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The Couch to 5k 2011 Thread continued : Let's Keep on Running :0)

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RatherBeOnThePiste Wed 16-Mar-11 22:38:04

More space for us to talk about our progress on the C25K programme, the highs, the lows, the hills, the rain, our pelvic floors and our choice of running music!

All are welcome on this international thread, stay with us and enjoy success grin

< Piste passes out celebratory glasses of wine to all runners >


Everyone got one?

GypsyMoth Wed 16-Mar-11 22:39:20


wonder where this new thread will take me? i learned so much on the last one.

RatherBeOnThePiste Wed 16-Mar-11 22:41:49

Tiffany you are a speedy lady!! Have you had your celebratory wine??

Old thread here if anyone wants to refer back.

sybilfaulty Wed 16-Mar-11 22:47:21

Thanks Piste for the thread and the wine.

I finally got to 5k on the old thread! Hurray! I would like to improve my time on the new thread. Maybe to 30m by tht end of the thread, though that may be ambitious.

I've loved our old thread and my virtual running buddies. Look forward to running with you all over the summer smile.

justaminute Wed 16-Mar-11 22:58:44

<Drags in tired legs and necks the wine>

Thanks for the new thread piste. I stupidly just posted on the old thread, it's quite ironic as I was posting about how much of a techno phobe I am blush

midtowner Wed 16-Mar-11 23:17:26

Yay, well done piste, I knew you'd be a great Head Girl

Just marking my place - I'll check in tomorrow morning.

dubaipieeye Thu 17-Mar-11 06:12:51

Hello from the sandpit smile

W5R1 tomorrow and arrrgggh doing a 5k race next Friday! DH and I are running together and will take turns pushing DS in his pram...hoping DH will do most of the pushing tho wink Not expecting to run the whole route but it'll be good practice nonetheless.

Can't keep up with all the post/runners now but well done and CHEERS for the vino Piste!

PS - Double tena lady on last run and no blush - phew

cubscout Thu 17-Mar-11 08:02:07

Well done Piste! What about a quick headcount and update from everyone? We have quite a few more almost to be graduates and lots of new recruits.

Will check back later.

YorkshireCrockpot Thu 17-Mar-11 08:02:56

Bit early for a vino this morning having a brew instead. Off out tonight though so will have the odd wine or two.

Currently buff hunting for the perfect one to wear both casual (I have a mild scarf obsession) and running. Still v pleased with myself for last nights effort especially now there's no more walking, feeling like a hardcore runner.

YorkshireCrockpot Thu 17-Mar-11 08:04:22

Starting week 7 at weekend by the way!

Unwind Thu 17-Mar-11 09:44:07

<signs in>

Week 4, run 2 for me tomorrow, lots of catching up to do...

Prunnhilda Thu 17-Mar-11 09:46:46

Another DISMAL day here and so I have my fingers crossed that I'll be able to run later. W2run3 for me. I fully admit I am a fair-to-middling-weather player - I DO NOT want to be out in gloomy rain! <considers moving>

Really encouraging to read about people who've done the big runs smile

CalamityKate Thu 17-Mar-11 09:52:09

W4R3 for me tomorrow - my back's a bit sore ATM so I'm glad I'll have the weekend to recover before starting W5 on Monday. First 20 min run with NO BREAKS next Fri!! Gulp!

Pumpster Thu 17-Mar-11 09:53:43

Doing my first 20 minute run tomorrow, eek! Was very pleased with my 2 8 minute runs yesterday grin

supersalstrawberry Thu 17-Mar-11 11:30:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

midtowner Thu 17-Mar-11 11:32:37

Morning all! I had what felt like a really bad run this morning - I was tired, it was dark and I couldn't got going (this is the worst time of the year at work, so I have been coming home, having a couple of wine and not sleeping for the last couple of weeks). Now that the sun is up it's a lovely day - the early morning light here is fantastic. I mapped my route and it was 5k, including warm up and cool down so not as bad as I thought smile.

Justa - was it you posting about playing your ipod at double speed on the old thread? I had to laugh, as I did that with an Archers podcast the other day and could not understand why they all sounded so weird grin.

Hope your race goes well dubai!

WELL DONE EVERYONE, we're all doing so well smile

gormers Thu 17-Mar-11 12:59:05

Rest day today, so may just kick back and enjoy the Virtual Vino!

