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Great Swim series- any open water swimmers here?

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Thornykate Sun 15-May-11 15:10:42

am sat at home feeling rather lazy watching Great Manchester Run first this morning & now The Great Salford Swim. In my defence I am 38wks pg & had to stop exercising in 1st trimester due to sickness then developed pelvic girdle pain after starting up again in 2nd trimester. I am v bored as I am usually in the gym, pool or running at least 5 timed a week when not pg.

Not sure if doing the Salford swim next year would be a sensible challenge or I am just desperate to do any exercise? I should be physically ok but I do find deep open water a bit scary so mentally it would be a big issue.

Would love to hear from anybody who swims outdoors or is thinking of trying one of these events themselves.

anchovies Mon 16-May-11 13:25:53

I am very tempted, my dh does triathlon and I have always hated the thought of the swimming part but the dcs and I went with him last week to where he sometimes swims (boundary park in Cheshire) and it was beautiful and has really made me want to try it. They hire wetsuits so next time I think I will have a go. He also swims at Salford but that has never had any appeal to me whatsoever!

My dad has learnt how to swim front crawl over the past few months and is doing the Llandudno sea swim in a couple of weeks. Do you swim already? If so it would be well worth hiring a wetsuit and having a go (perhaps waiting until after you give birth grin)

Clure Mon 16-May-11 19:46:11

hi, I do triathlons and I come from more of a cycling and running background so the swim was an issue for me. Had only done a bit of pool swimming so I had lessons in the pool first the help with technique etc. Then had my first lake induction - had a panic attack, was with the instructor who helped me back to the side. Very scarey first experience! nothing prepared me for that feeling of open-ness, coldness and the idea of "things" swimming under and around me freaked me out.
Anyway on a more positive - I kept at it, doing a bit at a time in open water with friends, this gave me loads of moral support and was envaluable.
I have now completed several triathlons (sprint and olympic distance) - including the London Triathlon in the rankest filthy dock water! My swim is still my weak point but I try to be mentally positive.
I hired a wetsuit to begin with ( for about £50 which I bought for another £50 after deciding I would continue with open water swims)
I'd say go for it, always good to have something different to strive for. Even better if you have a friend/partner who can do it with you!

AngeChica Sun 22-May-11 09:42:11

Sorry to hijack. Hope you check back on in a week or 2 with your baby news thornykate smile.

I'm doing the GN Swim at Windermere next month. Had my first open water training session at a local lake on Thurs. Have to say it was fine, the other people were stronger swimmers than me but a lot of them were much more nervous. This was organised by the local tri club doing taster and novice sessions, the instructors are in safety kayaks so would definitely recommend you doing something like this thornykate to see how you get on with it in a safe environment. The sessions were only a fiver each so good value too.

However - at the end of the session I got cramp in my calf & have had calf pain since then. It's on straightening my leg and trying to put my foot flat on the floor, I'm having to walk around tiptoeing on my right foot! Don't think it's a calf strain as it's in the wrong place, it's up at the top of my inner calf. I've been to the pool twice since for training and bizarrely I can swim no problem, with no pain at all hmm. I'm really worried about this injury and also getting cramp on the day during the actual swim as I have loads of sponsorship money resting on it and would be gutted if I had to bail - the cramp was evidently caused by the cold water as I never get it in the pool and the instructor did proper warm up exercises with us etc. Just wondering if anyone reading has had any similar experience and how long it will take to heal? TIA! smile

Stylelostinlabour Mon 30-May-11 21:04:19

Hello I'm an openwater swimmer (the hardcore swimsuit type not wetsuit) and also train at salford and boundary and currently training for channel - I'd say go for it but a couple of things make sure you swim in openwater at least a couple of times before the event - I have seen to many people pulled out of Salford on a Saturday morning before the swim on the Sunday and also make sure you get a proper fitting wetsuit (not a surfing one) and swim in it as much as possible as it really changes how you swim and make sure you know where it rubs so you can put stuff on.

Regarding the cramp - I'd say you've pulled something as when you hit the cold water for the first time the muscles contract and if you then kick really hard to get going you don't feel yourself causing damage - I'd say get to the physio asap to get it sorted out.

I love openwater swimming!

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