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Supportive German take on Brexit

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Nothingcomesforfree Sun 28-Jul-19 18:15:41

Dr Alice Weidel Leader of the Alternative for Germany Party, successful businesswoman around the world and forthright lesbian.

I thought her speech was very interesting. Her take on Brexit not really explored much in the UK. So Germany prefers us to be allies and the French can take a running jump?

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FreshFreesias Sun 28-Jul-19 18:17:04

She's great. So articulate.

MeganBacon Sun 28-Jul-19 22:06:29

Thanks for posting. I often think a range of European views are missing on these threads.

StealthPolarBear Sun 28-Jul-19 22:10:58

The French can take a running jump?? I thought this was about the alliance between France and Germany?

Nothingcomesforfree Sun 28-Jul-19 22:56:37

Clearly not. Germany and the Uk have a tag team going. They like a common market and sovereign nation They Germans appear to not support the French vision.
I was surprised to hear that blocking votes were stopping other countries taking community funds. The main contributors to the EU seriously worried.

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SleightOfMind Mon 29-Jul-19 14:13:30

Alternative for Germany are an extreme right wing group with some utterly abhorrent policies.
Alice Wiedel is indeed articulate but it you take a step back and look at what her and her party really stand for, you’ll be horrified.

MeganBacon Mon 29-Jul-19 15:36:31

AfD stand a relatively high chance of winning the 3 seats in the Bundesrat that are coming up for renewal soon in the formerly "east" part of the country, and influence in the Bundesrat will make the passing of laws by the Bundestag very difficult. Yes there are aspects to the AfD's policies (opposition to same sex marriage and adoption for instance) which many find off-putting, but they are gaining traction due to their views on the EU. Just my read of the mood, but it seems that some people are willing to overlook some aspects of their manifesto because they have claimed the opposition to federalisation, banking union etc. as theirs.

pointythings Mon 29-Jul-19 19:23:25

Well, if AfD are in favour of it, that's a good reason to oppose it. They're fascists.

InTheHeatofLisbon Mon 29-Jul-19 19:27:43

Anti Islam, anti feminist, anti Semitic and with links to neo-nazism.

Nope, no thanks.

SparklingSaskia Mon 29-Jul-19 19:35:04

The AfD is just another run of the mill eurosceptic fascho party. If you think they are in any position to help you with Brexit then you’re, at best ,uninformed, but more likely a bot.

FreshFreesias Mon 29-Jul-19 20:22:03

@sparklingSaskia, so anyone who disagrees with your view is a bot? 😳

SparklingSaskia Mon 29-Jul-19 21:01:30


pointythings Tue 30-Jul-19 11:23:39

Freesias of course not. But thinking that AfD are a sensible and decent bunch of people does suggest a lack of critical thinking. Yes, lots of people vote for them. That doesn't make them any less revolting.

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