Tomorrow is W3D2, toyed with the idea of shred this morning but was a bit achey so had a sit down and watched red button Chris moyles instead with a cuppa!

Have a lovely and thanks for the new thread piste!

Prunnhilda Thu 17-Mar-11 13:46:16

Well the sun came out so I DID IT. The park was bathed in sunshine though there are some threatening clouds now. Despite a break of 6 days (eek) I found it challenging but ok. I'm on to week 3 on Saturday and can't wait.
Someone said on the last thread that when they didn't run they felt like they hadn't done their homework and I know that feeling precisely. I've done my essay now and feel great grin

sybilfaulty Thu 17-Mar-11 13:50:00

Gosh we are all doing so well! I am off out tonight if I can get hold of the babysitter to look after the kids, as I can't really leave a 6y old at the helm....

On Sat, I am going running with a pal who is new to running and wants me to mentor her!!! She is doing Rawbert week 1, run 1, so I am going to jog alongside and hold her hand. I can't believe I am at the stage of inspiring others. Bloody hell.

Keep on running everyone.

berri Thu 17-Mar-11 14:41:17

Hi all <waves>

Only just found this thread (and the mammoth last one!) but just had a q about achiness - I overdid it on Tuesday with a 5k run/walk combo, wasn't following the Cto5k by the way, and now I'm still very achy.

Am I supposed to rest until I'm not aching anymore, or just try to ignore it and get on another run asap?

Advice welcome

SluttySlutSlutOfTheSkies Thu 17-Mar-11 16:27:50

Hello everyone, thanks for starting the new thread piste. Will report back to NetballHQ tomorrow after W2R1 - am tempted to do W1 again just in case I can't run 60secs, walk 60 secs, but that would be wussing out wouldn't it?

Think I will just have to give it a go and see how it goes ...

Oooh a shamrock, Happy St. Patrick's Day - maybe I need some Guinness to build my strength up wink.

GypsyMoth Thu 17-Mar-11 16:32:53

i so wish i was starting out again.....miss the excitement of a new challenge!!

well done everyone...

MarniesMummy Thu 17-Mar-11 16:47:52

Yay! Hello everyone on the new thread and well done Piste for being brave enough to get the new thread going.

Yummy vino!

Still haven't run but am keen to get out tonight to try the 5k that I'll be timed on, on saturday.

Sybil - Well done on the supporting role. I'm trying to coax two friends to do the plan as they both want to but are in that 'no way can I run 5k' mode that I was in before I finally thought 'well, I may as well give it a go'.

I think I may have to offer to get off my bum and run with them. grin

Cubscout - I know, I didn't buy the mag, it was given to me by one of my running friends.

Berri - I think this mag has advice for if you're achey, I'll have a look and give you the headlines if there are any.

Ladies what happens when we can do 5k in 30mins? Is that the point at which we begin the bridge? What do you think?

Incidently, I've run a few times without music, it's OK as I like hearing myself breathe (although sometimes I wish I'd do it a little more quietly) but I like hearing Laura's voice. Might take Rawbert out if I make it out tonight. Should be ... amusing?

FreudianSlippery Thu 17-Mar-11 18:02:36

Hello just popping in, I don't tend to stick with ongoing threads very well <disorganised emoticon> but I thought I'd say hi.

I decided against the c25k in the end... But I've joined a gym (am 4st+ overweight!) and the yummy nice instructors have shown me how to do interval training on the treadmill, and I'll gradually move on to pounding the streets. I'm doing the race for life in late June - I've no idea if I'll be able to run that far but the gym dudes reckon I will be! Eeeek.

Right now even the fact I can run for a minute at a time is a miracle to me! I had a personal trainer session the other day and I was told to do power walking on the treadmill - I refused and said I wanted to run instead <show-off emoticon>

Only been at this a couple of weeks but can't believe the change

mollycuddles Thu 17-Mar-11 19:01:26

Hi everyone - will try to be a bit more vocal on here. Did wk 6 run 2 today. It was not good. I felt like I was going to vomit for the first 5 minutes! But I completed it and I'm focussing on that and not the fact i was on 14.30 minute mile pace. I imagine when/if I make it to 5k in 30 mins I'll start bridge but it'll be a while!

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