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Shred newbie - anybody want to buddy up?

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GeekLove Sun 22-May-11 07:49:20

I know another Shred thread. Have just got the DVD and am planning on checking it out this morning. I'm hoping that doing this semi regularly that it will give me more energy and hopefully wipe out the 5pm Death Zone.

Just one quick question: what are sensible things to wear for it?

GeekLove Sun 22-May-11 15:58:38

Did day 1 lvl 1 and thought I was dying! And to think I thought I was quite fit before being pregnant. My plan is to repeat day 1 x3 in the first week but with heavier weights then move on. Will step things up with time but with a baby and toddler cannot push myself so far.

letsgetloud Sun 22-May-11 16:37:31

I will join you Geeklove. I did day 1 level 1 today and found it extremely hard.

I did actually do day 1 about a week ago but never continued it.

Today I had 3 daughters doing it with me so don't think I actually got it all in. I am extremely unfit so will be delighted if I manage this.

Are you going to try and do it everyday or just 3 times a week?

Antidote Sun 22-May-11 20:42:07

Hello. I will join you.

I am starting from cold, in a desperate effort not to look like an over stuffed sausage when I return to work in July.

I have done level 1 every day since getting the dvd on Thursday, and it was the hardest ever today!

I have been using tins of beans instead of weights which may explain why I am still alive.....

Tomorrow I shall drag my sorry arse to argos and purchase some hand weights.

I've been wearing running legs (knee length), t shirt and normal trainers which seems fine. I am contemplating getting a skimpy top like the girls in the dvd for added motivation!

GeekLove Sun 22-May-11 23:08:09

I did manage to dig out my larger sports bra and am graeful that I did!
I'm planning on doing it alternate days or at the most every day except Mon and Fri as I have both DSs. Will try and sneak a few exercises after bedtime though.
My thighs and backside are already starting to stiffen...

tulip27 Mon 23-May-11 11:42:34

I will do it with you. Started on sat, not sure if it was doing level one and two back to back (what an idiot) or doing it in bare feet but my calfs are agony. Will attemp just level one on its own again tomorrow.

letsgetloud Mon 23-May-11 13:22:55

tulip - well done for having it done for today. I still have to do it today.

I am not sure I am doing the sit ups, abdominal excercises properly as I have no pain in that area at all. Also when I do them I only feel pain in my neck not my stomach.

Anyhow my backside is sore today, not sure what excercise I was doing there.

Antidote Mon 23-May-11 20:50:20


Sore arms and knees here, and still no weights.

But I did manage 3 proper push ups before wimping out and doing the girl ones.

GeekLove Tue 24-May-11 22:41:58

Well that was interesting on day 2'of the Shred. I tested myself before hand to seemhow many full press ups I could do. I have done up to 55 pre-pregnancy and could manage 40 no problem.'I managed 3

Still i am on for tomorrow.

Also stupid question - there are only 3'different workouts? I guess the levels are to do with what intensity you do them at?

Antidote Wed 25-May-11 09:20:50

I had a night off last night due to the presence of in laws.

geek have a look at the other levels, they look much more difficult than L1

tulip27 Wed 25-May-11 20:23:23

Well did it yesterday with a 6 mile run, no probs and today with the dc's and now back to calf agony. My dh thinks its tendonitis. Did purchase weights from argos yest so feel like a pro now wink

Antidote Thu 26-May-11 10:47:38

Level 1 again last night, with weights (ouch) and sports bra (better).

That is now 6 sessions of level 1, and my upper arms are definitely looking better. I still think jumping jacks are evil.

I think I will try level 2 tonight. I had intended to wait till I could do all the push ups, but that might take years!

GeekLove Fri 27-May-11 15:05:50

Managed my 4th session today. Note to self: stay away from that tape measure! I reck on you would need at least 2 weeks to see a difference.

I do generally have more energy already though. I guess it is too early to see if it's going to impact on my weight. Not sure when I can do it next but will aim at least on e this weekend as we are christening DS2.

Ps anybody else found Shredding strangely addictive? I am getting a buzz out of it!

shreddinghippo Fri 27-May-11 22:18:12

Hi Geeklove checking in.

I promise I will do one this weekend...
I'm waiting for the addiction to start... to me it's still that < E > word... shhh!
Hope Christening goes well.

Antidote Sat 28-May-11 19:14:56

2nd day of level 2 today. Had a night off on Friday and really regretted it as I couldn't sleep.

