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Runners knee, knee pain - HELP! - See my doctor, physio or book a sports massage?!

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pipkin35 Wed 25-May-11 12:47:53

Quite new to running. Was doing 10-12 miles a week happily (over 2 or 3 sessions), now having huge problems with my knees. Not really agonising pain but definately very uncomfy in and around the kneecaps. Tried to run Mon and it was so miserable that I ended up walking.

Can feel it all the time, they sort of squeak and creak inside and I find I'm even walking a bit funny.
Have had a look on google etc....some people think stretching and strengthening everything around it helps but some say it can make things worse?

Would like to know if anyone has a similar thing, and if so, could you reccomend any exercises? How you dealt with it etc...?

It's really upsetting me not being able to run. I guess I'm best off leaving it instead or trying to 'run through it'?! Any ideas on alternative exercise that I could do instead?

Also, would like to hear what more expereinced runners think before I start getting my purse out and forking out for things that may not be needed - physio, sports massagee etc...

cremeeggsbenedict Wed 25-May-11 16:27:50

How did the pain come on? Was it immediate or was it a slow onset? Is there anything you can do to make it better or worse?

Running can take quite a toll on the body when you start - you don't say when you started or whether you'd followed a run/walk schedule. If you went straight into running it sounds like it might be an overuse issue, possibly involving the iliotibial tract, which is a very common problem for runners. If you are tense and tender on the outside of your thigh (when pressure is applied) this might be it. Of course, it's impossible to diagnose over the internet, so it may be a multitude of other things too!

Knee problems could also be a result of wearing incorrectly supportive shoes - did you have your gait analysed and purchase shoes with adequate support and cushioning for your style? If not, you need to get to a proper running shop and have them analyse your running style - they normally do this with a video camera on a treadmill which they then slow down to see how much your foot rolls through each pace.

Equally knee problems can come from an incorrectly aligned pelvis, meaning that your muscles in your thighs aren't providing enough support for your knee, thus causing the pain. It might be worth just paying for a session with a sports massage therapist or sports physio (make sure it's a sports one) to check that there aren't any problems and so they can prescribe suitable exercises for you to strengthen any weak muscles.

With regard to exercises, it's best to avoid anything impact - go for cycling or using a cross trainer or even swimming, but avoid breaststroke with your knee issue as you may well exacerbate the issue.

I know it sucks to be injured, but if you rest, ice if it swells and seek treatment you'll be back out running in no time. If you run injured you do end up on the bench for a lot longer!

bigbuttons Fri 27-May-11 20:14:02

Knee problems and causes are varied and complicated. It is very difficult to make a diagnosis on line, but there are some common ones. Please can you be specific about where the pain is in your knee?

Whatever you do do not run through it

fridayschild Sat 28-May-11 07:18:16

I'd go to a sports physio - obviously this is expensive unless you have medical insurance you can claim on. But a good physio will understand you want to get back to running as soon as possible, and help you with stretches you can carry on doing long term to stop the injury coming back.

Clure Mon 30-May-11 22:43:18

have had similar problem, it has happend to me twice. (I have a mis-aligned pelvis - this was found when I visited the sports physio specifcally for this knee problem) The first time I didn't train very smartly for a half marathon and it was definitely a case of overtraining with wearing incorrect trainers. The second time this happend it was simply a case of needing a new pair of trainers . I would second advise not to run on it for a bit, check your running shoes, ice pack and possibly visit sport physio if it persists. Good luck

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