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To be terrified of no deal Brexit

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elprup Mon 29-Jul-19 22:29:02

Having just watched the headlines, it really does seem that Boris is hellbent on taking us out with no deal. The fact he’s thrown down the gauntlet to the EU stating that he won’t come to the table unless they drop the backstop - well of course they’re not going to do that, and Boris won’t back down, so we will be leaving with no deal.

What do you think will be the repercussions of this? I’m terrified I’m going to lose my job and my home. If I’m worried then I can’t imagine what people reliant on various meds are going through.

I think I might stop watching the news as it just makes me anxious.

NoWordForFluffy Sun 04-Aug-19 18:47:20

It was a courgette and bean-fest today.

I'm currently blanching green beans as we speak. Tomorrow I'll do the runners!

The courgettes will be chopped and frozen too.

bumblebeejockstrap Sun 04-Aug-19 11:20:07

What a beauty 😢😁

NoWordForFluffy Sun 04-Aug-19 10:29:38

Anyone for courgette?!

bumblebeejockstrap Sat 03-Aug-19 14:26:27

Never had much luck freezing them. Perhaps I should give it a go again, if they decide to start growing.

I like 'spiraling' them, great for salads or blanched as pasta. And then there's moussaka and ratatouille, oh now I'm hungry...

NoWordForFluffy Sat 03-Aug-19 14:15:09

We're chopping and just freezing then we will roast from frozen. Less chance to go soggy!

Socksontheradiator Sat 03-Aug-19 14:14:00

My mum used to peel and slice, then blanch and freeze courgettes. Freezer was full of little bags of them. I think she steamed or stir fried them to serve.

NoWordForFluffy Sat 03-Aug-19 14:13:08

We've frozen ours. It'll either work or it won't!

We should have a whole range of frozen homegrown veg to see us through winter. I'm going to put more carrots in tomorrow as I have a bit of space coming free.

bumblebeejockstrap Sat 03-Aug-19 14:04:06

Seems courgettes are a popular choice. If you Brexit, it will be interesting to see how it affects someone living of pickled courgettes all through winter 😉.

That's the darn thing about them, they don't freeze well 😀.

Peregrina Sat 03-Aug-19 13:55:59

Clearly a lot of you are growing Leaver fruit and veg, which are deliberately thwarting your plans. This applies to my raspberries which have been disappointing this year.

NoWordForFluffy Sat 03-Aug-19 13:33:08


Fine! See if I care when all I can see are courgettes everywhere I look!

This is our first year having an allotment. I'd really recommend it to people. 😁

bumblebeejockstrap Sat 03-Aug-19 13:26:50

nowordforfluffy hhmm bragging a little. Definitely not giving you any recipes when you are choking in courgettes 😂.

NoWordForFluffy Sat 03-Aug-19 12:55:50

These were my courgette plants 2 weeks ago. They were bigger last week. I'm anticipating that they'll have taken over at least my plot, if not the entire site, by the time I'm back there tomorrow! 😂😂

bumblebeejockstrap Sat 03-Aug-19 12:37:27

blackeyedgruesome i guess with your gardening skills, you are a remainer?
Or are you hoping to feed yourself grin.

( Not bashing, my courgette are similar to yours)

BlackeyedGruesome Sat 03-Aug-19 12:22:00

angry envy grin

BlackeyedGruesome Sat 03-Aug-19 12:08:34

Fuck off you bastards with your courgette talk. Of three plants there is one left that had 4 tiny leaves last time I looked.

NoWordForFluffy Fri 02-Aug-19 22:48:04

I had bloody loads of little green ones last weekend, at home and at the allotment. I'm interested to see what's happened in my absence!

I have 20+ chilli plants. A few were in fruit last weekend. I think I'll have ripe ones in the next couple of weeks. It's the first time I've grown chillies from seed, so it's all trial and error!

llangennith Fri 02-Aug-19 22:44:36

I haven't grown tomatoes for the last three years when my three plants were heaving with tomatoes and then I lost everything to blight😢

prettybird Fri 02-Aug-19 22:38:52

I've had 5 homegrown tomatoes (but very small ones even though they're Ailsa Craig confused) but a whole load more have started reddening (or yellowing or blacking wink). First time I've grown from seed myself with a greenhouse - although the sickly Ailsa Craig was donated by a friend.

The 4 chilis on my plant are going red - hoping the plant will start flowering again to get some more.

NoWordForFluffy Fri 02-Aug-19 22:29:46

We're freezing courgettes and the plants have barely got going yet! We've been away for a week so I'm expecting many many courgettes to be ready!

Our cucumbers are doing well too. And no, go for your life with tzatziki! We're eating plenty of kachumber, sadly not with homegrown tomatoes yet.

Mamamia456 Fri 02-Aug-19 22:19:23

Jasjas1973 - You were the one who said you didn't believe the NHS website and that the Government was lying, so not sure what you're getting so worked up about.

Why would I lie about being ill, on that premise are you lying?

prettybird Fri 02-Aug-19 22:06:15

Nowordforfluffy - my courgettes are doing sweet FA angry - 3 plants and barely a courgette from them confused (the 2 yellow ones produce a lot of tiny courgettes which then don't fertilise and start to rot; thought the green one was doing better but its fruits have started to do the same thing hmm).

The 2 cucumber plants in the greenhouse on the other hand.....wink

(Is it possible to eat too much tzatziki? grin)

jasjas1973 Fri 02-Aug-19 22:05:32

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Mamamia456 Fri 02-Aug-19 21:58:18

Helmetbymidnght - l have said that I'm not worried - sorry if that's not what you want to hear but there you go, and yes some posters on the brexit threads are scaremongering to suit their own agendas. Someone's niece on here is worried about medication to the point where she's losing her hair. None of us know if there will be a supply shortage of medication come November or not, but perhaps if she has a look on the NHS website it might just put her mind at rest or would you rather she spent the next three months worrying.

Socksontheradiator Fri 02-Aug-19 21:40:18

Argh kindle changed my bits, ours and ofs. Bloody thing

Socksontheradiator Fri 02-Aug-19 21:38:08

@nowordforfluffy i love courgettes! Had some for out tea tonight, chopped and stir fried in olive oil with onions, celery, mushrooms, peppers, garlic and haricot beans (rinsed baked beans - cheap!) But if curry powder and garam masala and a slug of red wine. Delicious....but for 4 of us still only used up 2 courgettes :-/

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