I am loving the hard core abs stuff, just what my mummy tummy needs.

Level 2 is a much better workout imho.

Keep it up folks grin

GeekLove Tue 31-May-11 00:09:14

Right back on the wagon after 2 days off it.'it is also inspiring me to do other bits of exercise throughout the day like a cpulls of sets of push ups and sit ups at a time. Also using heavier weights on some of the exercises as well. Now to seemif I can keeP this uP when visiting my parents.

AuntieMonica Tue 31-May-11 12:55:30

can i keep a place please?

ordered the 30 shred yesterday so should have it by the end of the week.

please tell me i'm not going to kill myself....i used to be very fit (did Thai-bo aerobics 3 times a week, walked miles for fun etc) but over the past 5 years have really let myself go (also have 4yr old so not totally without good reason)

i'm almost 44 and feel like a big round sack of spuds, my 'friend' has warned me off it, said it's too much even for her and she's really fit (she's recently lost a LOT of weight) and i'm daft for trying sad

i'm not am i? how can there be so many threads on this DVD and you all be wrong?


shreddinghippo Tue 31-May-11 20:22:41

Hi AuntieMonica, you will soon find out!! I am embarrassed to admit I still have only done it once. I tweaked something in my back and so didnt fancy putting myself through it again straight away, but i will get back on it soon. Need to psyche myself up a bit.
Let us know when yours arrives and I'll do it with you, we can compare notes afterwards!
Its not really as bad as your friend says, it is just hard work, although you are allowed to do the slightly gentler version or the tougher version.
Its half term now so slightly trickier to fit it in, as have 2 children to entertain every day. My plan was to do it in the mornings while DD at preschool.
...hmmm... maybe me doing the shred will entertain them...

AuntieMonica Tue 31-May-11 20:35:32

i'm planning to do mine when DD is a nursery too, DH has said he'd like to join in when he's about!

since i posted this 1st message on here, my 'friend' has come out with some more ignoring her, will def give you the nod when it arrives, shredding... am really looking forward to it!

AuntieMonica Fri 03-Jun-11 19:34:48

well, i got 'the package' today thanks to Mssrs Play dot com and couldn't resist...

i found it very doable, even though DD kept getting in the way, almost took her block off with a tin of waitrose finest beans, that'll teach her to keep outta MY way when i'm shredding wink

am on hols next week......wondering if i'm going to take it with me!

you still up for it shredding hippo?

shreddinghippo Fri 03-Jun-11 20:25:33

Well done for doing it AuntieM see not as bad as your friend makes out?!
My problem is the star jumps, and my pelvic floor... (I have a 12 week old so not expecting miracles!)
Enjoy your hols and look forward to shredding with you next week.
Geek how are you getting on? How is <<<whispers>>> your pelvic floor??

GeekLove Sun 05-Jun-11 11:45:05


I have skipped a couple of days since there was the christening and the fact that I have been visiting parents and ILs. I have also had a look at lvl 2 - pretty hardcore on the abs. I find the oblique twists tricky since It's hard to make sure your arms are going in the right direction.' still a hard workout even without the weights.
Not convinced I have lost weight but will find out soon as I have kept away from the scales.'that and the fact nothing else I'm wearing still fits. Still inseems that in the early staged of EBF you hang on to tue weight no matter what. I do seem to be getting some more definition in my abs desPitenthe mummy tummy though!

GeekLove Sun 05-Jun-11 11:48:34

Hi to shreddinghippo and AuntiM and other new pwople on this thread! Hope I've not missed anyone else!

AuntieMonica Sun 05-Jun-11 12:46:56

hi all

have done the easy level 1 twice and really finding a buzz out of it!

will do the easy one again tonight..but need advice confused

i'm going away for the i take Jillian with me whilst i'm raring to go..i reckon i'll be ready for level 2 this time next week if i do...or shall i leave it and start over again <ponders>

shreddinghippo Sun 05-Jun-11 16:34:45

I guess it depends where you're going AuntieM . I think it is pure dedication if you do it while on summer holiday, but if you are visiting relatives or that sort of thing I think you'd probably manage to do a few days of it.
I have catching up to do then if you think you are nearly ready for level 2, I havent attempted it with weights yet.
Geek I am the same, 12 weeks in and EBF and weight not budging. (I am a bit partial to a daily packet of biscuits though...) I'm working on it... sad

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