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Brexit stash food reviews.

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BlackeyedGruesome Wed 31-Jul-19 17:39:29

Comparing notes on tinned food we have tried may be useful for those who can't afford to try lots of things first.

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BlackeyedGruesome Wed 31-Jul-19 17:47:58

Aldi mild chicken curry:
Heated with tin of chopped carrots and garden peas stirred in. Served with garlic and coriander naan (Aldi)

Positives: Enough sauce to allow two cans of veg to be incorporated.
Several large chunks of chicken.
Quick to heat.

Medium fat, sat fat and salt.
Bit explosive in microwave, cover with plate.

Taste: mild, lovely went down well with ds and me.
I feel full.

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bellinisurge Wed 31-Jul-19 18:31:43

Jack Monroe Tin Can Cook recipe for corned beef chilli- actually yummy.
I liked her recipe for breakfast carrot cake too. It has cinnamon and I don't even like cinnamon. Using a tin of carrots with an overnight oats recipe basically.

CherithPonsonby Wed 31-Jul-19 18:40:15

Tuna in olive oil
Kidney beans

Mix it up, makes “salad” for two meals.

Follow with peaches in juice!

Socksontheradiator Wed 31-Jul-19 19:53:57

The breakfast carrot cake is delicious and a great way to get tinned carrots down as they are a bit squishy and disgusting on their own. But they are really cheap and still included in 5 a day, even in lovely porridge.

mum2jakie Wed 31-Jul-19 19:58:31

Just tried Asda tinned lentil Bolognese. A little bit 'earthy' but pleasant enough for a quick tea with cooked pasta. Their tinned Bombay potatoes are nice too and make a good cheap and quite filling curry. Would be easy to bulk out with other tinned/frozen ingredients.

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 08-Aug-19 19:41:42

This thread is exactly what I need. I might even pop to the library to borrow the Jack Monroe book mentioned.

onalongsabbatical Thu 08-Aug-19 21:02:46

Tip if you're considering corned beef - the low salt is much nicer than the regular and goes well in pasta sauces etc.
What about jars, too? Red peppers in jars are lovely - I've only had one band but they were delish!
Bonne Maman do lovely fruit compote - not sweet like jam, more like stewed fruit.

onalongsabbatical Thu 08-Aug-19 21:05:14

brand not band! I do proofread but my keyboard is not on my side...

SingingBabooshkaBadly Fri 09-Aug-19 16:39:51

@bellinisurge and @onalongsabbatical. I’m intrigued by the Jack Monroe corned beef chilli. I hate corned beef when it’s just corned beef. Does it taste pretty much like normal chilli or do you think you need to actively like corned beef to enjoy it?

I have the book and so far have only tried the tuna pasta mushroom soup recipe which I thought was vile. I don’t know what I did wrong.

I think I’ll try the breakfast carrot cake next - sound lovely.

SingingBabooshkaBadly Fri 09-Aug-19 16:48:18

Great idea for a thread btw @BlackeyedGruesome

I don’t usually like tinned potatoes but they’re pretty good sautéed.

You do need to drain the can and leave them to dry out first though - otherwise they will spit like a cornered cobra.

I often make corn chowder and recently made a version using store cupboard/freezer only ingredients. Could barely tell the difference from made from fresh.

Fry frozen onions, add chicken (or veg stock), UHT milk, can of creamed corn, can of sweetcorn, frozen mixed peppers, salt, pepper and loads of herbs (thyme is good but you could use mixed instead)

It’s delicious and even nicer if you have some frozen bacon pieces you can fry up and add as a topping.

bellinisurge Fri 09-Aug-19 16:53:08

@SingingBabooshkaBadly , it tasted like normal chilli. Bit bland (nothing that can't be cured by hot sauce grin) and a bit less chunky than I personally like but I actually enjoyed it.

Socksontheradiator Fri 09-Aug-19 17:10:46

I might do that chilli for our tea tonight.
Or might be lazy and do omelettes.
Tempted to give it a go though.

SingingBabooshkaBadly Fri 09-Aug-19 17:24:54

Thanks bellini. We’re not great meat eaters so bland and not-very-chunky will probably suit us smile

onalongsabbatical Fri 09-Aug-19 18:13:58

SingingBabooshkaBadly I haven't used it in that recipe but I don't like corned beef much either, but I do find the low salt variety much better, not just less salty but beefier too!

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 09-Aug-19 21:53:20

Think I might have to try the Jack Monroe carrot thing next week. Her recipe for tinned peach crumble is already a winner with the children, not sure if it's in that book though.

BurningTheToast Wed 28-Aug-19 17:18:14

Tried M&S tinned mild chicken curry. Grim.

TheDuchessofDukeStreet Wed 28-Aug-19 18:31:17

Waitrose shelf stable potato rosti, I wanted to like this very much but both DP and I thought it had an unpleasant aftertaste.
The Smooze fruit ices, with pineapple, coconut milk etc are divine. Good or filling up corners of the freezer and using as part of a smoothie with a can of fruit perhaps. Or lovely on their own.
Tablets of jelly. Set on their own, with tinned fruit in or whizzed up with a can of evaporated milk to make a mousse.
Flavoured olive oil, basil, garlic, chilli etc. A multitude of uses, good to cheer up leftover baguette.

TheDuchessofDukeStreet Wed 28-Aug-19 18:33:58

Sorry, the above not strictly tinned but all shelf stable.

BlackeyedGruesome Wed 28-Aug-19 18:36:36

Should have put shelf stable Inthe title. blush

All good info, thanks.

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Geraniumpink Wed 28-Aug-19 19:02:24

John west do some gorgeous fancy tins of sardines - with olives and things in.

Aspergersmum Wed 28-Aug-19 20:29:44

M&S bolognese sauce has been a huge hit with my family. I'd quite happily put it on anything mildly carb based. Meaty and delicious.

WrongKindOfFace Wed 28-Aug-19 22:22:20

Jack Monroe Tin Can Cook recipe for corned beef chilli- actually yummy. I liked her recipe for breakfast carrot cake too. It has cinnamon and I don't even like cinnamon. Using a tin of carrots with an overnight oats recipe basically.

Do you have the book? Is it worth buying?

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