with pedals bike (just the one) for your DC to try out. Even a good quality one will cost you under 15 quid; try to get solid not pneumatic tyres. Make sure the frame size makes sense (seat not very high compared to wheels). When your DC can manage that, you can rethink what sort of pedal-bike options to get them both (new or another carboot job, etc).

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