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So Johnson has 30 days to come up with an alternative to the backstop......

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Bearbehind Wed 21-Aug-19 19:33:40

This will be interesting to watch!

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bellinisurge Wed 21-Aug-19 19:35:55

I'm trying to get this on as many Brexit threads as I can. It's on the BBC website in the business section:

"A senior executive at a major food retailer has told the BBC it is considering introducing rationing.
It will prevent firms that have not made their own no-deal Brexit plan from using food retailers as wholesalers.
But he said he did not envisage that the limits would affect normal retail customers.
"One potential problem is that businesses who are struggling with their supply chains effectively use ours," he said.
"We would need to limit the amount restaurants or convenience stores, for example, that are short of stock could buy," said the executive, who spoke to the BBC on condition of anonymity.
Not the first time
"We wouldn't use the word rationing but that is effectively what it is. Limiting the volumes small businesses can purchase so that our retail customers get a chance to get what they need.""

Tick fucking tock.

Bearbehind Wed 21-Aug-19 19:39:05

He’s got 30 days to invent, produce and implement a technological solution.

After that he’s going to get called out on his bluster. And all with enough time to avoid crashing out.

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GhostofFrankGrimes Wed 21-Aug-19 19:39:43

30 days to sling enough mud at the EU/Ireland and drum up support for an election that sweeps up the Brexit Party vote. Nothing else to see here.

bellinisurge Wed 21-Aug-19 19:40:22

She's calling his bluff. Good for her. He'll get a less friendly hearing from Macron.

GhostofFrankGrimes Wed 21-Aug-19 19:41:40

I think the EU hope October might be a "month of relection" for the UK. Depends whether the general populace is still sleepwalking at that point.

Bearbehind Wed 21-Aug-19 19:45:45

She's calling his bluff.

Exactly - it’s fucking genius!

Now he has to put his money where his mouth is, and all with still a month to go before crashes no out.

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lljkk Wed 21-Aug-19 20:29:43

he's had 3 yrs and still no idea.

I read he wants RoI to leave SM & join UK in a customs union.
The idea isn't going down well.
Could this be like the 12 days of Xmas, the 30 days of Bozo flying by seat of pants, a new proposal every day?

I predict this suggestion to appear b4 the 30 days are up:

* Buy Greenland, all Brits move there, problem solved.

Bearbehind Wed 21-Aug-19 20:54:28

I just think it’s a genius move by Merkel - she’s forced his hand.

Has has to come up with something now, or admit defeat.

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lljkk Wed 21-Aug-19 21:07:07

Here's another suggestion for BJ:

Refloat the Titanic. Restore it & Use it to transport milk products back & forth betw. Belfast & Dublin. Tourists can be charged high prices for the journey. This income will offset the economic losses to Norn & RoI dairy industries from delayed milk transport & any pesky paramilitary activity.

Sorted (!)

lljkk Wed 21-Aug-19 21:13:19

Come on MNers you're much more creative than me.

BJ could announce a contest with a £1million prize.
Whoever dreams up an Irish border solution that EU will accept (& Parliament will accept) wins the £1million (tax free).

All the unicorn believers just put their thinking hats on.

lljkk Wed 21-Aug-19 21:18:21

I was thinking about a boxing contest... not involving Tyson Fury coz he's got dual nationality.

But some minor boxers, bantam weights, maybe a whole festival of boxing. Let them box it out.
UK wins: drop the backstop, proceed straight to FT negotiations.
Europe wins: UK accepts backstop.

Chivers53 Wed 21-Aug-19 21:18:53

People do realise it's not just Boris sat in an office trying to come up with something, and there's a team of people he most likely gives loose guidance to and nods? Not that that offers more hope, but you never know.

flouncyfanny Wed 21-Aug-19 21:22:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Oranginna Wed 21-Aug-19 21:23:22

My guess is a border in the Irish Sea to be put to the people in a General Election.

flouncyfanny Wed 21-Aug-19 21:23:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Oranginna Wed 21-Aug-19 21:24:24

Merkel and John st on both want this to work.

bellinisurge Wed 21-Aug-19 21:29:26

@lljkk can I claim my prize? I've been touting NI as a special economic zone/border in the sea for ages on here.

MrsTerryPratchett Wed 21-Aug-19 21:33:08

I've been touting NI as a special economic zone/border in the sea for ages on here.

Me too grin

lljkk Wed 21-Aug-19 21:33:42

Well yeah, Bellin, if only TMay got a majority in May 2017 GE then obvs. that's the solution we would have by now.

My rules were that Parliament have to accept it too; really only to keep the rules simple (ha, as if)

flouncyfanny Wed 21-Aug-19 21:34:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bearbehind Wed 21-Aug-19 21:41:48

I realise NI being a special economic area is the least worst option but it’s still a really shit idea.

It will lead to the break up of the UK without a shadow of a doubt.

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Abraid2 Wed 21-Aug-19 21:44:31

He’s going to sell NI to Donald Trump. It’s a kind of Greenland substitution. Not a full island/land mass, but part of one. Then it becomes Trump’s problem.

GrouchoMrx Wed 21-Aug-19 21:53:46

The break up of the UK is a done deal at this stage.

Chocolatepeanuts Wed 21-Aug-19 22:03:34

I can't wait to hear what he proposes.

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