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Tell me what exercise I can do !

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goingwiththeflow Wed 13-Jul-11 19:22:41

to keep it short .I am 38 and feeling middle aged and wobbly I need to do more exercise to halt my descent into a weeble!!

Situation : Mum to four kids under 9 years, two at school, one at preschool and one just starting to toddle at that reaaaallllllly slooooowwww pace.

oh and a labrador puppy.

and a husband who works away 3 weeks of every month.

I currently do a brisk 40 minute daily dog walk (get hot and out of breath and attractive red colour) with DC4 in a buggy which she does not like as she believes she can now walk everywhere, she does no longer have a nap so I need an exercise plan that I can do around the kids thats home based...without the need for a babysitter

I'd like a Wii (and then Wii Fit etc) but until Father Christmas brings one for me the kids then that isn't an option.

have considered swimming and a creche at the local pool but not sure how that works ( do you dump drop off child and do your stuff and hope they don't scream so loud you can hear then in the pool??)

Anyone got an idiots guide to what I can do ? Help! ..Be Kind

Clure Wed 13-Jul-11 22:16:53

these 2 ideas rely on having one or more friends in similar situation or willing to help out;
1. me and a couple of my friends with little ones, would kind of take it in turns, pop over for a coffee (with their little ones) mind the kids whilst the other goes for a half hour run. Swap over or do it another day.
2. Other idea, go to park dressed in gym kit, brill if park has play area if one mummy could mind kids whilst other goes for power walk/jog/run

I used to do the creche thing at our local leisure centre - i used to use the gym and put DD in for an hour

have you thought of a bike and bike trailer? You can pick them up 2nd hand. We used one, its great in the better weather and if you don;t live in a busy built up area.

Failing that a fitness dvd, lots of people here do shred (don't know much about it but seems to have positive reviews!)
Lots of luck anyway

TartyMcFarty Thu 14-Jul-11 20:57:23

I use the creche. It's great!

goingwiththeflow Thu 14-Jul-11 21:31:21

thank you .. have no friends in similar situ most have normal husbands who come home of an evening
Quite fancy idea of bike trailer ..might have a look into that , although not too keen on cycling but we do have a cycle track nearby sooooo....

Will be brave and try the creche and go for a splash about swim ..if my cossie isn't too scary ...suppose a wetsuit might be a bit overkill for the local pool ?

Never heard of shred.. will google it

notyummy Fri 15-Jul-11 22:27:35

Shred is only 20 mins. Hard but effective.

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