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Camomila Tue 13-Aug-19 11:35:02

My latest Brexit worry...

If we Brexit, the country is going to be divided, angry, and poorer. But even if we don't, there'll be some angry people.

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yolofish Mon 19-Aug-19 00:24:32

My family is global - Irish, South American, some in Oz and US. These divisions run pretty bloody deep, and I dont think they will ever be healed - because those who are used to freedom of movement, and who enjoy the fact that pretty much up until now, wherever you live you can be friends with someone who could have come from pretty much anywhere, will not accept what we seem to have become in the UK, and that all our children will no longer have the same opportunities that we did.

Peregrina Mon 19-Aug-19 07:36:13

At the moment we have a Government which has absolutely no interest in healing divisions. Look at the way Johnson has treated MPs of his own party who voted for Hunt, never mind looking beyond that to the wider society.

BeardedMum Mon 19-Aug-19 07:56:49

Agree Peregrina. Johnson reminds me so much of Trump. Was it always the case or is he taking lessons.

Peregrina Mon 19-Aug-19 08:30:50

Although a difference with Trump is that he did win an election, even if not the popular vote. Johnson is heading a Government which didn't win.

It ought to make it easier to dislodge Johnson, but we are now seeing the limits to Parliamentary authority. The Leavers are strangely quiet about this, even though they were big on Sovereignty.

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