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Tummy muscles separated - what do I do?

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neepsntatties Wed 20-Jul-11 21:22:17

I had a baby in January and today at the Dr I was told that my tummy muscles had not gone back together properly. I asked what I should do and I was told just normal exercise and come back in 6 months. But I seem to remember that I read somewhere that you should not do normal tummy exercises in this situation. I really want to do something about my belly as it looks horrid right now. Has anyone been through this? Does anyone know the right approach?

hisgirlfriday Thu 21-Jul-11 09:03:21

Hi, this was the same for me after 2 huge babies. I saw a private Physio who gave me some exercises. For me, she said a regular sit up could make it worse and she taught me how to target the deep core muscles. You might not have the same issues I did but she gotme to exercise the low tummy muscles that sort of lie where your knickers are, but but not the six pack muscles down your middle. It was quite hard and needed one to one tuition. Cost me 40 quid to see the Physio but only needed one session. Try and find one that does sports/core/pilates type stuff. Got rid of my strange still pregnant looking overhang!

Joby1970 Thu 21-Jul-11 12:51:27

my pilates teacher reckons the best thing you can do is the plank

neepsntatties Thu 21-Jul-11 22:59:49

Thanks. I have emailed a local physio place to see if they can help.

Redfox Thu 21-Jul-11 23:02:58

Can I ask what is the plank? Is it an exercise or Something to use ?

PurveyorOfBaloney Thu 21-Jul-11 23:07:09

You need to do Tupler exercises (google it). Without a doubt will help.

Joby1970 Mon 25-Jul-11 12:52:06

Plank is an exercise - prob best to check online for how to do it.

SonicMiddleAge Tue 26-Jul-11 04:25:23

Hi - the proper name is divarication. It's really important you don't go straight into crunches etc if that's the case, as you can damage yourself. If you do go for exercsises etc (which can help) make sure you find someone who correctly understand the issue, not e.g. a generalist gym or pilate instructor. There's a decent nhs summary here, but I'd also push back a bit at your GP for a referral to proper support.

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