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To be terrified of no deal Brexit

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elprup Mon 29-Jul-19 22:29:02

Having just watched the headlines, it really does seem that Boris is hellbent on taking us out with no deal. The fact he’s thrown down the gauntlet to the EU stating that he won’t come to the table unless they drop the backstop - well of course they’re not going to do that, and Boris won’t back down, so we will be leaving with no deal.

What do you think will be the repercussions of this? I’m terrified I’m going to lose my job and my home. If I’m worried then I can’t imagine what people reliant on various meds are going through.

I think I might stop watching the news as it just makes me anxious.

Socksontheradiator Sat 03-Aug-19 14:14:00

My mum used to peel and slice, then blanch and freeze courgettes. Freezer was full of little bags of them. I think she steamed or stir fried them to serve.

NoWordForFluffy Sat 03-Aug-19 14:15:09

We're chopping and just freezing then we will roast from frozen. Less chance to go soggy!

bumblebeejockstrap Sat 03-Aug-19 14:26:27

Never had much luck freezing them. Perhaps I should give it a go again, if they decide to start growing.

I like 'spiraling' them, great for salads or blanched as pasta. And then there's moussaka and ratatouille, oh now I'm hungry...

NoWordForFluffy Sun 04-Aug-19 10:29:38

Anyone for courgette?!

bumblebeejockstrap Sun 04-Aug-19 11:20:07

What a beauty 😢😁

NoWordForFluffy Sun 04-Aug-19 18:47:20

It was a courgette and bean-fest today.

I'm currently blanching green beans as we speak. Tomorrow I'll do the runners!

The courgettes will be chopped and frozen too.

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