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Westminstenders: "I don't give a flying flamingo"

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RedToothBrush Wed 11-Sep-19 11:18:22

Amid scenes parliament was shut down.

In an unprecedented comment the Speaker, stated it was not an ordinary prorogation and it was blatantly an attempt to stop the executive being held to account.

And now it seems a Scottish Court agree with him:
"Lord Brodie cont: "the principal reasons for the prorogation were to prevent or impede parliament holding the executive to account and legislating with regard to Brexit, and to allow the executive to pursue a policy of a no deal Brexit without further parliamentary interference"

Thus parliament must reopen. Unless the decision is overturned in a higher court.

This is constitutionally a big deal. The Queen is highly unlikely to attend a reopening, especially in this manner, due to how political it now is.

General Election campaigning has already began with parties trying to take full advantage of the fact that there are currently no rules over spending.

Dominic Cummings actively and openly campaigning for the Conservatives whilst paid as a civil servant by the tax payer is a huge breech of the Civil service code but MPs are struggling to pin the government down on this as its being obstructive.

Cummings is keen to use data to target and personalise people based on their usage of the .gov portal for Brexit. This is OK as its in the national interest apparently. Its also incredibly sinister and concerning about how this could be used against the population.

Anyway if you thought parliament closing would result in a lull in events you were very much mistaken!!

What next?

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Basilpots Wed 11-Sep-19 11:20:10

Cheers red

Basilpots Wed 11-Sep-19 11:21:35

Ok it’s official he lies.

DeRigueurMortis Wed 11-Sep-19 11:22:40


NoWordForFluffy Wed 11-Sep-19 11:22:45


Thanks, Red!

FMFL Wed 11-Sep-19 11:24:30


ClashCityRocker Wed 11-Sep-19 11:24:30


Do the Scottish courts have access to more information than the English Court that ruled it lawful?

Hasn't more come to light?

ContinuityError Wed 11-Sep-19 11:24:59

Cat currently not giving a flying flamingo ...

ImNotYourGranny Wed 11-Sep-19 11:26:52

i have too much to do today for court rulings like this. Now I'm glued to my computer for updates.

DGRossetti Wed 11-Sep-19 11:27:21


Calyx72 Wed 11-Sep-19 11:29:49

PMK in excitement about the ruling you mentioned smile and with my own cat who is less excited

Joanna Cherry QC MP @joannacherry
All 3 judges in Scotland’s Highest court of appeal rule #Prorogation #unlawful! #Cherrycase succeeds

MrPan Wed 11-Sep-19 11:30:19

PMK - I have a flamingo-load of work to do - but cant.....!!

TokyoSushi Wed 11-Sep-19 11:30:57

PMK, what a time to be alive!

prettybird Wed 11-Sep-19 11:31:13

Regal Scottish cats smile

DarlingNikita Wed 11-Sep-19 11:31:47

PMK. What larks.

MrPan Wed 11-Sep-19 11:31:48

It is sobering though to consider to what lengths Johnson and his cabal will go to in order to prevent Parliament being reconvened.

MockersthefeMANist Wed 11-Sep-19 11:33:34

I've had a quick check, and it seems telling porkie pies to the sovereign is not high treason, but shagging the Duke of Edinburgh is.

Calyx72 Wed 11-Sep-19 11:35:24

Picked a rubbish photo of my Scottish cat by accident - here's him trying to work out the next move 😄

OhLookHeKickedTheBall Wed 11-Sep-19 11:35:34

Thanks red

DeRigueurMortis Wed 11-Sep-19 11:36:31

Clash see screenshot for explanation as to why the English/Scottish cases had a different outcome.

DeRigueurMortis Wed 11-Sep-19 11:38:22

Link to full thread posted above.

BirdandSparrow Wed 11-Sep-19 11:39:17


DGRossetti Wed 11-Sep-19 11:39:54

So what are the implications of the Supreme Court overturning a Scots courts judgement on the basis that Scotland "misunderstands" the UK constitution ? Not in this specific case, but for the wider issue of the concept of a "United" Kingdom, and the matter of Scotlands relationship and standing in that Union ?

How far are Scottish non-SNP leaning voters likely to react to the possibility that Scotland simply becomes a colony on England ?

BigChocFrenzy Wed 11-Sep-19 11:40:02

Thanks, red 💐

Yep, no lull for the wicked !

SingingBabooshkaBadly Wed 11-Sep-19 11:41:12

Joanna Cherry saying Government hasn’t put in an application to suspend the ruling so Parliament can reconvene.

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