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I am exercising and sensibly dieting so why do I feel like a hundred year old crone?

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peggotty Thu 23-Jun-11 16:40:03

I'm 35, about a stone and a half over weight I'd like to be so have started eating roughly 1500- 1600 Cals per day, doing the 30 day shred DVD (level 1) most days and doing a very brisk 40 minute walk most days. So why do I feel like I am more knackered and my knee joints are about to pop open and spray the walls with cartilage?! Haven't had knee probs before!! It's a real struggle to wake up/get up in the morning as well. I can't be overdoing it can I? would cod liver oil or summat help!?

peggotty Thu 23-Jun-11 17:28:45

Decrepit bump.

GypsyMoth Thu 23-Jun-11 17:30:18

its your body cranking back into action.....i take iboprofen before running to help with knee issues

i do couch25k...takes a while for the aching to stop

dinkystinky Thu 23-Jun-11 17:31:23

The shred is really hard on your knees - that is probably why you're feeling knackered. And its rubbish for stretches - make sure you do a proper 5 minutes at least of stretching out post shred. I'd actually recommend alternating one day shred with one day of another dvd or exercise as you are likely to injure yourself (if not used to exercising) by hammering the same muscles day after day. Make sure you're drinking lots of water, eating healthily (little and often, protein and complex carbs for energy are good) and you'll feel better.

peggotty Thu 23-Jun-11 17:41:53

Thanks for replies. Yep, been thinking I need to start doing shred every other day rather than every day. I'm sure it's that buggering up my knees. Still can't understand why I feel so knackered though, I thought exercise was suppose to energise you! I'm not low carbing or anything so diet shouldn't be causing it.

dinkystinky Thu 23-Jun-11 17:48:59

dehydration can make you feel knackered - or time of the month (or any other hormonal changes). When you exercise can also impact how you feel.I feel exhausted in the mornings but can make myself exercise, will exercise best at lunchtime but cant exercise for toffee in the evenings as too tired - so pick a time of day that works best for your energy levels.

June2009 Sun 26-Jun-11 19:46:47

do you think you could do with multivitamins or supplements like iron etc?
i waas worried about my hair falling and saw a nutritionist who recommendd a daily supplement, worked well for me.

LostGirl Mon 27-Jun-11 12:07:05

The shred is sold as a dvd to do every day but I think that depends on your fitness levels in the first place. For some it is an ideal quick metabolic routine to do on an 'off' day from heavy training, where as for others who have not exercised for a long time and are struggling to complete the full number of reps or perform the exercises correctly then it should probably be used at first with a rest day in between (but you could do any other exercise which doesn't involve those movements, so swim, cycle, yoga etc). Be extra careful with any exercises such as lunges, squats etc and be sure that you are getting your form correct. It is far better that you do fewer/slower reps with excellent form and a full range of motion than lots of badly performed reps to try and keep up with Jillian et al. Maybe try and go for a short walk before you shred to ensure you are a bit more warmed up before doing all the jumping jacks etc, and try and ensure you land properly when you are jumping if that makes sense?

I would not think it is the exercise that is causing your over tiredness so perhaps look to changes you could make to your diet. I'm not suggesting you need to eat more or less necessarily but look at where your calories are coming from and try to avoid processed foods, sugar etc, all calories are not equal and it could be that you could get more for your 1600 calories. Try to eat regularly throughout the day if you don't already do so as this will help keep your energy levels up.

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