Brexit Arms Festive Special. Will the Grinch steal christmas? Could it be ‘Christmas with the Kranks?’ Or will we end up with a ‘Blue’ Christmas after all?...🤷🏻‍♀️🎄

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EpicShitDippedBatBiscuit Mon 02-Dec-19 15:00:12

First off, comrade Hilda has been busy in the propaganda dept! Praise be to Hilda! The dear leader will appreciate and reward your efforts with a cushy job in the newly opened Ministry of Bullshit. ✊🥀

Specials board.

⭐️ Snacks.

•Salty Bar nuts
(we always have too many)

•Marrow crisps,
I know you all hate them, but we had a glut and needed to do something with them. 🤷🏻‍♀️😬

⭐️ Mains.

A festive choice of...

•’Properly Stuffed’ “Christmas voting” Turkey.

•Festive Glazed Gammons.

•Goose that laid the Gilded socialist egg.

•’Whigs’ in blankets.

•Sauce for the Goose and Sauce for the Gander

•Brussels’ sprouts.
Divisive, yet still popular in some quarters...

•Neeps and tatties.
Grown in Corbyn’s Communist plot and kindly gifted back to us by the SNP.

<NB- We don’t have gravy in quite yet, 😔 but apparently once the nationalised gravy train arrives, there will be plenty for all. >

⭐️Festive Drinks.

•Rebecca’s long Baileys.
Seems nice enough, but can be vicious if you have too much.

•Corbyn’s Victory Gin.
State sanctioned by big brother.

•Bag in, artisan Earl Grey Cocktail.
A Boris election special.

•Red flag Rum.
for the singing socialists among us.

•Egg nog.
Gifted by Trump. Sticks in your throat a bit, but it’s polite to drink it and pretend to half enjoy it anyway.

•The #ClassicDmitri.
Shaken and stirred. A Russian Vodka based Cocktail, shrouded in mystery and intrigue. No one really knows how it came to exist, but all we know is, that it might have happened. Somewhere. And now it’s on the menu. Enjoy!


•Imported Panettone.
Get it fast, I’m reliably informed we will never ever have it again post Brexit.

•Traditional Christmas pudding.
have a good look for that old fashioned sixpence inside, we might need it when all the money runs out.

•Damson jam steamed pudding.
I’m told by the suppliers, that It’s like the infamous Mumsnet chicken, we can get eleventy billion servings from it and still have more for the freezer.

As always, welcome to all who pass through this place, but, as ever please observe the sign above the bar. If you can’t read it. It says...


🎄 🌟 🎁 🍸 🥜 🦃 🎅

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ListeningQuietly Sun 19-Jan-20 22:00:46

Do they want that on their record ?

ListeningQuietly Sun 19-Jan-20 22:00:25

Will MPs actively vote against Dubbs ?

ListeningQuietly Sun 19-Jan-20 21:59:42


DustyDiamond Sun 19-Jan-20 21:56:14


TheGhostOfEpicPast Sun 19-Jan-20 21:51:17


TheGhostOfEpicPast Sun 19-Jan-20 21:51:05


TheGhostOfEpicPast Sun 19-Jan-20 21:50:55


TheGhostOfEpicPast Sun 19-Jan-20 21:50:50


TheGhostOfEpicPast Sun 19-Jan-20 21:50:43


DustyDiamond Sun 19-Jan-20 21:50:18

As Lily succinctly put it elsewhere:

Brexit is a done deal now
The WA will pass & we're out on the 31st Jan

DustyDiamond Sun 19-Jan-20 21:33:03

Safety standards, shmafety shtandards

Is SOOOO last year 🙄🙄🙄

ListeningQuietly Sun 19-Jan-20 21:28:26

TheGhostOfEpicPast Sun 19-Jan-20 21:23:39


Walkingdeadfangirl Sun 19-Jan-20 21:13:21

12 days to go

howabout Sun 08-Dec-19 18:26:27

And to boot on the wrong thread - time to stop putting off doing the dishes.

Thanks Comrade Epic for tireless dedication to top bantz.

howabout Sun 08-Dec-19 18:24:31

Sad failure on the meming front - needs work.

May also need a Snowball with a Brandy boost. wine

howabout Sun 08-Dec-19 18:23:03

DustyDiamond Sun 08-Dec-19 17:38:55

Thanks Comrade Epic, for an Epic thread!!!!!


✊ 🥀 🚩 🙏 🕯

EpicShitDippedBatBiscuit Sun 08-Dec-19 17:37:45

Woop! See you on the next thread folks! Thanks for the support!

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SingingLily Sun 08-Dec-19 17:29:44

Nearly at the end of the thread, folks!

Huge thanks to our outgoing Landlady, Epic, who has done a sterling job with the extensive breakfast range, the seasonal drinks and menu choices, and above all the banter.

Join us on the new thread.

The Brexit Arms. Is this Ben Elton? Is it free mulled wine and mince pies for everyone or a Corb-...

SingingLily Sun 08-Dec-19 17:20:41

Baklava, Epic? 😱 Shredded wheat with honey and nuts.

Stollen now...🙂

You can never have too much stollen.

EpicShitDippedBatBiscuit Sun 08-Dec-19 17:09:30

Well, we me are already halfway through the baklava, and DH is snaffling the stollen too.

My diet is up the spout, but right now. I don’t care! Lol, eat that Pannetone, take the risk!

Let thee eat cake! 😉😂

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SingingLily Sun 08-Dec-19 16:58:46

Looks very festive, Epic.

My dilemma is: do I unwrap the panettone now or wait another two weeks? If I open it now, it will be gone well before Christmas. On the other hand, if I wait and it's incredibly delicious, the shop could run out before I can get a replacement.

It's Use By date is 5 January.

Time's running out.

Also happy to share!

EpicShitDippedBatBiscuit Sun 08-Dec-19 16:49:29

This is my tipple tonight! Happy to share! Have left some on the bar as a parting end of thread gift! 🍷 🎄

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SingingLily Sun 08-Dec-19 15:41:57

“Their female friends however are worried about it 'not being nice' to say anything against trans dogma, even though they think it's nonsense”

I'm afraid that it was women and girls worrying about not being nice that allowed the whole thing to get this far.

I'm glad, though, that common sense and biological truth still reign among the young. They are the ones who are being truly targeted and I fear for them.

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