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:Treadmill hire?

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bouncingblueberries Wed 08-Dec-10 13:12:23

dh is training for the Brighton marathon and he's been getting really frustrated with all the ice and snow.

So I'm thinking about hiring a treadmill for him for his Christmas present.

Anyone got any recommendations? Or even what to avoid?

Doyouthinktheysaurus Wed 08-Dec-10 13:25:26

I didn't even know you could hire treadmillsconfused Sounds like a great idea! No idea which one though, sorry.

You may want to try the Runners World Forum, you may get more responses.

FWIW I live on the South Coast and am training for the London Marathon. So far, I've managed ok. Just put on my trail running shoes and stick to the seafront so it's flat or off road if I can get up to the Downs.

I've also just ordered some YakTraks which are things that go on your trainers to give you extra grip...think snow chains for shoesgrin

bouncingblueberries Wed 08-Dec-10 13:25:50

Should mention this is his 2nd marathon and he's quite a dedicated runner - ice is the only thing to stop him!

bouncingblueberries Wed 08-Dec-10 13:26:39

oh yaktracks sound interesting! thanks!

will try the runners world forums too...

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