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Can't believe i am saying this, but I am seriously thinking of starting running

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IlanaK Sat 28-May-11 19:32:00

I am losing weight (over 4 stone gone now) but I still have a couple of few stone to go. I am exercising, ut have never ran. Ever. Never ever! But I am seriously thinking of starting and have read through old posts n here. I like the idea of the couch to 5 and think it is something I can incorporate into my life.

But i have a few questions.

1) what does one wear to run? Do I need special clothes?

2) How long before running shouldn't you eat? I am thinking that I wil only be able to fit this in once dh is home in the evening. But I would want to go straight away. Problem is we eat dinner when he gets ome. How long should I wait before running or would I be better to eat once I get back?

3) is there anyway I could do this with children during the day? My kids are 10, 7 and 3. I could possibly still convince the 3 year old into a p pushchair. Is this a silly idea?

4) what parts of y get most toned fro running?

Thanks for any info. I can't believe I am even considering it!

PSeaGull Sat 28-May-11 20:04:17

Brilliant idea.

I used to run a lot. Have just started again after birth of DS.

in answer to your questions I'd say:
1) Yes. Sports bra - regardless of bra size. Ive found Shock Absorbers number 4 the best so far. And running shoes. Properly fitted. There might be a Run and Become near you?

2) 2 hours for me. 1 for DH. It varies for everyone. We have started switching roles so DH does bath, I change into running gear, I do feed and bed, he chills out, I go run while he cooks and then we eat together.

3) have run with friends kids in pushchair. Not silly at all. Can your elders ride bikes with you while you run?

4) for me was an all over work out. Just dropped off me when I was getting out a lot.

I also find listening to books on tape / cd / iPod a brilliant way of passing a run. I get so entranced in the story that I forget that its tough / I'm tired and generally run further and faster than I expect to.

IlanaK Sat 28-May-11 21:52:29

Thank you! Very helpful!

melliebobs Sun 29-May-11 13:06:03

ive always been a sporty active person but never a runner and only just starting to get into it myself following a plan to do a 10k. so in answer to your question.

1) Definatly get fitted for a sports bra! you don't need anything too fancy just that it fits properly, always gone to m&s myself. Then invest in a decent pair of trainers. If you can get your gait analysed then even better. Google Sweatshop and see if there is a store close to you. Then clothes wise its whatever you're comfy in. I'm not a leggings kinda girl so shorts and a vest/t shirt will do me!

2) tbh honest u would be better eating after your run, but it depends on what time you have. Its recommended to leave it 1-2 hours from eating to exercise and then its recommended its a slow burn snack like banana butties, toast n beans or whatever. Not a big meal.

3) Getting kids involved would be good if they could go on bikes and go ahead and you catch up or for them to maintain your pace. I've tried to to combine my run with walking the dog and it was a bloody nightmare. I was too focused on the dog n making sure he wasn't up to mischeif rather than focusing on what I was supposed to be doing. Could this happen with kids in tow?! Also and this is personal, going for a run is a chance to have some time to myself and switch off. NBut it's not a silly idea and completly up to you. ry it and see how it goes.

4) For me in the 5 weeks i've properly been running and following a plan, unfortunatly it hasn't been all over for me. Gutting sad Its been my thighs and bum.

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