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3rd baby suspected prolapse, will I ever run again?

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rococopops Fri 10-Jun-11 17:21:26

Hi, new to mumsnet but need some advice from those who run that have 2 or more children. After baby no.2 I took up running and got up to 10k. I then fell pregnant smile My beautiful baby is 5 weeks old.I have been told that 12 weeks is the minimum i can run again and to top it all off I suspect and should find out at 6 week check that I may have a mild prolapse, pretty gutted, but is the writing on the wall?

Any advise would be most welcomed

Clure Sun 26-Jun-11 22:56:59

Have been living with a moderate prolapse for 5 years and run up to 25k a week, do half marathons, triathlons etc, its tough at times, was waiting to complete family before getting it fixed but had fertility problems so baby number 2 will not happen now. Am waiting to go and see consultant.
There is hope, I'd advise once your hormones and body have settled you could request to see gynae and discuss the best option for you - a ring pessary is an non surgical option! Good luck with it, meanwhile lots of pelvic floor exercises

hisgirlfriday Thu 07-Jul-11 16:29:09

Hi rococo. I have a moderate prolapse after dc2. Ask your gp for a referral to a specialist gynae Physio who can check your level of muscle strength and make sure you're doing your pelvic floor exercises properly. Also might be worth asking for a gynae referral too. Mine recommended no running until my periods returned and now I am just doing gentle 30 mins runs and building up. Prolapse seems ok so far but I do have some incontinence. She was supportive about the running but does triathalons herself! She said if prolapses gets worse as i increase mileage and intensity then she will fit a pessary to hold everything in place. They don't recommend the op unless it affects your day to day life, as its very major surgery and doesn't have a great success rate. Remember 5 weeks is nothing! Some prolapses just disappear of their own accord after a few months, and everything looks a bit battered down there for a while!

rococopops Tue 16-Aug-11 11:33:22

Thank you ladies for your replies. I have been checked out and I just have a very weak pelvic floor it would seem. Not totally convinced of this but taking each day as it comes have been out for a couple of 5k's but taking it very slowly. Clure so sorry to hear of your fertility problems hope the consultant appt comes through soon and can help you. hisgirlfriday, I will give it until period come back and if it still feels different will ask for a referral, I had a look, finally plucked up courage and it is like you say, a bit battered blush, baby did come out with face by hand and is my 2nd 9lb+ baby, I have 3 DC's in all, all quite close together so my body is probably saying "gimme a break already"

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