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New runner - can I ask a stupid question please?

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SherlockHolmes Wed 25-May-11 21:08:46

I'm on week 5 of the Couch to 5K, which I'm doing on a treadmill. This is fine as I can watch telly at the same time. But when the time comes for me expose my flab to the world venture outside the house, I want to listen to music. So my question is this - where do I put my mp3 player? I have leggings (no pockets) and a vest (ditto). Does everyone carry a bumbag or something? Or can you get special holders for phones/ipods? Thanks for any advice.

BelovedCunt Wed 25-May-11 21:10:47

i have a thing that goes on my arm which works really well. get outside, running is more fun in the fresh air

BelovedCunt Wed 25-May-11 21:11:22

something like this

TheChewyToffeeMum Wed 25-May-11 21:12:29

I don't use music myself but have seen alot of my fellow runners using an armband to hold their ipod/phone like this:

Do make sure your music is quiet enough for you to be able to hear traffic around you.

mollycuddles Wed 25-May-11 21:15:07

I have an armband. Come and join us on the c25k thread where you'll meet a crowd of us doing the programme. A lot of them seem to use their bra but I'm happy with my armband smile

BelovedCunt Wed 25-May-11 21:18:42

i used to use my bra but i sweated an ipod to death

melliebobs Thu 26-May-11 08:21:07

i have a belkin ipod strap (you can get on amazon etc) that my ipod fits in. Then i can wear it on my bicep or forearm. Sometimes though i just carry iy for ease of access to skip rubbish tracks!

GoJoGo Thu 26-May-11 11:11:57

Hi i use a Urban Tool sportsholster - which goes over my shoulders i can put my keys in there as well

SherlockHolmes Fri 27-May-11 09:43:37

Thanks for all your replies. I have ordered an armband as it looks like the cheapest easiest option. Beloved PMSL at sweating an iPod to death grin

fireblademum Sat 28-May-11 12:11:09

Chewy toffee - i only put one earphone in then i can hear traffic but i still get the benefit of my music. it works especially well on the newer ipod cos you can switch it to mono, but before i got that it was no great hardship to listen to one channel.

backwardpossom Sat 28-May-11 12:52:09

I've stuffed my iPod down my bra a few times, but it went a bit mental last time I did it, so wont be doing that again... I have an armband that works well. I just couldn't find it before I went out for that run! hmm

Clure Sun 05-Jun-11 16:29:56

I have an ipod shuffle, they are tiny and clip straight onto your bra strap or onto your running top

rookiemater Sun 05-Jun-11 17:37:57

I have an ipod shuffle too, they aren't too expensive ( under £40) and tiny I clip it onto my running shorts

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