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nervous needed please... Ironman UK in less than 3w!

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tandemtoosmall Mon 11-Jul-11 22:38:20

As a dad at home looking after my lovely 4 and 2 year old daughters, as well as my 11month old nephew now, I keep fairly busy (as you may imagine)
However the last few months have been extra busy with the kids helping me get ready for the big challenge of swimming 2.4miles, cycling 112miles and running a marathon all on the same day.
The Croozer trailer has been amazing for bike trips to the park and supermarket -pulling the girls and 12pints of milk over the railway bridge is almost as hard as going up Mont Ventoux! My 4 year old bikes herself to nursery now, and I can get a few miles jogging with the trailer trying to keep up, with the other 2 inside. All in all a good 75% of my mileage is out with the kids doing daily errands and fun trips/picnics. They seem to love it and so do I.
The big day is 31st July and I've crazily pledged to raise lots of money for Leukaemia Research, Macmillan, Childrens' Hospices and Cancer Research through the Rotary Club. This is proving harder than the actual Ironman training! If anyone feels generous enough to help out a hard working dad's charity fundraising then a quick free text of 'Iron77' + '£1' or '£2' or '£10' (a bit hopeful!) to 70070 (vodafone's free justtextgiving) could really help me achieve my target. I've also got a page for online donations. Any help however small is really appreciated. Thanks BEN

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