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Gym virgin/phobic - please talk me through it.

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Celery Tue 24-Aug-10 18:53:43

I would like to start going to the gym regularly. Not for weightloss, I've done that bit already, but as part of self-treatment for anxiety and depression.

I know that exercise makes me feel better, and I would love to be a regular gym goer.

That's the problem, I'm very socially anxious at the moment, and the thought of taking that first step and joining the gym, going through the induction session etc terrifies me.

Can anyone please talk me through it, so I know exactly what to expect?

CupcakesHay Tue 24-Aug-10 19:00:38


You'll be fine - inductions are only about 1/2 hour and just walk you through machines - and then you can just go on what you feel.

but if you want to go to exercise, and not really talk to anyone, then take an ipod with you. Then, you'll soon recognise people and smile and when you feel comfortable enough, can say Hi and have little chats.

Celery Tue 24-Aug-10 19:07:56

Thanks, I know, I just need to stop being pathetic and take that first step. That's partly why I fancy going to the gym. I have run in the past, and whilst I loved it, it's fairly isolating, and hard to motivate myself to go out on my own. Going to the gym would force me be around people, even if I don't have to talk to them. I know once I get over the hurdle of starting, and then start getting an exercise buzz, I'll feel so much better.

CupcakesHay Tue 24-Aug-10 19:44:30

No - you're not being pathetic. Do you know anyone else who goes?

Other thing that might motivate - if you're a runner - is sign up for a run in say a year's time - and then you'll feel you'll need to start exercise and motivating yourself - you'll have something to work towards.

cornsillky Tue 24-Aug-10 19:52:25

I go at the quieter times. I feel more motivated if I bring music to listen to as well.

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